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  1. Hmmm... Were the ones not there blanks? I'm sure I tried to take a photo, but the light might not have been up to it.
  2. Ah! The delights of mail filtering! ;>
  3. Something else I've just noticed.... If I go to the login page, login, and go directly to My Cache Page then it works. If I go to the login page, login, visit this BBS, go back, and then try to go to My Cache Page, it doesn't work.
  4. quote:Originally posted by Lazy Leopard:An update: Seems to be something to do with expiry times. Maybe response to "if modified since" type server requests. Gah! Doesn't seem to be so easy to get past it today. The "My Cache Page" link just continually dumps me back at the login page. I've tried all the tricks I can think of; disabling proxies, wiping all cache in memory and on disk, forcing a re-load; but none of them let me get past the login page. (Netscape 4.7x on Windows 2000.)
  5. quote:Originally posted by Warwick Bear:Get real, player is no problem. ...if you happen to use an OS for which a version is available... Personally I'd prefer sound clips in OGG or (at a pinch) MP3 rather than RA, but I doubt the BBC is going to switch, as RA gives them more control on distribution and a whole lot else. I listened to the clip at work, and I hope the copy of RealOne I had to install to do so hasn't mangled the supposedly standard setup. The report itself was an excellent one, given the limits it had set itself
  6. I'm kinda disappointed when folks find a cache but don't record the find on the website. Yes, I can see that analysis of the information could reveal patterns of behaviour or whatever, and that's one of the reasons I chose a nickname that wasn't immediately revealing. Same risk goes with sites like LiveJournal. For that matter, being a regular member of a church congregation, a folk club, a football team, or whatever could carry similar risks. Maybe there should be a log tick-option to say you wanted to remain "anonymous"? Folks would be able to see your log, but not know who was behind it (unless they were the cache owner).... Folks visiting your user page (and cache list) would not see the logs you'd marked "anonymous" (again, unless they were the cache owner).
  7. I've logged in, but I cannot go to "my cache page". All the other places are fine, but the link to "my cache page" just dumps me back at the page http://www.geocaching.com/login/default.aspx?S=5 that says "You are logged in as LazyLeopard". Netscape 4.79 on W2K if that's any help. (And no, I can't use another browser on this system, but I'll see whether Mozilla/linux work any better when I get home.) An update: Seems to be something to do with expiry times. Maybe response to "if modified since" type server requests. I hit re-load half an hour later, and, for some reason, it now lets me in. ; [This message was edited by Lazy Leopard on July 25, 2003 at 10:05 AM.]
  8. Maybe, maybe not. It depends on the location, the type of glass, and the lid. I can think of a few reasons why a glass container might not be best for a cache in some situations, but there are other situations where a plastic container wouldn't be a good idea, and yet others where an ammo box wouldn't be sensible. A transparent glass jar shouldn't be left in an area where the sun could shine through it onto dry tinder and start a fire. The jar would need to be tough enough to survive the sorts of knocks it'll get in the area it's hidden, and it'll need a water-tight lid. So I'd say it's mostly down to the cache hider's good sense, same as for any cache
  9. Either allow for a lot more caches, or cut the radius way down. For instance, I have a query that selects: Give me: 500 Types: Trad,Multi,Virtual,Letterbox,Event,Unknown,Webcam,CI/TO That: I have not found AND that I do not own (Watch for gotchas in this one!) Where: Countries U.K. From Origin: Lat/Long N51 31/W0 4 Radius: 16 miles EasyGPS eBook format, zipped ...and the last time it ran I got 81 caches inside 16 miles. You've asked for no more than 50 within a hundred miles. I don't quite know how it throws away entries once it's got to 50, but I wouldn't mind guessing it just stops searching, so you'll get the 50 oldest, or something equally useful..
  10. quote:kablooey wrote:- Nearest caches page uses Javascript for some reason to go to the next page? Yeah. Using JavaScript for the paging is a major headache for me. And finding that the "Back" button on my browser took me from the cache page I was looking at to a "Post Data Missing" error rather than back to the list of caches was a bit of a pain too. Ok, more than a bit. It basically makes the list useless for checking more than one cache. Netscape 4.79 on W2K without JavaScript enabled ('cos with JavaScript, the browser tends to crash frequently, and even if it doesn't the pop-ups from other sites get pretty annoying.)
