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  1. Please bring back the ability to search a trackable GC code to find the name of the coin or hitch hiker. I have several unactivated in my collection of around 1000 coins. I can not remember all of their names. That tool was Very helpful in finding the name of the coin.
  2. I have an unactivated -Ouija Board PM me with your offer
  3. I have both of these cat coins - what is your offer?
  4. I believe I have a couple of these coins, however they are in storage and I won't be able to pick them up for a few days to verify. If I find that I do I will let you know. That is very thoughtful of you, ttis is one I have never seen before. People like you is what makes this world go round. You really made me smile. Keep On Caching! ~Valarie of sweetlife I was able to get to my coins over the week-end and I definitely have one Earn your stripes coin, it is silver - thought I had a gold one too and will keep going thru them. What is your offer?
  5. I believe I have a couple of these coins, however they are in storage and I won't be able to pick them up for a few days to verify. If I find that I do I will let you know.
  6. I have produced many proxy coins using the codes of coins or trackables that have gone missing. GxProxy.com will make a copy coin for you too at a minimal cost so your GC can continue it's journeys.
  7. Is this the coin you are looking for? http://www.geocoinshop.eu/Geocoins-Specials/Geocaching-CRYSTAL-Glass-Geocoin::901.html
  8. The coin can only be activated under one account. But you can change the name of the coin to show double ownership
  9. I have a couple. But currently out of town. Be back in about a week
  10. True only the cache owner or trackable owner can mark a TB/GC as missing but I have on occasion informed Groundspeak of missing trackables and they have marked them missing
  11. Do you have a link to where I can order there coins?
  12. I found it here; https://www.cache-advance.com/proddetail.asp?prod=GeoTriad_Geocoin Sorry, guess they are out of stock on that site, but here is another; http://www.geocoinshop.eu/Geocoins-Groundspeak/GeoTriad-Geocoin-Two-Tone::1209.html
  13. Unfortunately this is the bad part of geocaching. I have lost a few coins and TB's this way, so only send out items now that if lost, it is not a big deal. When it comes to Geocoins, I send out a laminated paper copy of the item. I NO longer send out the coin itself as they WILL eventually go missing. As far as your missing coin, other than marking it as 'missing' there is no more you need to do. But if it does not resurface say in 6 months or a year, you can always make a proxy copy of it and send it back out so that at least it continues to travel. Also, there is a site that will make a Proxy coin of your missing one for a minimal cost of $2.99 - here sis their site; http://www.shop.gxproxy.com/Ready2Go-GxProxy-Coins-R2G00010.htm
  14. These were called Cache or Charge geocoins. I have a shiny gold pair.
  15. I may have one. Let me look & get back to you
  16. The tracking code you posted here shows that the item has not been activated; http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?tracker=JHEWRH
  17. Give her the tracking number on the coin. She then logs the "Grab" on geocaching.com and the coin will show in her inventory
  18. The 'Game Piece' is the the Geocache itself. This is on the cache in the event someone who is not a geocacher finds it, they will hopefully leave it alone. As for your geocoin find - Go to this link; http://www.geocaching.com/track/howtogeocoin.aspx It will show you how to log the geocoin-
  19. Don't forget the Hedgehog Geocoin Route 66
  20. Well with not knowing the tracking #. Are you sure you are entering the correct numbers and letters. Meaning, a 1 could be an I or B for an 8 and so on. Just need to carefully look at the tracking code. If you still can not get it, you may need to get a lackey at ground speak to help you
  21. I have a shiny gold 2009 tadpole geocoin - unactivated
  22. Since it shows you are the owner. You can change it's status from collectible to non-collectible. Just go in & edit the info on the coin. You will then be able to grab it
  23. You might try emailing the maker of the coin. They may still some Here is the website http://www.ellandel.com/geocaching/gcp7.html
  24. That happened to me a few years ago. And I did activate the coin, as I thought the buyer was perhaps scamming me. I did get the coin back eventually and then resold it for less.
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