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  1. Does it matter that it is a private school and the administration has given their enthusiastic support?
  2. That key chain concept is a great idea. Thanks for the suggestions. I'm on my way to talk to the principal about hiding a cache on the school grounds from which to start these 'explorers'. Thanks again.
  3. I teach middle school history. I've been searching for a way to incorporate geocaching into my lessons for a while now, and as my classes approach a unit on European explorers I think I've found a way. I'd like to get a handful of TBs and have each class send out a few to 'explore' various locations reached by the great explorers (i.e. de Gama, Magellan, Cabot etc.) I've often been asked - in jest - by students "Why can't we just go to these places". While I'd love to take a class field trip to The Strait of Magellan or the Cape of Good Hope I think the TBs might be a good alternative until I can get the school to approve the funding for such a trip. I realize that many/all the trackers may get lost/disappear and many may take routes that are no where near what was intended, but that may be a valuable lesson in any case. If you have any suggestions or warnings I'd be glad to hear them.
  4. I would love to find a geode. How about leaving a set (4) small Wizard of Oz pins.
  5. Scrabble tiles might be a hard sell. However, someone might be interested. How about a complete alphabet of fridge letter magnets (all different colors). Obviously this has to go into a larger cache.
  6. I've volunteered at some National Parks and this summer put together a small program teaching kids how to use GPS technology by finding boxes I hid then later retrieved. I also put together a few Earthcaches inside the park. Even to do these things I had to come up with a fairly detailed plan for preventing any off trail activity and/or harm to the area. I'm not about to say that this is unwarranted because I have been told that this park has had some trouble with unauthorized (and somewhat harmful) geocaches. Something like 6 or 7 have been removed because of destruction to vegetation or safety issues. As much as I like traditional geocaches I feel that for this park, and perhaps others, earthcaches are the answer. The rangers and administrators I've talked to have convinced me that their top priority is protecting the resources and the safety of visitors. And if they do that by closely examining and regulating not just cachers but all recreational participants I find it difficult to blame them.
  7. Superb. Would love to see it in the future.
  8. My cache was not muggled but the trackable listed is not there and has not been for quite some time. Should I also report it missing?
  9. I am also wrestling with this issue as I have had many reports of an archived and seemingly abandoned cache very near to one of mine. It has been mistakenly confused for my cache in several instances. I have not been able to search for the archived cache and so have let the logs stand even though I believe some folks have found the archived cache instead of mine.
  10. Thanks for all the advice. In conversation with park authorities it was determined that the cache is on park land and will be removed. There is no record of anyone asking for or receiving permission to place a cache with in the park boundaries. The parking area and all of the surrounding forest are park maintained. I'm not sure about other park areas but in this one it is termed illegal and incurs a fairly substantial fine.
  11. How should I go about reporting a cache that I found on National Park land? Such caches are illegal and I've already reported it to the park authorities. Is there a way to report a cache for review/deletion? Sorry if this is an obvious question. I'm a little new to this.
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