  11. The main reason I go caching is to get outside, visit somewhere interesting, and at the end of a hunt (hopefully) find something hidden. The search, and maybe the solving of a puzzle, is the bit that matters. It matters not whether the final find is a box containing a log book, a plaque, a statue, or whatever. What does matter is that I can know I've found it, there and then. So a box with a label saying geocache is good confirmation, but filling in the empty squares and revealing a message is just fine too. Reading other people's messages in a log book is often a pleasure too. I'm rambling. I guess I'm saying a good cache is a good cache whether it's physical or virtual, but that perhaps it's slightly easier to make a good physical cache than a good virtual one
  12. Yep, I'd really like that to be a user-selectable option. Please. Even with JavaScript enabled the new interface is pretty difficult to use with Mozilla on linux. It pops up its own windows with its own (silly microscopic) choice of font sizes, and generally makes life difficult for the user. Unfortunately I don't have an old version of netscape on my linux system to use there though. Purrs... LazyLeopard http://www.lazyleopard.org.uk
  13. Seems to be something browser-specific (unless UBB version has changed since Sunday evening) 'cos Netscape 4.7x on W2K here seems to cope Ok without JavaScript enabled, but Mozilla 1.0 on linux wouldn't do anything with the BBS unless JavaScript was enabled.... Weird. Purrs... LazyLeopard http://www.lazyleopard.org.uk
  14. Thanks, Eric, Tim & June, for your clarifications, and especially for the counter-examples. Makes it a whole lot clearer. Purrs... LazyLeopard http://www.lazyleopard.org.uk
  15. Thanks for an excellent afternoon's chat and caching. Must head back to Epping Forest soon to bag some of the caches I didn't have time to bag on Saturday. Purrs... LazyLeopard http://www.lazyleopard.org.uk
  16. Is enabling JavaScript now essential for using the forum? If so, it's a pity. It wouldn't be quite so bad if the thing would just say so, but all that happens is that the forum page comes up blank (at least with Mozilla). Purrs... LazyLeopard http://www.lazyleopard.org.uk
  17. Now I'm really confused. I thought that the whole point of an event cache was to establish a time and place to meet other geocachers. Purrs... LazyLeopard http://www.lazyleopard.org.uk
  18. One alternative that'd involve a bit of homework in advance is to ask a local geocacher (if you can track one down) to maintain your cache. Obviously they'll have to find it first.... Purrs... LazyLeopard http://www.lazyleopard.org.uk
  19. quote:Log one more UK based cacher!Hiya! Purrs... LazyLeopard http://www.lazyleopard.org.uk
  20. quote:Originally posted by Tim & June: Stay away from undergrowth during the month of June when deer give birth and leave their young in the undergrowth. During the month of October deer culling takes place, play safe and stay away. Do not wrap your cache in a plastic bag. Do not place your cache in disused animal holes (this is a criminal offence at least in some parts maybe everywhere) Plus of course the other things already in our guidelines. Perhaps we should take these on board anyway. Yep, I'd say so. We're much more likely to hide (and hunt) caches safely and without causing any trouble if we know about the possible problems, hazards and legal issues beforehand... I'm interested to see the one about plastic bags, 'cos I've always been a bit uncomfortable about cache containers that were augmented by items in bags beside (rather than inside) the cache itself, but couldn't figure out why it seemed wrong.... Purrs... LazyLeopard http://www.lazyleopard.org.uk
  21. Yeah. A virtual multi-cache. There isn't an icon that covers both "virtual" and "multi" though, so you just have to pick one... Purrs... LazyLeopard http://www.lazyleopard.org.uk
  22. It's been several months since I got out on a hunt. Trouble with my knee didn't help. Must get hunting again.... Purrs... LazyLeopard http://www.lazyleopard.org.uk
  23. I just like this little comment on GPS accuracy... http://freefall.purrsia.com/ff100/fv00048.htm Enjoy...
  24. I've taken my niece and nephew on a hunt or two, and they've helped me hide a couple of caches, but none of them have been in the UK, as the kids (and my sister) live in Perth W.A. Purrs... LazyLeopard http://www.lazyleopard.org.uk
  25. ...and the remains of the bug (which belonged to blscearce) are resting too.... http://www.geocaching.com/track/track_detail.asp?ID=4162 Purrs... LazyLeopard http://www.lazyleopard.org.uk
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