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  1. Hard to tell, they might work out. I've hidden a fair amount of containers that don't seem very good but turn out to be great (and if they don't, they can always be replaced with better ones). May be worth a try...
  2. Pienso que hay unos geocacheros en tú ciudad. Monterrey tiene más geocaches que muchas otras partes de México. Pero las actividad es más popular en los Estados Unidos y Alemania. He oído que hay 5 millón geocacheros en el mundo, con muchos en los Estados Unidos y Europa. Algunos veces hay eventos de geocaching en varias lugares, y esos son buenos oportunidades a conocer geocacheros. Lo siento si mí español no es muy buena, estoy aprendiendo en mi escuela.
  3. I'd be willing to adopt 'Trapdoor Jewel' (GC6B30), if that's ok.
  4. Sounds like a great idea to me, it's always cool to get a new icon.
  5. I might be interested. Which ones are you adopting out?
  6. I can understand why some cos would mark their caches pmo, but I've seen some pmo caches that are just like regular caches (nano on a bench, ect), which seems pointless to me.
  7. I found a geocoin along with some other trackables in a cache that had just been enabled a few months ago. I took it with me and when I tried to log it the site said it was unactivated. I tried it a few more times to make sure I had the right code, and it still came up as unactivated. I decided to try and activate the coin but the site it came from (oakcoins) said the code had already been retrieved by somebody else. I didn't see the code written anywhere in the coin case so I decided to contact the owner. That was a while ago and I still haven't gotten a response. So I have an unactivated coin that I can't get a code for. Any advice?
  8. Hello, I recently bought some coins from the geocaching block party, I don't intend on sending them out, so I want to move them to my collection so they don't show up in my inventory. For some reason the site won't let me. I've never had this problem before as I have successfully moved many of my coins to my collection. Did Groundspeak change the way to do this recently?
  9. Download the pocket query of the area you want to search, upload the file to GSAK, then search for the name you want in the search box.
  10. I like discovering new places and meeting all the nice geocachers out there.
  11. Somebody said they found some Tequila in one of my caches
  12. Wow, $30. I went to one of those stores and picked up a nice first aid container (about the same size as a decon) for 99 cents. It keeps water out and holds trade items, and now it's a geocache. Perhaps you could get a better price for a container at a store that doesn't know about geocaching.
  13. I asked a lackey about virtuals not too long ago and they basically said that Groundspeak is trying to get them back, but the problem is virtuals are meant to be placed at "special places", and this idea is different from cacher to cacher. I'm not sure how today's cachers would react to virtuals vs cachers who have been around since shortly after the game began, a new icon may need to be developed...
  14. Let's say you have saturdays and sundays to check and some small periods of time on some weekdays..... If you wanted to hide a lot of caches with that window of time I would suggest hiding them closer to your house so it doesn't take as long to get to them just incase they need help quick (for example somebody pees in your cache, which happened to me).
  15. I've tried this so many times and mentioned that there was "a small FTF prize." But they always leave the quarters and grabing something else thinking that was the prize. Maybe I should try $1 bills instead...
  16. I think time is an important factor in this subject. If someone has a lot of time on their hands, they could probably maintain 100s of caches, if they don't have a lot of time, they may end up having more caches disabled for longer periods of time.
  17. I used a crow feather and some muddy water to sign a log once, it didn't turn out too well but the co let me keep my log. When I hide a cache, I always include at least a pencil, even with small micros like bison tubes. However the pencils always seem to disapear within a few months . Whenever I forget a pen and I can't improvise, I take a picture of my GPS and the log book, just incase the owner wonders where my signature is (without posting it on the cache page).
  18. Today I was looking for a cache in the woods in Mukilteo area and noticed the cache out in the open with the lid partially opened. I took off the lid to reveal a partially eaten, MOLDY apple INSIDE the cache ! Discusting! I dumped everything out and picked out the other contents, which all smelled like rotten apples, signed the the log, and put the cache in a spot where the owner could find it. Has anybody else ever found spoiled food in a cache?
  19. Wait, if the ape cache is gone, what happens with the triad?
  20. I had a log go missing in one of my caches (GC22DTH), about a year ago. I also saw one in Carnation that was mising a log. Other then that I haven't noticed anything. I wonder why somebody would steal logs
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