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  1. I have a 4s and the Same Problem since the Update to to iOS 9. It is really Frustrating. How can I Download a cartridge from my Notebook to the IPhone please? Thanks Kerstin
  2. I will soon be going on vacation in countries whose language(s) I don't speak ... I don't want to google translate manually dozens of caches and print them out to carry around on paper ... is there an App or something similar available that makes life for frequently travelling cachers easier? In the internet I only found so far a Makro to translate hints en gros, but as I would like to do a lot of multis that's not going to help ... Thanks!
  3. Wie war's denn? In Bad Homburg gibt es auch einen Stammtisch, den letzten habe ich aber verpasst.
  4. Hallo, ich wohne auch am Taunus, bin noch neu beim Geocaching und würde mich freuen, mit Euch gemeinsam z.B. Bad Homburg, Frankfurt etc. zu erkunden :-)
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