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  1. but honestly writting, if u cheat, do u enjoy the win, in the case of geocaching, the numbers? I mean, i am happy when i reach more and more gc, but if i log them without finding, it would not make me satisfied, would it? I don't cheat. I play solitaire the same way every time. Sometimes I win and sometimes I loose. In the case of geocaching my numbers are not accurate as I do not log as finds anymore. I am glad you find happiness in your increasing numbers. I have no way of knowing, though, if you would find them as satisfying if you claimed finds on caches you never visited. I suggest, respectfully, that that is a question you must ask yourself. But that's not fair - how am I supposed to know if I have more finds than you! Sorry to break it to you but life ain't always fair. I can't believe you're physically visiting a cache but virtually not logging... Why not? I've been doing it for years, I only started logging them as my children have gotten into it the past month. I have kept a journal for years on the ones I have done.
  2. That is so true. In order for me to find 8 or so caches on an outing, I need at least 3 hours of free time. I'll typically drive at least a half an hour to get to an area where I can find a cluster of caches, then spend a ocuple of hours finding caches, then another 1/2 hour to get back home. That pretty much eliminates caching during the week unless I take a day off of work. We are heading back out this morning to find more of them at Papago park near us. Nice thing about the Phoenix metro area is we still have plenty of desert wilderness in and around town to hike and search for caches in. Our 10+ year old Magellan Blazer 12 gps unit is still working great. Looking at the new GPS units they sure have come a long way from this old map less black and white units. I just upgraded from a Magellan 2000 to a the PN-40, talk about different worlds
  3. Welcome. I just upgraded to the PN-40, I love it!
  4. http://fwww.gunbroker.com/Auction/ViewUser...sp?User=1017275 Only reviews I could find.
  5. I've been backpacking since I was 5. Have trekked through all parts of this country over the years. But somewhere, I lost interest. It wasn't the love for it I lost, it was just the challenge of hitting the trail. But this is something I can do with the kids, to get out there and hit the trail again.
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