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  1. I have offers of 80 and 100...I am just not sure what they go for... I need money after christmas so give me some offers...
  2. Thanks..yes they have a history and I received them right from the guy who designed them. They are beautiful none the less but I am ready to part with them. Make me an offer...
  3. I have a bad jeremy geocoin for sale
  4. I have a bad jeremy geocoin for sale
  5. I would like to sell some of my circle of four geocoins. One is the rare neon colors that you could only get by ordering the set which I actually got to pick the colors for. I have 3 artist editions and some other various color schemes. All are unactivated and have been stored in the flips..
  6. I have a bad jeremy coin that I would like to sell. Anyone have any idea how much it's worth?
  7. And tainted to me includes all the drama that went along with tranquility. There is no drama here, just delays from the mint. Sorry for the second post but in defense of my friend, he will come through, no doubt there. The coin is still just as beautiful as it always was.
  8. Please be patient, there are some hold ups at the mint and sometimes Jim's response is a delay because the mints response is delayed. I can assure you they are in production as I am his bff. I don't know the details of how the mint and him do their thing, but I know they are in production and the mint has been paid. I know that for a fact, so people give him so slack and hang in there. Hopefully he will know something soon, but you will not have to learn a lesson the hardway, he always makes good.
  9. So this is why u have been so quiet for days! Omgosh! Dude it is so cool! Consider it bought.
  10. Dude that so sucks... amazing what this world has come too and how the bad apples keep being able to affect us all. Could you post a specific list ? I watch ebay all the time and they register in my brain so it could help to watch for them... Also there are people that would like to be able to help if we can and even though they are not the coins that you and your wife and daughter won or collected together, people in this hobby try to stick together huh... how is your daughter? i bet she took this hard..Anyway ....sometimes the only thing that can make the sadness and yucky-pukie- angry-throw-something and scream feeling go away is the feeling that others care and understand.
  11. Good Jeremy Geocoin - LAST ONE Bad Jeremy Geocoin - LAST ONE Hi paula---- i was wondering if we are allowed to buy the Jeremy coin from you since I thought only he was allowed to sell it? I would really love one, but only with his permission of course.. did you get that before you listed this one or may that come back to get us both
  12. Oh and if I check the audit log for my cache... lots o peeps view it. Do you think they are just looking at the contents or are there things you can do to get them in and to visit ? lol likes a fast food joint or somethin huh...
  13. That's kind of where my mind was also. I appreciate your input. One of my geodudes has a hotel and his move great so I guess i could also dump them there Thanks again
  14. Actually I have now edited my cahce because I had requested trade in and then out... which I did leave for the coins...but the bugs are meant for travel so I said take them and go... thanks for the point out... I think that my original statment applies for GeoCoins as well. I believe people who actualy release GeoCoins into the wild are wanting them to travel just like a TB. I completely agree although some of the fun with coins is discovering them and getting the icons and their presence... well that's my thrill Coins are much harder for me to go out and find to replenish also.. and with people not updating contents in caches when coins are "missing, just hit the missing button please!"... half of caches that say they have coins don't. We take alot of pics with our moving things so that the owner can see where they've been and that they spent some time at a daycare in Eugene, Oregon. Thanks for your input, I so appreciate the thinking
  15. Thanks ! That's exactly the type of stuff i was looking for Geowelry hahaha !
  16. Actually I have now edited my cahce because I had requested trade in and then out... which I did leave for the coins...but the bugs are meant for travel so I said take them and go... thanks for the point out...
  17. So I am a spaz cause I have only had the cache going for 7 days today but how long is long sitting without moving ? I have had 3 or 4 thru to swap and plenty of visitor with coins and adding bugs. Currently there are at least 10 and I started with 4 or 5...so a cpl weeks ? Everyone that's came says it's a good spot so maybe a month and then I will have a better feel for how long?
  18. Does anyone know where I can find one ? or do they still even make them? I found some awesome necklaces on ebay that are hearts but I wondered where else could I find them.... thanks !
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