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  1. Booyah! Well said! I love my sturdy, rock solid and reliable 60CSx. Zero problems with it and it is VERY accurate. I almost don't know whether to laugh or cry at people who just had to have the Colorado or, possibly worse, Oregon because it was the latest and greatest. These new whiz-bang Oregons sure seem to have a lot of problems and, from what I can tell, a lot of Colorado owners are pissed off because it seems like Garmin left them in the dust when the Oregon came out. Like you said, as long it gets you from point A to B to C, etc EVERY TIME and RELIABLY, what more do you need from a hand held GPS. I completely agree with the other stuff you said about GPS manufacturers wanting to cram every last extra feature into one unit. They lose sight of what the damned thing was originally for! Garmin has WELL demonstrated this in their dumped down Nuvi car GPS units with mp3 players, picture viewers, games and other garbage. The "CAR GPS" part has really gone downhill. I have an older Nuvi 660, which has been very good, but it's not even half the customizable automotive navigator I had in my much older Street Pilot 2720, which my wife uses all the time. Been reliable for years and built like a brick sh^t house...same as my 60CSx.
  2. This is an annoying condition known as "wandering" where you bounce around standing still. Turn your track log on and sit it on a desk and zoom all the way in. You'll really see it then. It has to do with the varying accuracy and the way the GPS interprets it. I wish there was a setting that pinned your location when speed dropped below a user determined level, like 0.5 mph or something. As far as I know you can't do this. I use a 60CSx, which is electronically identical to your 76CSx.
  3. GPS on a golf course. If you guys really want to cheap, petition Garmin for an all-in-one golf GPS and laser finder/designator combo unit.
  4. This should NOT be happening. These things are designed to be able to withstand fully being dunked in water up to 1 meter according to the IPX7 specifications. Call Garmin and hopefully they'll fix/replace it for free. If not, prepared to be raped. God, I love my good old rock solid 60CSx.
  5. Can you return/exchange it? If so, do it. It should NOT be freezing/locking up on you for any reason, in any mode with proper battery power. Yet another "über super duper" Oregon everyone raves about so much...
  6. It will. You can use Garmin's Spanner program or Franson's GPS Gate to port the data into NMEA format via USB. Um, no. The OP, and myself, wish to port DIRECTLY to another piece of hardware that isn't a PC. Software "patches" won't work in this case.
  7. Yes, that sounds perfectly reasonable. It just weird that after power cycling it with no card inserted and then powering up with a completely different card, then going back to the topo... It pops up so quickly without "loading". But, if it's like you say and the index stays in internal memory, then that would make sense.
  8. I noticed something weird with my 60CSx, but maybe it's not. Does the 60CSx store maps in internal memory? I ask because I was just switching between my City Navigator NA SD card and the card I have my east coast Topo 2008 map on, which I created in Mapsource. When I switch from the east coast card to the other west coast one, I get the long percentage "loading" bar when powering it up for the first time with a new card. Ok, that's to be expected. When I switch to the other topo coast map, same thing for the long initial load time. But, I can load the east coast topo (didn't try it with the west coast SD card because I'm sure it's the same way) then switch to the City Navigator card. There is no loading time at all, just a few second delay when drawing the screen for the first time. If I switch back to the east coast topo card, the entire map is there immediately on start-up. No "percentage to 100% bar" loading of any kind. Switch back to the City Navigator card and same thing. I even tried powering it up and down with no card inserted before putting another one in. It seems that the topo map is retained in internal memory because it comes up so fast after switching to City Nav and back after it fully loads once. Is it residing in internal memory?
  9. Hey, he brought it up and I was simply responding. Take it to him as well.
  10. Yup, it's the same on my 60CSx. Wish it would do direct USB output so I don't have to buy some funky cable.
  11. I've found plenty from this site. Just never took the time to log my finds because, after finding the cache, that part isn't that important to me.
  12. So true with the droughts. I remember the lake and seeing boats dry grounded because the water level was so low. Now, is Lake Meat rare or medium well these days?
  13. NO, that was YOU responding to a question out of the blue that was NOT directed at you. You threw down with a smart a** comment relating GPS units to toy model train cars, which was waaaayyy off topic.
  14. Geez, y'all like 90 deleted by mod years old or something? Lighten up!
  15. Let us know how that external battery "band aid" thingy works out long term, too. Gotta be reeeel handy plugged in and carried in a pocket, backpack, etc. I can hear it now... SNAP! goes the USB port. Oh, and you do know you need a special "not normal" USB cable so Nuvis won't go into computer/USB mode, right? How good are you with diodes?
  16. Hey, you're the one who's "hard to please" with no budget for proper equipment.
  17. I'd take Splashy's advice and checkout GPSfiledepot.com. Everything there is free and lots of people highly recommend it. I know they have topo maps for Arizona and I bet it just might have water/lake data, too. Can't hurt to check it out. Price is right!
  18. Well, that is what you said. You did not say something to the effect of, "It seems like there are caches every 10 inches apart" or anything. Why don't you just name each cache and delete it when you find it? Or use your God given memory?
  19. Um, yeah... Let us know how that Nuvi "solution" works out for you long term.
  20. Really? Where is this "cache every 10 inches" place? Don't want to hit the same one again? If they are truly that close, just load ONE. You don't need a GPS after finding the first one if they are less than a foot apart. Sounds very, "hmmm..."
  21. Big deal. I have 4 bathrooms and one a**. Do you take those 4 TVs out in the field to use all at the same time? What's your point? And, quit answering for the OP. That's "original poster" for you, since you didn't get it last time.
  22. Jay Leno has a LOT more than twenty cars. And, that's called a COLLECTION. Again, irrelevant analogy and I asked the OP, NOT you. Collecting GPS units? Well, okay then if that's someone's "thing" in a "cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs" way, I guess.
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