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  1. Cool! I'm planning a trip to Chesapeake Bay for next summer. Great, you'll find that we have several ECs within a reasonable proximity, a of course lots of traditional caches nearby!
  2. It looks like the answer to my original question is that it may take as little as just a few hours to get an approval! I had a flash of inspiration and ran it past Geoaware who agreed that it was a great change (but am pleased to say that he would have approved the listing as it was!!!). So I have my first EarthCache: Chesapeake Bay Watershed - GC2CKD1
  3. Okay, now I need some help! I got a response from Geoaware regarding my cache and his suggestion was that I need an additional "task that they have to do on site and can't get the information from another source...like getting them to describe the water at the location etc." I do feel pretty good though that this was the only real issue (I had a photo requirement that he suggested I remove, suggesting it detracts from my other questions) and so think that I could be very close to being able to get it approved. I already have several questions that can only be answered from checking something on site, but I need some creative assistance regarding a task. The cache is on the Chesapeake Bay, looking out over the bay. I could simply ask them to describe the water at the location, but frankly they could simply say anything couldn't they? Any suggestions about something else that I could ask them to do? I'd like it to be a "real" task other than just some sort of vague task that anyone could say they did.
  4. I spent some more time doing some polishing of my listing to try to get it looking just right, but did just now submit it for review. Crossing my fingers! If approved will post back the link here, and will look forward to hearing what you think of my first EC submittal.
  5. I'm still waiting to get my submitted -- I have everything written up and just need an additional trip to the GZ to check on a couple of things. I'd planned on doing it today but last night I asked my 9 year old daughter if she wanted to go caching today and although she usual says no this time she asked if I was going to go looking for more of those earthcache things I've been talking about. So we went down to Jockey's Ridge GC13FZ7 in NC and she got her first ever EC, and it was my fourth for me! All in all I think that today was a good trade-off in waiting another day to submit to hear her say that she really likes earthcaches!
  6. I know that "actual mileage will vary" in the review of ECs depending upon a lot of things. Having said that I know about how long it takes for traditional caches in my area of Virginia, and was just wondering if there is a typical or average length of time for the review of an EC submission? It is more like days, or weeks or even longer? Tomorrow I hope to submit my first one...can you tell that I'm excited about it?
  7. Not that I want to take sides on this but I would like to clear up a misconception regarding the additional stats programs out there. At least with the one that I currently use, as well as with two others that I ultimately decided not to use, the user DOES NOT self-enter any FTFs. FTFs are identified by the software from using your imported GPX file. The significance of that is that IF the FTF only does the paper log, or if the FTF isn't the first to submit an online log, then they GS system provided info will in fact be read by the third-party stat software so that the FIRST log entry for a cache was the FTF. Actual mileage may vary in that I obviously don't know about all the third-party stat software, but I can tell you that this is factual with what I'm using as each week it shows me with a FTF that I was the STF, but first to log only because I use iPhone in the field and the FTF does not.
  8. All great suggestions that I'm going to "borrow."
  9. Yup, and I did get the same answer from a reviewer - as long as it's not a road passing through a national park or forest. Thanks!
  10. Most areas don't have "resident" EC reviewers. Your local EC reviewer will usually be someone far, far away. Even though it's a bit old, you may want to take a look at this EC as an example of an EC on public lands in your region: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...74-26a9a1bdf807 Thanks!
  11. Great suggestion -- but not sure what to do with what I've now learned! I looked at every EC within about 100 miles of me, most were approved in 2007 or 2008. I did find one what had been approved in 2010. The reviewers for all but the 2010 was Geoaware, and the 2010 was GeoawareCA. So it looks like ours around here in Virginia are being approved by EC reviewers not local. Added: I noted that on GeoawareCA's profile that he/she encourages asking questions so I went ahead and did that.
  12. I do know our local reviewers but if I understand the submission process, EarthCaches don't go through the local review process? If so, I haven't been able to figure out who to ask that of, which is kinda how I ended up posting it in the forum.
  13. In another thread which asked when the date is (Sunday, 10/10/10), geoaware made a suggestion to get involved by holding an event "in which you showcase EarthCaches in your area." I asked a question there about suggestions and ideas for this type of event, but decided that instead of hijacking that thread and not seeing any other existing thread to discuss 2010 events, I thought that I'd create this thread. I'm looking for ideas for an event that I do plan on hosting. So far I've already come up with inviting someone from the university to come talk about regional geological features but am hoping that there are more ideas floating about. Are you planning on holding an event and if so, what activities are you planning on including?
  14. Sounds great....if there were enough in the DFW area to showcase. Maybe it is a great opportunity to hold an event to tell your other fellow cachers that they need to go help create some more? You need to provide people with some copies of the guidelines at these events so they know what they need to do to get an EarthCache up and running.... www.earthcache.org This sounds like an interesting idea. Can you or anyone else offer suggestions on what else to do other than to share copies of guidelines? And when you suggest showcasing EarthCaches in our area, what does showcase mean?
  15. I have a question about the permissions aspect of submission. It seems that what is in the guidelines at EC are geared toward parks, etc. that have land managers and such. I'm interested in submitting an earthcache that would be located at a scenic observation stop along a public highway. Am I correct that in this particular situation I don't need to worry about permissions ("When applicable you must have written approval with the appropriate owner or land-managing agency.") since it is a public highway and a public scenic stop with public parking?
