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  1. Appears some (all?) new caches are not appearing on the maps- at least when you click on "view larger map." Examples: GC2VK3E and GC2VK24.
  2. GC22KJH seems to be successful (the title means Beautiful Books in New Zealand Maori.)
  3. This may set up a hornet's nest but I think it needs to be thought about. It probably has been raised before but I can't find the topic. I have had a cache rejected because it was less than the required 0.16 km from an existing one- it was about 0.14. Fair enough, as the reviewer must administer the rules as they stand. However the cache in question was way up a hill, the proposed one was a short distance from the bottom of the hill near a road, you have to go up a winding path to get up the hill to the existing cache so anyone who found the existing cache in confusion for the proposed new one or vice versa should not be caching! I can do something at 0.16 but it won't be anywhere near as good. I also wanted to set up a new cache in the city, but it turns out to be 0.15 km from an existing cache and any other location for the new one would be inferior to what I had planned. The thing is that there are city blocks with several buildings in between, if you were looking for either the existing or new one and confused the two you really would be seriously lost! I suppose things could be a bit different in the forests etc but I still can't see say 120 metres separation being too much of a problem. (100 might be Ok but I realise some allowance needs to be made for coordinates being inaccurate meaning separation could be a bit less than thought.) I guess the proximity rules may have been set when technology was inferior to what it is now, wondering if it is time to review them.
  4. it's probably the feature I use most. Please bring it back!
  5. I see this has got to the South Island and a long way south at that! It is one of those ubiqitous Jeep 4 x4 TBs which are a legacy from a competition, you can't contact the owner as they have disabled the message function on their profile. So I suggest such Jeeps are free to roam completely at random, and as they probably can't get sent back to their owner I guess that is till the end of time as long as they don't go missing! If I grab one of these it will probably go into my next cache find wherever that might be as long as the cache is big enough (and quite a few aren't.) If it's red though it might get near a fire station if possible :-)
  6. I also get the blank box on the map page. Over above the filter box it has a link for me to up grade to Premium, but I am already a Premium member. I am not for sure if those two are related. Thanks for all that ya'll do on these great websites. It looks like the issue might be related to finding the caches on the larger map. In Firefox I do get the map, but it hangs looking for the caches. In Internet Explorer nothing at all.
  7. what a ridiculous piece of software it is that censors an innocent word like that because three of its letters form what might be a naughty word lol
  8. why is this in the New Zealand forum? They haven't annexed us yet lol. But on the other hand if you can't get it directly to Australia, placing it in one of the caches near Wellington, Christchurch or Auckland airports might work.
  9. Go for it- I don't know about where you are but some very enjoyable and interesting ones here in Wellington, New Zealand- has the advantage that you can take people to WPs where it may not be practicable to hide a cache as well as to the final where it is possible! (We have a multi here in a cemetery which has a lot of historical items, done with permission and carefully structured to avoid any chance of trampling graves and it is being enjoyed and praised by cachers.) A multi for Points of Interest in your town sounds good, especially if it is one where you get out of town visitors who might want to be taken on a "guided tour."
  10. Yes, and it's 10th anniversary is coming up, we are working on it- keep an eye in here and in geocaching.com! In the meantime I am on cache 48, hoping to log one more then go down to GC46 for my number 50- it's not too far from home. (I guess I could wait for 100 but I don't think so lol.)
  11. Amusing story: Bought a used GPSr (which I am very happy with) off our local online auction site. Unfortunately I had difficulty removing the previous owner's name details, and foolishly had not overwritten them with mine. Did a cache and went back to catch a bus. Bus arrived rather quickly and discovered when I got to my next cache - I knew the general location- I looked into my bag and to my horror no GPSr! Before I could report it missing I got an email from the previous owner saying it had been found, got contact details of the finder and rang him. Arranged when and where to pick it up, the finder's home. Arrived at the "GZ" and was greeted by a work colleague's flatmate, turned out that the finder was THEIR FLATMATE so they could have brought it to work for me (now if I had put my name on it that would have happened!) and by the way I DNF'ed the second cache, which would probably have happened with or without the GPS as I am still having trouble with that one!)
  12. one here- relatively new cacher from Wainuiomata been at it about a month, notched a 2TF and a couple of thirds in 20 finds, -and let's not go there about DNFs lol. waves to fellow cachers - would put a waving emoticon in here but doesn't seem to be one!
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