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  1. 8-23....Still waiting.... Glad to see the site is back, and some of the issues are being fixed, but nada on the adoption function. Yes., I have exactly the same problem, someone wants me to adopt a Cache, he has completed the required form, I have recieved the E-mail and as soon as I log on and go to the page I get the Error 500 message others seem to be getting... No sign of a resolution yet... can the reviews do something though a back door if they are provided with evidence of the original owner wanting to proceed?
  2. Still not working? I've a cache that someone is wanting to hand over...
  3. We are not huge fans of nano's but I think there is a place for them (sorry ) in the sport where the larger containers just cannot be used. WalkingWood.
  4. Typing..... searching..... logging..... Yeah, it's all slow. Updated to 4.2.1 - Seems more responsive, and cured the navigation to the equator... Walkingwood
  5. OK now I am showing my ignorance, please explain 'GSAK' ...... Having asked the question I have now found the anwser..... I'll check this out, thanks for teh advice...
  6. 2.14 which I think is the latest but not sure...
  7. I have managed to get the Etrex talking to the PC and I can even now transfer waypoints, my issue is that the Waypoint names are all 7 characters long whereas the Garmin eTrex seems to only use 6 characters and as you can guess this can lead to one overwriting another. is there any way to configure the system to either accept the 7 or only send the last 5 or 6? On a second issue I have noted that the actual waypoints that arrive in the Etrex are actually 0.002' off on the North setting anyone else noted this? WalkingWood
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