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  1. I figured out how to get USGS topo maps by using the Geocaching Map Enhancements Greasemonkey script and added CalTopo maps to it. It would still be nice to get MyTopo back though.
  2. What is the status of bringing back MyTopo? The Map Preferences selector still lists MyTopo as one of the options. I know there's an Esri Topo option now but it's not nearly as useful as the MyTopo USGS maps.
  3. For those that haven't been following the Get Satisfaction saga of the last couple weeks, we're moving to User Voice because we lacked tools to moderate the user base and a troll ran riot for days on end. Get Satisfaction has a policy of mediating disputes between company and customer and is setup such that banning a user on one community will also ban them on their "40,000" other communities. Without 24/7 support from them this policy was unacceptable. If he is reading this, I want to thank that troll for exposing this weakness early. Now DIAF. Have you guys checked out UserEcho? I don't have any idea what their moderation tools are like but I love that you can do negative votes! Also there's a chart here where you can compare the features of several other Customer Feedback Management Services.
  4. Just for fun I did a little searching on Google to see what kind of Get Satisfaction alternatives are out there and stumbled on this Wikipedia article. One possible alternative I found that looks interesting but isn't listed in that article is UserEcho. I like how it allows negative voting and shows counts for both positive and negative votes as well as the two combined.
  5. Have you tried clearing IE's cache? (Tools/Delete Browsing History/delete Temporary Internet Files)
  6. http://www.geocaching.com/account/ChangeUserName.aspx
  7. I believe the ones with asterisks have been found within the last week.
  8. The cookies contain the information that allows the website to recognize who you are and log you in automatically. Sometimes the cookies get corrupted or stop working correctly for some reason. Deleting them essentially logs you out and the next time you log in they get recreated.
  9. Unfortunately I don't think Google can index the Geocaching.com Web Site forum since you have to be logged in to view it. I do not believe you need to be logged in to view the forums. You need to be logged in as a premium member to see certain forums. I just tested it. The Geocaching.com Web Site and Off Topic forums don't show up in the forums list when you're logged out and aren't accessible when you're logged out even if you have the url's to those forums or threads within.
  10. Unfortunately I don't think Google can index the Geocaching.com Web Site or Off Topic forums since you have to be logged in (and a PM in the case of OT) to view them.
  11. That would be awesome. Run one 5000 cache PQ if you want or fifty 100 cache PQ's. That would eliminate most if not all of the hassle dealing with date placed ranges I think. I'd also love to see Archive logs be added to the "Updated in the last 7 days" option. Server load could be reduced if more people used that option to keep their databases updated instead of continually pulling all caches for an area. I think most people probably avoid doing it that way currently because there's no way to tell when caches get archived.
  12. FWIW I've received notifications for all the caches published in my area in the last week along with tons of logs on caches I'm watching and I haven't noticed any missing PQ's.
  13. Sure...copy this formula to the top cell in the column you want the hyperlinks to be in: =HYPERLINK("http://www.ngs.noaa.gov/cgi-bin/ds_mark.prl?PidBox="&A1) Then use F2 to change the A1 to reference the cell that has the PID for that row. If you wanted the text for the link to show the PID instead of the url you could use: =HYPERLINK("http://www.ngs.noaa.gov/cgi-bin/ds_mark.prl?PidBox="&A1,A1) (again, changing the A1's to the correct cell reference) Then select all the cells you want the hyperlinks to be in (including the top one you put the above formula in) and do ctrl-d to copy the formula down to the rest of the cells.
  14. Hmmm.....I just tested that and was able to log in using both upper and lower case Ys in my username. *shrug*
  15. I've seen dashes in other usernames in these forums so I don't think that's the problem. Did she use the "Forums" link on the GC website to enter the forums after changing the password? That's the critical step that transfers the new password (and other info) from the website to the forums. Are there any special characters in the password? I think the forum software might not like those so try removing them if there are any. Also, unlike the website, forum passwords are case sensitive so she'll need to have the caps lock on or off depending on how it was when the password was changed.
  16. As with most things there's the potential for abuse, sure. Better to have a few bugs erroneously or nefariously moved to an unknown location than to have thousands of bugs listed as being in caches that they haven't been in for weeks or months IMHO. Worst case they'd get grabbed from the unknown location by the next finder.
  17. I think it would be cool if cache finders could flag TBs as not in the cache. Maybe for the first 1 or 2 times it would just put an asterisk next to the name so people would know that it probably isn't there and after 2 or 3 times it could be automagically moved to an unknown location.
  18. Here's Groundspeak's response to the last thread on the subject. Geocaching isn't really comparable to TiVo. TiVo's lifetime subscription is only good for the life of the DVR. As fast as technology changes, how many people will be using the same DVR 10 or even 5 years later?
  19. Go to Options in the upper right part of the page and select the Standard Display Mode. Apparently one way the mode can get changed without you knowing it is by clicking on links to the forum on Google or other search engines.
  20. Here's an archive.org snapshot of the Charter Membership info from March 02.
  21. Go to Options in the upper right part of the page and select the Standard Display Mode.
  22. For whatever reason, images that are uploaded by the cache owner to the cache page (as opposed to being uploaded to a log) show up in the gallery but when you click on them in the gallery you're taken back to the cache page. If you click the link at the bottom of the cache page they should come up fine. I've never understood why it's set up like that. Either those images should work the same in the gallery as the rest of the images or they shouldn't show up in the gallery.
  23. Yossarian


    Auto Correct DST works fine for me. Have you checked to see if your computer's Time Zone setting is correct?
  24. Well, except people in whose language "Aug" isn't a month (French, for one, plus much of Eastern Europe). The only good solution is the one where people get to choose the format they want to see. I think Stardate is better than Julian date. The current Stardate is -313354.26217656006
  25. Agreed. I think the audit logs should be removed as well.
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