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  1. all good now guys thanks, it has popped up in new south wales
  2. you carry a weapon to go caching ?? tough neighborhood huh
  3. being at the wrong end of a target range and not in full view ? sounds dodgey to me
  4. i wouldnt mind if this was an issue around here - i have the exact opposite problem
  5. thank goodness i live in a snake free country - i couldnt cope finding those things
  6. i read two lines and then got all confused and cross eyed
  7. i have a travel bug that is either missing in action or sitting gathering dust in this cache GC276KJ if someone has the time and inclination could they swing by and either verify that it is still there or perhaps move it to another cache that will keep my little pirate moving - cheers Waiau
  8. so what happens if the cache owner sees these bogans marking down finds when the cache is out for maintenance etc, can the owner disallow the find or is there nothing that can be done about it.
  9. i really dislike people who dont take care when opening my caches in the rain. like a poster above mentioned if water gets in then it will never dry out. the containers may be water proof and keep moisture out but it also keeps it in. i did one recently that had black mould in the container and on the log book
  10. wear a high vis vest, hardhat and carry a clipboard, no one will ever question you
  11. the church of cache - the demons could be those buggers who pirate caches and the sinners are all those who drop caches just for numbers. havent quiet worked out who the god would be though
  12. im no help cause i steer clear of puzzle caches my brain just cant work even the most basic puzzles
  13. i guess i will just never understand people who do this kind of thing, they seem to have some sort of obsession with big numbers. im guessing they are the same sort of people who say 9 inches but really mean 3 lol
  14. holy smokes that looks mean - i've never even seen a snake for real. a find like that would just about do me in for caching forever
  15. well thats hardly a helpfull answer. these kids have certain expectations about the sport as we all do. unfortunately they have twice now been stuffed up by people who didnt play by the rules. but dont let this discourage you from continuing with the sport stinkerbell. i would guess better than 98% of the people who do caching are honest people who have some degree of respect for things. perhaps it might be best to draw a line under these events and have another crack at it. try and get your geocoin down my way thats sure to collect a few miles or kilometres in my case lol
  16. this one took us three goes to find due to the bloody trees blocking signal and the fact that the boot had been camo painted then placed under some ferns. from memory the boot itself had been filled with expanding foam and then hollowed out from the heel inwards. very cool and rates as one of my favourites. just ignore the grinning goon.
  17. how is everything going with the Iphone stuff ? i know very little about the Iphone in general. i am still using a cheap little nokia phone i bought about 7 or 8 years ago.
  18. I'm brand new too. The last link you used no-one has replied to a post for over a month. The first site is for general GPS stuff but is at least more active. Maybe kiwi's can't talk as well as fly? (shamed to say considering all the 'views' each post gets). hey kiwiowl, good to see another new cacher. i do think that this forum is sadly neglected because it is often the first stop that many new cachers myself included make. one of those web sites as you pointed out is in my opinion also poorly supported and the other one while it is regular posted in it seems to be the same 5 or 6 people trying their best to keep it moving. maybe it is just me and not knowing quiet what to expect but i was hoping for a more vibrant community of people willing to promote this new sport to the max.
  19. hey guys, good to hear from you.
  20. well that should make things interesting
  21. when you hit te anau look for this one, GC17BGJ is good for a laugh
  22. Hi Waiau! I am also a NZ cacher from Woodend in canterbury. How are you? I just started a month ago. From Angus. am doing well angus, i am located down south in te anau. if anyone uses yahoo or msn feel free to add me to their list, just use the id kiwitrouthunter@yahoo.com i have a trip to invercargill coming up in the next week and plan to hit a few caches if the weather is halfway decent.
  23. awesome stuff, i knew there had to be some out there somewhere.
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