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  1. Nope, never did that as I was addressing RR and NOT you.
  2. Sorry, can't answer your questions, but check out GPSfiledepot.com. All of their stuff is free and they have some pretty detailed topo maps of New England. I have the entire state of Connecticut from them.
  3. SOMETHING we agree on. Really? I'd like to hear that story and I WILL admit to knowing nothing about the PN road navigation other that what I've read here...and it hasn't been too flattering. I've been using a car dedicated Garmin Street Pilot and Nuvi going on 4 years now and they have been very spot on with road directions. I do always keep the maps updated. My 60CSx routes every bit as well as my Nuvi and I compare them side-by-side a lot when I'm playing passenger. Sure, the interface isn't as "slick" without a touch screen or voice commands, but the quality of the navigation is excellent. And, my 60 has the 2010 update on it, too.
  4. Is it a Street Pilot or Nuvi? I've never heard of a Street Pilot 550. I live in Connecticut (Naugatuck) and have driven all over New England and never had a reception problem with my old Street Pilot 2720. And, that's including the time I had it when I lived in Florda and drove all the way up to CT. My wife has inherited it and has been using it for almost 3 years with no problems. I use it a lot as well and it works great and has the latest 2010.20 map update. As for myself, I have a Nuvi 660. Same as above...no problems all over New England. Well, it got wonky in NYC, but that's not really New England and NYC would throw most any GPS unit without an external antenna for a loop. I've used my Street Pilot and 660 as far south as Florida and as far west as Arizona and all over in between when driving cross country. Both units have been great and I always get a quick lock with good reception. As for yours, not having used it for a few weeks should NOT cause a reception problem once the initial satellite lock has been achieved. It might take a while to get the first lock since new almanac data might have to be established. Same as for when I fly cross country with a GPS. That first lock in a completely new area after being turned off and in baggage can take a bit longer than normal and that's to be expected.
  5. In a cheerleader "rah rah siss boom bah" kind of way...um, okay then. Little touchy there, eh? It's one thing to recommend something, but it's another to foam and blather on about it like a rabid dog. You haven't been "that bad" in this thread, but others? Hoo boy... And, I'm by far the first from pointing this out, too. Now, revisit your first quote and response above.
  6. Then currently, the PN series is NOT the way to go. True road navigation is a VERY useful thing to add on later and it does not have to be expensive at all, especially with the Garmin units using SD cards.
  7. Uh, yeah...those first two things alone make it just peachy for geocaching, right? Just what people look for in a great outdoors use GPS. A small screen and poor battery life... 'Nuff said...
  8. And you need to consider GPSrs OTHER THAN Delorme, which you fervently push every chance you get. There ARE other options you know. I am not the first one to have noticed this and/or called you out on it, either.
  9. Wow, you're wordy on a Monday morning... Need another cup of coffee?
  10. Um, yeah...well, I guess I kind of agree on that last part...
  11. The deleted by moderator fanboy PN love force flows strong from Roddy and I haven't been here that long, but I can plainly see it... Not sure what his affiliation is, but take his "all that is Delorme" recommendations with a grain of salt...
  12. Um, NO, you haven't described "how and why". Only that it "appears" to make some difference for you. I've described "how and why" it would NOT work. The GPS unit records the distance traveled and displays it on the trip page via the odometer. That's it. Having a track should not make one bit of difference. Same as if I walked down a beach to a pre-determined point with a stick poking holes in the sand every five steps (distance) so I could later go back and see every twist and turn I took in the sand. Or making a poke mark every two minutes (or whatever) to create track via time intervals. Either way doesn't change the distance I've traveled. It would be EXACTLY the same if I followed my path EXACTLY each separate time. Now, where again is your explanation of "how and why" dropping track point at distance intervals versus time intervals makes a difference other than "it just does"? Or even having the track function turned on at all? Hmmm? You already made the claim...back it up.
  13. Hit "Where to"...it's on the second page, most likely the last option.
  14. Garmin 60CSx. Can be had for less than $250 and, even though it's a slightly older device, it's still a wonderful and highly recommended unit. Very stable, rock solid and ACCURATE. The screen is nice and easily readable outside in all conditions without having to use the backlight during the day. There are applications (free) available so it can do paperless caching.
  15. I don't know the names offhand, but there are a couple of programs you can install on the laptop which will let you use the USB port on the 76CSx directly. Do a search here because I've seen threads on it.
  16. Since it only lasted 21 seconds, I doubt if anyone using consumer-grade GPSs noticed anything. I get your point, but if you understood Julian date/time, you're realize it was 21 minutes.
  17. Track on, off, distance, time, should not matter. I tried this earlier today. Track on or off, time or distance, the trip odometer still clicked up the feet as time went on. The ONLY thing creating a track does is for reviewing your path-over-ground later. It has NOTHING to do with how far you (or the GPS unit) traveled. The track is just a "breadcrumb" recording feature which simply shows how you got there.
  18. Yup...just wondering if anyone in those areas noticed anything screwy with their GPS units during that time.
  19. So, is asking a user to check his PMs a TOU violation, too?
  20. Maybe you can ask Garmin to work in Rodney Dangerfield's super duper cheating putter from Caddy Shack while you're at it.
  21. It would definitely bother me and I wouldn't tolerate it. It's only going to get worse from here as it's a cracked/loose wire/connection. You say "if it's never going to get worse"... That's a big IF. My vote is the connection will get worse and worse until you have no backlight at all. This is a hardware issue and no amount of firmware updates will fix it. Have you tried knocking it against your other hand? Any noticeable changes?
  22. You have a freakishly good 60CSx. Mine has a little lag, but it's not that bad at all. If I'm zoomed out where there's a ton of crap on the screen, it lags when scrolling or zooming in/out. The screen seems to load in for or five "panels", but it never takes more than 2-3 seconds to complete. Not a bother at all, but it is noticeable. That said, I love my rock solid 60CSx.
  23. No, that really won't work. Distance is recorded in feet, then 0.01 of a mile on the trip odometer once it gets to 0.01 miles. The distance still measures and adds up regardless of whether the track log "drops" track points every so much unit of time or distance. Heck, turn track off completely, reset the data on the trip page and let it sit for a while. It will still show you as having traveled some distance. Doesn't matter if the track log is on or off or set to track based on distance or time intervals. What WOULD work is if Garmin included a feature that "pinned" your location once you fell below a pre-set speed. Say, 0.10 mph or even less, which is pretty danged slow. That way the GPS would "know" you aren't moving and could disregard recording "jumping around" in the track/distance log. Then, as soon as you start walking again, the distance will be measured. There's already a speed feature you can set that will switch to compass mode under a certain speed, so it certainly isn't like "pinning" you location under a certain speed is impossible.
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