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  1. After years running around with an Etrex in one hand and a Palm in the other, I've decided to upgrade to a single unit. I'm tired with plugging in and refreshing both devices whenever I want to go caching. So I need something that includes a decent GPS receiver but also holds detailed cache information from the GPX files. I'm not aware of any GPS units that can store the cache info (i.e. the 60CSx holds about 100 characters - the hint - in its custom POIS). Therefore I suspect that the answer is a Palm or PocketPC, with an inbuilt or CompactFlash GPS receiver. It's comparatively fragile, but I mainly cache in urban areas (and will still have the Etrex when needed). I know others have done this already, so what units/software do cachers use, and would they recommend them?
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    That's also happened for every log I've tried making, using two different browsers. Despite the error messages, the logs are still getting posted, although I can't drop any TBs...
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