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  1. I understand that this is an international sport, but why change the date to make the world happy? The sport started in the US, ran by a US company, based on US satellites, so why not use US dates?
  2. I use GSAK to filter down the caches we are going after and MS Streets and Trips to map the area and route.
  3. I carry: Garmin 60CS Garmin eTrex (backup) extra batteries pocket knife flashlight pepper spray first aid kit emergency blanket bug spray candy bars water bottle gloves compass pens marker
  4. I agree with mtbikernate, carry what you are qualified and know how to use. I carry a very basic first aid kit on me, few bandages, Benadryl pills, antibiotic cream. My big kit has much more, but is also left in the truck. Since I cache with three other paramedics and two RN nurses, we have supplies in our kits that most don’t carry or are they qualified to use. It is nice to have 500ml of NS, but if you can’t start an IV, doesn’t do you much good. Plus, you need to be realistic to the area that you are going to be caching in. If help is only 15 minutes away, then you need a lot less. If your hiking 20+ miles in the woods and you are talking a few hours before help can arrive than carry additional stuff. As far as snake bite kits go, I wouldn’t waste the time or money. At least here in the mid-west, we have the rattlesnake, cottonmouth, and copperhead. The variety we have typically causes local necrosis in the bite area and systemic effect that causes some people to get sick. Vary rarely do these bites lead to death, more likely to cause lose of the extremity that was bitten. The two bites I have treated were both rattle snake bites and outcome was fine for both gentle with nothing more than some scarring around the bite. Take a first aid course and get familiar with how to avoid getting hurt. Those two steps are probably more important than what to carry in your kit.
  5. I usually get to busy talking or sight seeing, so I need all the help I can get to keep me on my feet. We know we haven't been on a caching trip if I haven't fell at least once. I use a store bought pole that is adjustable. Comes in handy to for poking around and looking caches and for removing those spider webs.
  6. Myself and Deut31-8 had our families out caching with us last summer. The kids were having fun and had found the cache while Deut31-8 and I talked. My daughter started screaming, then Deut's kids started screaming. So I made a dash over there to find the kids being swarmed by bees (they had placed the cache on top of a hole in the ground where the bees were nesting). Deut and I got the kids out there and the wives started treating them (I carry a first aid on all our caching trips). Deut ran back to the car for ice, I being the dedicated cacher went back and recovered the cache, signed the log, and placed the cache back. Luckily none of the kids had a bad reaction to the stings, but to be on the safe side gave them the old Benadryl. Needless to say that brought our caching for the day to an end.
  7. The family will be heading to Dayton Ohio this coming week and was wondering if there are any caches I shouldn't miss (or was there some I should avoid). We will be there for two evenings and hope to get a couple of hours of caching in each evening. Thanks
  8. So basically at this point we don't know why they changed it?
  9. I was just wondering why the icon was changed from the US Flag to the eagle?
  10. Just for future reference, GSAK has started his own forum at GSAK.net with some good tips and FAQ if you need some help with the program. Also, there are some handy macros there too.
  11. 200 miles isn't that far.
  12. A few of us cachers have started a friendly travel bug race. The object of our race is visit four different Civil War Battle Sites and return. Our TBs are here. This is the starting and finishing line of the race. If you are going to be in the Alton area, feel free to stop by and take one or more of the TBs and help them on their race to the battle sites. Thanks!
  13. I'm curious...as an EMT, where would you look for someone's medical info - around the neck, the wrist, wallet or pockets? Yes, I would look, neck & wrist. The wallet/purse is also checked for information, but not usually until we get to the hospital. Reason being, if you are that critical that you can't answer questions, I usually have my hands full treating you (unlike the ED where multiple nurses are there, I'm usually the only paramedic onscene with a limited amount of additional assistance from other rescue personnel). I have heard of 'ICE', but have never used it in the field for the same reason as above. The more information that is on hand, always helps. I still recommend medic alert tags because they are able to be accessed quickly and easily with additional information being placed on medical cards and carried in wallet/purse.
  14. Currently in our little geocaching group, we have four paramedics (AMH209, tht1guy, wandering360, gump291) and two ER nurses (Deut31-8 and ivstix). So we basically bring our own emergency staff with us. We also have the understanding, that you have to be able to survive on your own until after the cache is found and then we will help (we have our priorities). So far we have only had one incident, my family and Deut's family was out caching and our kids got into a yellow jacket nest that was right next to a cache. My daughter was sting 7 times and Deut's son was sting a couple of times. Deut took the kids to the wives, I finished logging the cache, and then we assisted the wives with treating the kids (who all ended up fine).
  15. AMH209

    Site Down?

    I can get to the site either. Even when I do get to a page it doesn't show any info.
  16. I agree with Hynr, GPX file attached would be nice (I could update my GSAK right from that) Adding Archive/Unavailable would also be very nice. I try to check before I head out, but there is always that one you miss. Thanks for the nice new enhancement!
  17. I did contact them direct and received a nice e-mail problem basicaly stating what has been stated here and that it is an ongoing problem and that they are working on a solution.
  18. Its nice to see that I'm not the only one having problems with PQs. I Changed my e-mail accounts thinking it was my server, but still none. Now that I checked the forum, I can see it is an ongoing issue for everyone.
  19. I'm still missing PQs. I have three that should of ran on the 20th (two of the three did), two on the 21st (neither ran), three on the 22nd (one of the three ran), three sit for the 23rd (so far none ran).
  20. I've had mine for just under a year and it works great! The biggest problem I have with it, lack of time to use it.
  21. My two PQ are missing in action and a couple of my PQ have failed to generate. I also have GMail (checked the spam filter and they are not in there).
  22. I have a daypack with everything in it and ready to go. If I'm doing urban caches, I wear shorts, t-shirt, and sandles. Rural caches, jeans, t-shirt, and boots.
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