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  1. quote:
    Though I have noticed that you can get quite a lot of undergrowth damage where people have tramped about looking for the cache
    There is, I guess, some skill in finding a well-hidden cache without flattening the undergrowth in the general area. I'd say it's a skill worth developing. The less impact my search has on the area, the better.


    Purrs... LazyLeopard http://www.lazyleopard.org.uk

  2. quote:
    It's too late by the time you get home and read the bug's plans.
    I guess, so long as the bug gets back into a cache soon, a slight hiccup won't matter all that much, and some movement may be better than none, but there are a few other options for avoiding that situation:


    First, if a bug's goal is really important then, ideally, it would be accompanied by a label with that goal written on it.


    Second, if the bug has been logged in the cache long enough for its link to appear on the cache page, then the cache hunter can read about the bug in advance, before going on the hunt.


    Third, folks leaving a bug in a cache could record that bug's goal in the cache logbook so that later visitors can read them.


    Purrs... LazyLeopard http://www.lazyleopard.org.uk

  3. It's worth giving a little thought to what sorts of conditions the contents of a cache will have to survive. If the summer temperature's likely to hit the forties at some stage then things like M&Ms are likely to melt. If the winter temperature drops below zero then things like bottles of water might freeze and burst. Neither will do much good to the rest of the cache contents.


    Purrs... LazyLeopard http://www.lazyleopard.org.uk

  4. quote:
    Any suggestions as to how the NS problem can be fixed, or should we just grin, and bear it?
    You could try turning JavaScript off. It'll make things look rather less pretty, but it might get there a bit faster...


    Alternatively, if you have a choice, look around for an up-grade. Netscape 4's table-handling is just plain slow, and extremely fussy. One tag out of place and it doesn't bother rendering anything...


    Me, I'm stuck for now. Both using IE and installing new stuff are banned for security reasons...


    Purrs... LazyLeopard http://www.lazyleopard.org.uk

  5. * How do you setup background images on cache pages?


    By adding broken HTML to the description.


    * What are the limitations?


    It is possible you will render your cache description un-readable to a few folks.


    * It is a good thing?


    It's your cache.


    I wouldn't use the trick on my caches, and I've not hunted caches because I couldn't read or print their descriptions before now. Mostly those were down to use of off-site images or javascript rather than backgrounds though.


    Purrs... LazyLeopard


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