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  1. Congrats Laura!! Still hoping to meet you on the trails. Megan & Mike
  2. Congrats!!!! Extra special effort on this one too. PBS was not to be denied! Megan & Mike
  3. Congrats Laura! May you find many more.
  4. Wow! Congratulations and may your baby like to sleep through the night.
  5. Just wanted to say thanks again. All you folks are the best and have made us feel welcome in the hobby/sport. Brian, you cracked us up!! Yes it is somewhat addictive. Megan & Mike
  6. Wow! Just came here today in more than a week or two. What a pleasant surprise. Thank you everyone and to Trowel32 you have a sharp eye. Here we thought we kept a low profile. The Riddle of the Lorax was our 100th cache. Megan & Mike
  7. When can I find this on your website? I want one. Excellent ideas! Mike
  8. I understand they will be mailed but probably after this event. I'm just assuming so anyone know for sure? http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...31-8b536f119fe0
  9. http://maps.google.com/maps?q=88+E.+Broadw...,0.117090&hl=en This should get you the area. Closest cache looks like: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...b4-78ccc9211b53
  10. Thanks for clearing up the "borderline illegal" question. We're still working on ideas for our first cache so didn't want to do anything stupid. Although that's still a possibility. Mike
  11. I've seen this in a couple logs lately. What does "borderline illegal" mean? I'm not looking for particlulars of any cache just trying to figure out what the term would mean. The edge of private property or national park? Too close to an airport?? Mike
  12. I'm a little late but WOW! that's great John and I thought I was older than you. I'm only a Grandpa. Congrats and best wishes to the new little man. Mike
  13. The Lowrance looks very interesting and feature rich until I got to "up to two hours or longer on two AA batteries". Not a very long time when spending the day caching. Have users found that to be the case? Mike
  14. Same thing happened to me. Guess they don't want us I forgot to respond to this. Yep somehow Verizon doesn't want me to get mail from nnjc.org. Used my hotmail account and all is well. Not sure why they are treating it as spam.
  15. I like this one. I do it all the time and it applies to the too young and the too old. I'm in the latter group. "I stopped to think and forgot to start again."
  16. I believe I've tried to register at NNJC 3 times. I do get the screen that says a confirmation email will be sent. I never get the email so once 24 hours passes I can try again. Not sure what I could be doing wrong. Yes it's the right email and yes I've doublechecked the random number to be typed in. Any ideas? I've been known to totally mess up in the past.
  17. I created a Monster. Started talking about Geocaching. Decided we needed something better than the old Magellan that's as big as an original cellphone. Now every Sat and Sunday she wants to know where are we going? What caches are we doing? Do we have the bug spray and gatorade? Had some time during the day yesterday so she sent me caching to get a WJTB! We're sitting at home at night working on puzzle caches. It's taken 22 yrs to find something we both have a passion for. Mike
  18. Not sure how it would get scratched. Maybe it's residual glue? I've had some luck with using a sticky tape and pulling off quickly. There are also plastic polishes available at auto parts store. The underlying problem is LCD screens are fragile. Whatever you do you will have to consider the risk of permanent damage. Mike
  19. Huh. I got my PQ yesterday. Didn't know there was a problem. Mike
  20. Now this makes the most sense so far. Being new to this I'm with the camp that the TB owner's wishes trump the cache owner's wishes but that's just me. Mike
  21. This is what I was thinking after reading some of the posts. Some seem to feel humans don't have any right to enjoy our natural resources. I only wish I could kill the weeds in my lawn by walking on them. It never seems to work. Quite frankly I'm more concerned about our overuse of asphalt than making a small trail that will overgrow after a short time. Some of you must be really angry with Mt. St. Helens. Stuff happens. The Earth adapts better than we can fathom. Wait, I have it. Jetpacks for all cachers. No more trails to follow. Mike
  22. I learned this lesson myself. If there is nothing of value in sight most likely the thieves will pass by. My wife and I were visiting DC many yrs ago. We took all our bags out of the car leaving behind my suit and her woman's suit along with our dress shoes. My stupid thought was thieves won't break-in for clothing. WRONG!!! They punched a hole in the side of the door and moved the linkage to the lock. We came out in the morning and it was just beyond me why the door was open. 4 hrs later the DC cops showed up and we cut our visit short and drove back to NJ.
  23. I've only been at this a short time but here in NJ I haven't seen a cache that doesn't have PI nearby. I've never had the rash even though I know I've been in it but read the next paragraph. I saw my neighbor ripping out PI in her yard and cautioned her to at least wear gloves. She said the same thing I said "I've never had it." The following week she was scheduled for surgery. Guess what she's laying in a hospital bed covered with PI rash. My point is our bodies change as we get older and just stop tolerating what we used to do when younger. Don't assume you won't get it. I always shower well after being out hiking or caching. So far so good but don't bet the farm. Mike
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