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  1. Went today to the customs office to get a package with my last order from Scavok. Thanks for sending it to me. RIP Roger
  2. Still nothing ! Unacceptable ... :mad:
  3. Still nothing has arrived, this is an abuse ... Where is my order?????
  4. I haven't receive my order from 07/30/2011, would like to know what's taking so long ....
  5. Sorry about not adding km as a distance option. I'm guessing you'd prefer that? Hi, Km would be very welcome since a lot of people use the metric system Thanks for the App, good job
  6. Seeking Yellow Event Celtic Spirit Geocoin
  7. Mais uma ou duas perguntas. Quando crio uma nova listagem que não envie para revisão, as coordenadas que lá ponho vão de imediato ocupar esse espaço? Enquanto eu não mandar para revisão e alguém quiser fazer uma listagem a menos dos 160 metros e activar pode? Desde já o meu obrigado.
  8. Looking for: Portugal Geocoin (2006) Gold Lunchtime Gang Geocoin Gold Tranquility Geocoin (Portuguese versions) Polished Gold Farol da Gibalta Geocoin Satin Gold Farol da Gibalta Geocoin Polished Silver Ferreira do Alentejo Geocoin Antique Silver Ferreira do Alentejo Geocoin Black Nickel Figueira da Foz Geocoin Antique Silver Figueira da Foz Geocoin Polished Gold Figueira da Foz Geocoin Antique Gold Geocoin evento 9-9-9 Arizona Geocoin evento 9-9-9 Colorado Geocoin evento 9-9-9 Georgia Geocoin evento 9-9-9 Hawaii Geocoin evento 9-9-9 Maine Geocoin evento 9-9-9 Manitoba Geocoin evento 9-9-9 Mississippi Geocoin evento 9-9-9 Missouri Geocoin evento 9-9-9 New Jersey Geocoin evento 9-9-9 Pennsylvania Geocoin evento 9-9-9 Texas Geocoin evento 9-9-9 United Kingdom Anyone?
  9. Boa Boa Boa É mesmo assim que faço as minhas PQ, por distritos, vejo para onde vou e meto no GPS o ficheiro. Assim já não falta nada. Obrigado
  10. Problem solved! Jim sent the code. Thanks
  11. I think the Geocaching Gone to the Dogs Geocoin is from Castle but I can't get the code at Oakcoins. Can Someone confirm this coin is from Castle? Thanks
  12. Hi I'm Looking for trade or buy: 9-9-9 Arizona 9-9-9 California 9-9-9 Colorado 9-9-9 Georgia 9-9-9 Hawaii 9-9-9 Maine 9-9-9 Manitoba 9-9-9 Mississippi 9-9-9 Missouri 9-9-9 New Jersey 9-9-9 Pennsylvania 9-9-9 Texas 9-9-9 United Kingdom Have for trade: 9-9-9 Utah 9-9-9 Florida 9-9-9 Czeck Republic and others not 9-9-9, you are free to email me.
  13. Jamer196


    I got an extra Nevada today, anyone want's to trade, my seeking list is: Arizona Australia Colorado Georgia Hawaii Maine Manitoba Minnesota Mississippi Missouri New Jersey Pennsylvania Texas United Kingdom Washington (Seatle) Thanks
  14. You won't believe this! Found this Fantastic Coin here in Portugal! With tough really knowing what it was until I search for it here in the forum. I’m really happy it’s a beauty, straight to my collection. It's the copper version. I guess I was in the right place at the right time. Thanks a Lot!
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