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  1. In this scenario, I refuse to remove log sheets I don't think I will be able to put back in properly. I am talking about those pesky nano's. I don't want to wreck the cache. If a log owner wants to delete my find in this case, I will go out attempt to remove, sign and replace the log. If unsuccessful I will relog my find. I signed the log. If I cannot replace the log properly I will also post a Needs Maintenance log. I certainly hope most "Nano hiders" would rather have the log in place than have to go out and fix their cache. My suggestion is that you invest $1 in a TOTT -- a log rolling tool. Easily found on ebay.
  2. I really can't help it but I've been chuckling over this posting by knowschad followed by the picture...since yesterday. If there is ever a GS Hall of Fame for memorable posts, this one needs to be included.
  3. Since the proverbial pig is out of the bag, and the "bad form" message has been posted I'm just curious to know what others consider an acceptable level of discussion might be related to puzzle cache puzzles. First, I agree that asking the cache owner for a hint should be the first course of action. Generally those that come onto the forums and ask for help on a puzzle aren't aware of the geocaching faux pax that they're committing. However in almost every case there are those that will write "it's generally considered bad form to ask for help on a puzzle cache in the forums" and one or more responses when do provide help if not outright solutions. I *do* believe it should be up to the CO as to how much additional assistance they want to provide to those that want it, and that by providing hints in the forums we may be going against the intent of the CO to create something that is difficult to solve (no caches are meant to be found diatribes please). On the other hand, given the extent that some will go to systematically ignore all puzzle, and the fact that most of those coming to the forums for help might be first time forum users, I wonder how helpful it is to essentially answer "don't come to to the forums asking for that kind of help". Personally, I wouldn't mind seeing more discussions about puzzle cache puzzles as long as it's general puzzle solving advice like the response that niraD often gives or pointers to the Puzzle Solving 101 series. In fact, I wouldn't even object to a heavily moderated forum on Unknown Caches. Building up an arsenal of puzzle solving tools and expertise takes some time but becomes very useful when attempting to some of the more difficult puzzles. Discussing general puzzle solving approaches might even promote some interest in a cache category that gets more than its share of abuse. No disagreement with what you say, however, one consideration is that some cache owners simply never respond to any emails sent to them at all...even if their cache listing encourages contacting for a hint.
  4. I think that eating something out of a cache should be immediately preceded by shouting, "Hey, y'all, watch this!"
  5. Not arguing the point as I do get it....but still find it interesting that these folks never seem to mistake those many signs stuck on poles, etc. As bombs. Heck around here in this particular city you can find yourself in trouble for even removing an obviously illegal sign.
  6. Not yet thankfully....but I will say that I now feel a whole lot better about being so picky about ALWAYS sticking it in the same pocket while signing the log, and for vowing to never set it on the ground. Guess that those are real good habits to develop.
  7. Yup, they have already said that it is grandfathered even for contract renewals on any existing contract.
  8. Today there is a local cacher who has now logged their last two finds with an additional NM that says: "My GPS gave instructions to get on the interstate and pull over because of how close this is to xxx. You might want to move it in case someone gets the same instructions follows them and gets hurt." I've not personally found either of the caches but by all log entries they aren't on the interstate or accessible from it.
  9. The ones that I've used are pretty durable. Not sure on the thickness but I have used them to store film long-term in the frig, have carried them with film out in freezing and hot weather. But I'm not necessarily advocating them, was just trying to help to identify what was in the video. If you look closely in the video you can see as the log book is being inserted that there is a zip lock track inside, and when the log is inside the person then finger seals the ziplock. I'm pretty sure that this is a black ziplock bag. You can find them on the web and they're used for things that are light sensitive. I used to have some that were just slightly larger than the one show, used for photography and storing rolls of exposed film to ensure no light damage to the roll. Oh wow! Really? thats kind of cool... How do they rate durability wise? To be completely honest, in the area of Austin I live in it would probably be easier for me to check some of the local "head shops"
  10. I'm running into the same kind of thing...would like to be able to have this not too far from my home or office so I don't groan everytime it needs maintenance....but the size of it has me scratching my head as it is about 38" long and h/w that is typical of an ammo can. I already have a wonderful cammo paint job on it, but I've yet to find a place where I'd have a chance of fitting it in AND being able to get permission to put it there! Oh...and I happen to have three of these beasts!
