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  1. Have you upgraded your Palm Pre webOS to the latest version 1.2? If you have then you might be pleasantly surprised to see the "homebrew apps" are now available within the App Catalogue! Check the bottom right corner of the app catalogue screen for the little shopping bag icon & click on it. GeoCache Locator is now just as easy to install as Go-To Lite Yep the Pre is an awesome smartphone, the best I've ever owned and I LOVE the mult-tasking! Also the built-in GPS receiver appears to be very accurate, and I can go from "phone-off" to "on-and-position located" usually in just about 10 seconds!! Those current Geocaching apps are an incredible start, and I'd really look forward to seeing them mesh together somehow hopefully soon! Thanks for the info, just had the phone upgrade yesterday and had'nt poked around much since then. Guess there isn't much of a need for "filecoaster" anymore...
  2. I am currently using the Palm Pre (best phone I've ever owned) with "Go To Tool Lite", it is available from the app downloads on the Pre. It gives you a compass that will direct you to the cache, a satellite view, detail of the cache, and allows you to log your find from the app. There is also "Geocache Locator" from Precentral.net, it is going to be harder to install. You need to be pretty technically savy to get it installed. The Go to Tool Lite works like a charm and is easily installed.
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