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  1. I'm responsible for a new member who registered on 1/30/08, and another one who is going to register. I'm member number .... 266784. (edited after I found my number).
  2. Thanks Jamrasc! That really gave me a good place to start.
  3. Based on the picture, it would be a great cache spot! Most of the caches in my area involve hikes, so that wouldn't deter me and I like it when there are parking coords on the cache page. I have discovered that many cachers ignore the parking coords if they can find a closer spot. We have a cache that the parking area is about a quarter mile away. We put the parking coords on the cache page and told people not to park along the road (it is a narrow, curvy, country road and can be very dangerous) or in front of the gate to the nearby resort. Yet people park there anyway. Some have discovered that closer doesn't mean easier though, because it is an almost vertical climb to the cache from that point. Carabiner Cache
  4. Is there any way to locate caches along a route you will be taking on a trip? We are going to be camping at Hunting Island in SC over July 4th and would like to find some caches on our trip down and back. We live in NEPA and would love to add some more states to our "cached in" list. Thanks!
  5. We are going to be camping at Hunting Island State Park over the July 4th weekend. Can anyone suggest some good local caches that we can do while in the area? Or any that would be on our route to Hunting Island? We are coming from Northeast PA. We would like to add VA, NC, and SC to the states that we have cached in. Thanks!
  6. That is how the shotgun event did it. It worked very well, plus every team had the chance for an FTF. The one they did last fall was much smaller in area due to gas prices. You can set it up as large or as small as you think cachers in your area would be willing to do.
  7. One of the local Geocachers sets up one of these every year called the "Pocono Shotgun Event". There are 10 teams and ten caches. The teams meet at a prearranged location and are given the coordinates of a cache. They must then find the cache and retrieve their envelope containing a puzzle piece and the coords to the next cache. After you have all the pieces, the coords to the final cache are on the back of the puzzle. It is a race to see who is FTF on the final cache. We won the first year. It encompased a couple hundred miles and took us until the wee morning hours to finish. We had a blast!
  8. Here in NEPA ticks have definitely been worse. We have only been out a few times and have found ticks on us after each trip. Ticks are one of the few bugs that REALLY creep me out. On a side note, despite what many researchers claim, a tick does not need to be attached for more than 48 hours to infect with Lyme's disease. My husband contracted Lymes after a tick bite, and the tick was on him for no more than a few hours. I have known other people who also contracted it with less than 48 hours of exposure. Also, while deer ticks are the most prevelant carrier of Lyme's disease, other breeds of ticks can also be carriers of Lyme's disease.
  9. This past Easter, we had an egg hunt for the kids at my parent's house. After they had a hard time finding some of the eggs (which were spread out over 1.5 acres), they hadsome suggestions for next year. They want us to give them each a GPSr, waypoint the eggs as we hide them, and then give them the list so they can find their eggs. I personally thought it would be a good idea to waypoint all the eggs because then I wouldn't need to try to remember where I hid the eggs!
  10. Considering the fact that Geocaching is a legal use of public property and there are laws prohibiting sex in public, I don't see that this thread is bashing when someone says things like "that should be done in private". If you choose to hang out to meet someone, hey, that is up to you. But the "hooking up" by homo or hetero should not be in public places. And yes, the police should be notified.
  11. Come visit PA! Most caches involve a hike with beautiful scenery. Check out the Allentown area. The Caching Nuts have some really cool devious hides. Fall is especially beautiful here for caching with all the changing leaves.
  12. We have 4 kids (hence the Gangg name). They all love to go caching. Of course, like amny have said, they get bored with micros and LOVE to trade for anything and everything in the cache. We now limit it to one one trade per cache. We got tired of trying to track 4 trades per cache. Ages of the Gangg: Leader: thirtysomething Leader 2: thirtysomething DD: 11 DS: 10 DS: 8.5 DS: 7 They were 9, 8, 6, and 5 when we started caching. Due to a building project we had going last year, caching had to be put on hold for almost a year. There was a lot of "When are we going caching?" during that time. When I told them we were going to go caching as soon as they had their rooms clean yesterday, those rooms were cleaned in record time!
  13. We used to catch garter snakes all the time when I was a kid. My mother taught us how, and I've since taught my kids (I'm the mom). I taught the kids how to identify the common snakes in the area before I taught them how to safely and gently catch them so as not to hurt the snake. If there is a ring racer or garter snake in the area, my oldest son will find it and catch it. I like having garter snakes around because they keep the rodent population under control.
  14. It is actually not recommended to use the vasoline method as the tick will often reguritate their gut contents back into the wound increasing the risk of Lyme disease. The best route is to carry tweeezers or small pliers. We carry swiss champ knives and the small pliers have been great for tick removal. A caution, ticks love places that are warm with lots of blood, as my poor sons discovered to their detriment. I'm not sure which scared them more, a certain area having ticks, or the pliers heading to that area to remove the ticks!
  15. Poison ivy also forms a "furry" looking vine that goes up the side of a tree. Contact with the vine can also cause the rash. AFter having poison ivy almost every summer as a kid, I no longer get it, but my poor kids do. I now carry a bottle Tecnu with us when we cache in case the kids are exposed. Tecnu is a soap desgined to break down the poison ivy oils.
  16. Never been in scouting, but just signed the boys up for cubscouts to start in September.
  17. Here is a link to a site that lists the results of lab testing for the average length of time a product repels insects: cchealth.org It was done in 2002, but still pretty good I thought.
  18. I'm 5'4 and around 130lbs. I haven't been caching long enough to have it affect my weight yet. I gained over 5lbs after starting my current job which is a desk job. I'm hoping that geocaching will help lose about 5-10 lbs, or at least remove some size I've picked up. The pounds don't matter so much as long as my size decreases some. Afterall, muscle weighs more than fat. Maybe I should be glad that most of the caches in the area are at the top of mountains!
  19. We have a cat named Peanut too. He's a red tabby (why do they call a gold cat a red tabby?). And the world's biggest scardy cat! Glad you found your cache!
  20. I am 32, my husband will be 32 in another month. Our kids love to go geocaching and they are 10, 9, soon to 8, and 6.5.
  21. Because we have yet to find any geocoins, so it would be our first! And I have 4 adorable kids crying "Please!" with big pleading eyes.
  22. Medium well most of the time. The leader of the pack complains that the weight of the cache bag always seems to be growing as I add more things we "need" He has finally decided we need a small backpack for caching.
  23. The section of the constitution regarding the seperation of church and state was designed to prevent the government from establishing an official religion, like the church of England for example. It was never meant to prevent any religion in government. Study the history and see how much religion played in the foundation of the U.S. government. I just get annoyed by those complaining about the intolerance of religion, yet being intolerant of any religion themselves. That is just plain hypocritical. Pushing anti-religion is just as bad as pushing religion in my opinion.
  24. So far we have only posted DNFs for caches that we felt were missing. We don't post a DNF until we have given up. There is one cache nearby that we have been out to 3 times so far without finding it. But many people logging the find admit to it taking several trips to find. I think I would only post a note if there was a problem with the cache or cache area to let the owner know about it. So far there was only one that we really needed hints to find because the coords were over 100 feet off. Found out we were very close to it on our first trip out searching after asking for a hint from someone that found it.
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