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  1. Mike you need to be patient I have got the place booked for 160 people in Cologne! Hmmm you be right...but last year i have 140 People on my Event...perhaps, i can beat it this year...i have already a few ideas
  2. Ohh i still wonder why i didn´t get informations about the events here :P ... Count me in...Munich and Bavaria
  3. Hello Coinfrends I´m looking for some Coins. Maybe someone can help me Compass Rose 2007 - polished Nickel with polished Gold highlights - polished Gold with polished Nickel Wheel Compass Rose 2008 - Black Nickel with polished Nickel center on back Compass Rose 2009 - Polished Gold with Antik Bronze (YemonYime) Compass Rose 5th Anniversary - YemonYime Version :-)) On a personal mail with a offer i would be very happy greatings micaudi
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