  11. Egads...I just found mine, finally. Started caching nine months ago and this was one of my very first DNFs. It's a 1/1 ammo can, hidden next to CO's yard. Supposedly pretty much an easy PnG. Found by folks with few finds. First time I looked for it there was a doggie standing about six inches from where you needed to search, doggie on one side of the fence and me on the other. Big doggie. Barking loudly. Lots of big white teeth. Then the cache went missing before I got around to it again. Then it was back in action....and I couldn't find it. Embarrassed to have to post a DNF, but I did. I finally had to email the CO who confirmed it was still there and said that it was well hidden (a 1/1 mind you). So today, in tandem with trying to keep a mini caching streak alive I went back, and brought my magnetic TOTT....and sure enough, buried deep in a mount of mulch (probably a good 4-5 inches under!) there was a smaller ammo can. The way the bushes are very thick and being hard to get in, high muggle traffic, the doggie, had I not brought my TOTT with today I may not have found it. I know that I looked there before, had my hands there, even lightly brushed top mulch away on that exact spot just two days ago, but simply wasn't looking for something buried like that as a 1/1. This dang 1/1 ammo can. In the same week that I found two D-4's within minutes of arriving on GZ, I couldn't find this 1/1/ammo can. Of course the D-4s were micros...maybe I've just gotten good at micros...and really stink at ammo cans? Anyway, FINALLY have this one. Won't forget this one. Would like to, but won't. Now if I can just stop my eye from twitching everytime I say the word ammo can....
  12. It made the summery. I was thinking more about animals finding something that had food residue and some COs believing that they can somehow get all traces of the scent out of the food containers.
  13. Okay, I skipped....so maybe it was somewhere back in the previous 12 pages and it didn't make the summary...but I guess that I don't get why someone would use any container that had contained food for a cache container?
  14. Wait, didn't everyone else get a membership card after paying?
  15. Aw, a venting with a happy ending! I do understand the need to vent over this as it has also happened to me...and I suspect that it happens to most cache owners at some time. The one that ticked me off was a log entry that simply said that it was moved to a much better location...and in fact it wasn't a better location as I had it where it was for a specific reason. Again, vent away and I think that most would agree that there is a big difference between being helpful and trying to act like they own my cache.
  16. Try ebay (search under ammo can or even geocaching) -- you'll find sellers that will ship them to Canada as well as sellers located there.
  17. Can't speak for ColdGears, but my daughter has a iPhone. It sucks.* My boss has a Crackberry. It sucks* I haven't tested a Droid yet. * As compared to my 60CSx in side by side accuracy tests Have to agree for finding cache purposes for a ton of reasons I'll use my 60 CSx vs. my phone or other phones any day. Watched my friend wandering all over a wooded area trying to find a cache with his phone one day. I managed to maintain good reception and landed pretty close to where the cache actually was. But I do like my Groundspeak application on my phone for find nearby caches. Yup, that's why I carry both my 60CSx and my iPhone. And when I have them going side by side the 60CSx will outperform the iPhone anyday, if nothing else it has a much better antenna than an iPhone does.
  18. If you look closely in the video you can see as the log book is being inserted that there is a zip lock track inside, and when the log is inside the person then finger seals the ziplock. I'm pretty sure that this is a black ziplock bag. You can find them on the web and they're used for things that are light sensitive. I used to have some that were just slightly larger than the one show, used for photography and storing rolls of exposed film to ensure no light damage to the roll.
  19. But before a reviewer corrects this....shouldn't we all as quickly as we can go do an online logging of the cache?
  20. Interesting that he complained about the thorns, but apparently thought nothing of the rest of the attributes -- such as the one indicating ticks. So if I'm understanding things correctly, he took his daughter to a place with that listed attribute but is complaining because she got scratched on some thorns?
  21. Not disagreeing with your sentiment....but the cacher was according to the logs with his daughter.
  22. I have to say that this one bugs me also. I've had to pull one cache of mine because of folks just ripping through things for no reason (even when it was clearly stated that they didn't need to). I know that I have walked away from some finds simply because from what I could see it would require me to tear through some bushes to find the cache and I just don't think that you should do that. And I've eliminated potential hide locations simply because I was concerned that some would be too rough on the area. It seems that sometimes folks are just too focused on getting the find as quickly as possible so they can then move on to the next find.
  23. I've tried it twice at the business plaza where I have my office, and both were within view of the window at my desk. The first time the cache was muggled after having several times been put back incorrectly (cacher laziness) and someone then seeing/grabbing it. The second time it was clearly indicated in the description as one you could get without leaving the sidewalk with notes about staying out of the property and not ripping up the flower beds nearby. That didn't work as several cachers ripped up plants and worse. So there's not much of a chance of there being a third time. We have some local cachers who when they go after your cache you can pretty much know that they've messed something up and it will require maintenance (I'm convinced it is from rushing for the numbers and outright carelessness).
  24. I've been doing some researching on this myself as we have a cat. But thus far the only thing that I have found has been either related to people using dog flea treatments (which typically contain permethrin) on their cat, or if a cat rubs against a dog that has been treated. What I've tried to find and couldn't find was any reference of toxic problems simply because you have it on your clothes or such. I mean common sense would suggest to then not let your cat rub on your clothes, but I'm not finding anything about it be transferred at toxic levels simply because you had your clothes on and walked through the house etc. (which would seem to indicate that you could change and put those geoclothes away). If you have any other references to point to that indicate more of a concern I know that I'd greatly appreciate your sharing those.
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