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  1. I do think, however, that flying over the area in a helicopter with a giant electromagnet that would send the ammo can flying onto the air would be cheating
  2. Check out CacheMagnet. I used it to send the full cache description pages to my ipod and then was totally paperless. I've since bought a Colorado, but will still use the pages on cachemagnet loaded ipod when planning a trip or just read through some descriptions while listening to music
  3. Mine is the same - If I leave it alone for a while it goes dead - I know it has to keep up with time and stuff
  4. bhill77 - just wanted to let you know that Natchez Trace Parkway is definitely NOT off limits. In fact the State Park Service is very excited about geocaching and the people it tends to bring into its parks. I'll try to find some of the links to the articles from last year, but nevertheless - hide away!
  5. Hi Kansas folk - I'm trying to find out some info about a cacher named "jeffr()" he only logged one cache and one travel bug - mine- back in August of 05. Hoping he's OK and really hoping to get my TB back in circulation.
  6. As I said before - I had some problems getting my premium membership setup, but I think I really need to go back and say not only why I chose to pay for a premium membership, but also why I am glad that I did so. Websites and any sort of organized activities will inevitably have difficulties and problems. This website as well as GC.com run quite smoothly in comparison. If my $30 can help keep that process going thanI am very glad to contribute. Other reasons . . . Downloading to my palm pilot . . . the cool "Premium Member" next to my name . . . the feeling of knowing that I chose, of my own free will, to pay and support my habit. It's cheaper than a good bottle of Single Malt Scotch.
  7. wow <------- that says I'm a premium member, yet I can't access any of the perks? I figure at $30 a head Groundspeak could reply within 72 hours - my opinion
  8. Well, 4 days ago I paid my $30 and I have yet to recieve a subscription code. Sent a letter to admin@Groundspeak and got the email version of being put on hold. . . Now I'm kinda wondering if it was worth it or not . . . PS - no, i didn't use paypal; yes, I checked to make sure that the payment went through on my credit card
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