  16. When are spiders NOT out?? Well, other than when we're all up to our derrieres in snow... I never seem to run into spiders when it's raining. And to get it to rain I simply have to gather all of my gear and make plans to go caching, ta-da, it's raining!
  17. I'm sorry but nowhere there do I see anything that shows that GS classifies it as a nano. It is listed under caches, so that is clearly how they are classifying that vendor item. that item isn't called a nano-sized cache which would be different. It IS a vendor's name for their product. as for the log strips, they indicate that they are for ra nano cache -- same name as the cache item. You're trying to argue that the GS cache classification and taxonomy is incorrect based on what a vendor sells. what's next -- would you also propose they start a size category for a pico cache, because they also exist as vendor products.
  18. Nuh uh. Nope, GS stocks that product in the store...that product is called the "Nano Cache" and you can see that same exact name, along with the statement about being "world famous Joani designed" on various vendor web sites. As far as I know, GS doesn't call products that they sell and that are made by vendors anything other than what the vendor calls the product. I know as I am a GS vendor.
  19. I'll say this much, I don't recall ever hearing of anyone blowing up a blinky nano because of concern that it might be a bomb. Aside from that, all else above is an opinion. You're certainly entitled to that just as I'm entitled to say that: - I prefer nanos to all containers (but I pretty much like all micros as well); - They don't need their own size category because they fit neatly into the one that GS created; - An individual's definition of "fun" is not relevant to this game where each of us defines "fun" our own way and with no rules to restrict what "fun" is or is not; - Challenge isn't something that is rated in this game, the game calls for establishing the "overall difficulty rating" and even using clayjar's rating system, "challenge" is considered relative to the mental or physical aspect of how easy it is to find the cache which I believe is different than your complaint about the challenge of hiding a cache.
  20. I have both a Oregon 550T and 60csx. For me the 60csx has significantly better performance than the 550T and I got the 60csx after the 550T because the accuracy of the 550T was so poor that in more cases than not my iPhone was better. So the 60csx was recommended because of a better antenna and better chip than the Oregons and to be honest, I've only used my 550T once since I then got my 60csx.
  21. I've been making my new caches PMO and it all has to do with something that I'd noticed a couple of months ago. I had several caches placed within an area and none were PMO caches. Someone else had a PMO cache that was also in that same general area. During a couple of weeks period, all of my caches in that area got muggled. The PMO cache wasn't disturbed. I replaced my containers and changed the cache listings to make them all PMOs. Since then none of those caches have been muggled. So it seems to have at least some sort of direct impact upon the caches being messed with.
  22. I don't think that you really need special clothes or a marked vehicle. IMHO, it's all about your technique. When you arrive at the site: 1) Immediately begin to do a complex GPS calibration. It helps if while doing that you mutter not quite under your breath, stringing together words that don't make sense. Shout out every third or fourth word. 2) When calibration is complete, begin to circle the lamp post while clapping hands and bringing your knees up high with each step. 3) When ready to retrieve the cache, stare towards the heavens and in a loud voice say, "Are you sure you want me to look under it? Really sure? This won't be like the last time will it?" 4) Then carefully lift the skirt while bending low as if to sneak a quick glimpse of something that might try to get you. 5) Thrust your hands under the skirt to retrieve the cache container and quickly remove it from the lamp post. 6) Clutch the container to your chest while singing your favorite show tune. 7) Return to your cachemobile to sign the log. I can pretty much guarantee that if you follow the above, nobody in their right mind will stick around you to see what you're doing. You just need to ensure that you've left the area before the police arrive (and they will).
  23. With the 60csx you need to ensure that you haven't turned the compass off. It is pretty easy to do -- you queue up your waypoint, then press the page key to get to the compass for normal use. If you press and HOLD the Page key, the compass will turn off. Ensure that the compass icon appears in the status bar, which indicates that your compass is on. AND you can also set your defaults as to when the compass automatically turns off and on. When moving in a car it should be using satellite. When you leave the car the compass needs to turn on. You can set the delay for that from 5 seconds up to 180 seconds, but you also need to adjust the switch to compass heading "when below" speed setting. The Oregon's compass turns on/off at about 1-2 mph, so that is different in use than the 60csx (I also have an Oregon 550T, but prefer the quad-helix antenna of the 60csx vs. the ceramic antenna of most Oregon models). Added: I also find that Lithium batteries have worked the best for me, keeping a good constant voltage available (but carry spares as when they die, they go from low battery to dead almost immediately).
  24. I have one...amazing though that I've only been discovered a couple of times and they were after I'd pointed them out to cachers who arrived at a cache while I was still there. Had it sitting in a parking lot at my office when I had a cache at the end of the lot (and made mention of looking for my vehicle TB while visiting the cache) and still no discovery. Even went to a meet and greet and no discoveries there. I even picked up a magnetic one from a cache and slapped it on the back of my vehicle right below my own stuck to the window, drove with it on a trip and while around town for a week before I sent it on its way...and still no discoveries! I do like that I have mine but at this point would be pretty shocked to have someone discover it!
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