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  1. In any case - you can achieve your objective without mentioning the restaurant at all. Thanks for your feedback. I think you misunderstand my post. My objective was to raise an issue with a demand that I find unreasonable and unjustified. I have no intention of complying with such a demand. I wanted, for my own curiosity, to see if my concern was shared and that was the purpose I had in posting. Geocaching is just a bit fun for me, I've placed a couple of caches and been delighted that people have enjoyed them and visited places they wouldn't have gone otherwise. I've used geocaches as tools when teaching navigation and working with groups which has been extremely useful. If it's really about the pedantic restrictive interpretation of rules, scores and counts then I'm not really bothered and clearly whether I add a cache or not is no loss to anyone anyway so I'll remove it.
  2. It's not a name, it's the description, it's the restaurant de la Pierre du Moëllé. Is there really a problem that I used a capital letter? I just cut and paste the name of the parking waypoint which is "Restaurant de la Pierre du Moëllé". I really can't help that the name of the place can be a business name, I don't imagine it was something the managers of the restaurant thought of!
  3. I've just tried to submit a new cache on top of a local peak here in the Swiss Alps. It's been rejected because I'm apparently breaking the rules about commercial listings. I've read the rules and was pretty sure I understood them. I'm totally unable to see how this is commercial: There's a cache attribute for "food nearby" (which I forgot to check) so I'm at a loss why I'm not supposed to mention it. For local context, the place is called Pierre du Moëllé so the restuarant name literally means restaurant of the Pierre du Moëllé. But the reply I got was : The guidelines actually don't say there can be no "slight or unintentional" mention of a business because (presumably) that would be totally unreasonable and quite unworkable. In another cache (I placed) a few km away I said : I know the rules carefully disclaim responsibility for past precedent but was this wrong for mentioning the refuge and the ski lift which are both commercial operations? The caches I've placed have been in remote places and I've enjoyed the feedback from people who've visited places they wouldn't otherwise have gone to. I really don't want to alter the listing, I don't think it's unreasonable to mention refuges, buvettes etc on mountain caches and I don't think anyone reading the listing would think so either. This leaves a very sour taste.
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