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  1. I recently noticed a company called North Star GPS was seliing "Amplified Remote GPS Antennas" with the connector for 19.99 on ebay. I was a little leary but twenty bucks didn't seem like much of a risk. Been using it now for a week with my 60CS and it works great. In fact I'm thinking about ordering a second one to put in my back pack while on foot. I have a question about using an external antenna When I hook up the MC adapter does it discconect the attgenna attached to the unit? Or do I get the benefit of pulling in signals with BOTH antennaes? Guess what I'm really asking is if using an external attennae while on foot really does any good.
  2. There's a school zone near my house where the police set up one of those automated radar detectors that flash your speed as you are approaching. I've generally found my GPS is within +/- 1 mph whereas my van's speedometer is consisently showing me going 5 mph faster than I actually am. I have an external attennae hooked up to my GPS which brings my accuracy down to 6 to 7 ft. Not sure if that's a factor or not. I recall a year or so ago there was a very heated debate on this subject on another website that got quit techincal (and personal). In basically confused the hell out of me. All I know is based on the radar station my GPS is more accurate than my speedometer.
  3. I'll add my two cents. The fact that Garmin apparently will honor thier warranty and cover units damaged by water says it all. The GPS 60 should be 'expected' not to take on water when dunked. I used my GPSV in the pouring rain numerous times and once dropped it in a pool of water with no problems. I would certainly expect the GPS 60 to be just as rugged. Having said that...., now that I've heard stories of the unit NOT being completely waterproof I'll certainly take precautions. Meaning I'll put it in a ziplock bag if I'm rafting or whatever. But for causal use in the rain, etc. I'm not really going to worry about it.
  4. Keep pushing the power button and adjust the light to the brightness you want. Then push enter. Now when ever you push ANY button on your unit the light will come on. you can also go into Menu/Setup and change the length of time the light will stay on before it turns off. I like to set mine on a minute.
  5. Use GPSBabel or GeoBuddy (GeoBuddy only works on .loc files). Both will rename your waypoints and replacs the GXXXXX codes with the name of the cache. GPSBabel seems to do a better job of piciking 'smarter' names than Geobuddy by the way.
  6. As far as I know Macs/OSx won't recognize the GPS60/60Cs through the USB port. Not with Virutal PC installed. You need to buy the serial cable for your GPS60 and THEN buy a Serial to USB adapter (I recommend the Iogear but there are several different brands that will work equally as well). Unless of course your Mac has a serial port then simply connect the serial cable directly. I know it sounds whacky. But that's the solution I've been using. If someone else has a better way I'm sure they'll post.
  7. Awesome!!! Many thanks. I tried using GPSBabel via Virtual PC but it guits when I try to open the GPSBabel Front. Using it directly in OSX would be sweet.
  8. Does anyone know if you can globally set waypoint proximity for all the waypoints loaded in a GPS 60? I want to put a .5 mile proximity alarm on all geocaches so when I'm driving cross country I'll get an alarm if I'm passing a geocache. Sort of a Geocach-on-Impulse approach rather than sitting down and planning to hit x number of geocaches along my route. If I can't do it in the unit itself is there a utility that can globally set proximity on batches of waypoints?
  9. okay, I downloaded MacGPSbabel -- but I don't see any way to convert names via batches. Am I missing something? Or is this not a feature of the Mac version?
  10. I'm looking for a simple windows utilties that will rename the waypoints in a GPX file taking the like Geobuddy does for .loc files -- only for GPX. I want to batch change all my geocache way points so that the coded geocache names are replaced with the truncated/10 letter names from the cache decsription/name.
  11. I use my laptop with OSX and Virtual PC to run most of the Windows based mapping programs. Works great. If I turn up the map detail too high there will sometimes be a burp or lag while the screen updates but it's really not that bad. I have a 1.5 ghz powerbook with a gig and a half of ram installed so this might not be an option if your friend has a slower machine. (Although my old TiBoo 500 was able to handle things fairly well).
  12. Have you tried a hard reset of the unit? I don't know the key combinatino on the C60 but I had problems like you're describing on my GPSV once and resetting it via the button-push combination did the trick. There was also a key combo that ran a series of diagnostic checks/screens. edit: Meant to say "master reset'
  13. Little trick I learned that may or may not help you. I change the data fields on my Compass and map screens to show "GPS Accuracy" I notice that field will go immediately blank when the GPS loses its signal -- LONG before the unit comes up with a "Signal Lost" warning. Helps me to keep my sanity. I see that field go blank I know immediately I've lost my signal.
  14. Use the temporary adhesive rather than the permenant one and you should be fine. When I sold my GPSV and replaced it with a 60CS I was a bit worried because I had to pull up the GPSV mount which had been on my dash for close to three years. The adhesive peeled off simply by rolling it with my thumb into a little ball. There's absolutely no hint the mount ever being glued to my dash. I was amazed.
  15. BTW I bought the adhesive dashboard mount for the 60cs (Garmin brand) and I love it. It extends every which way and rotates and can be tightened to stay put exactly where you want it. Far better than the GPSV automount.
  16. You can use Metroguide 4.0 on your 60 -- it's routable and quite nice. It's two or three years old so it wouldn't have any recent new roads and so forth but I like it quite a bit. (I live in the Chicago area). You can usually pick it up for 30 bucks or so on eBay.
  17. I have several pocket query reports sent to me via email in GPX format each week. Three of them arrive fine with no problems. The fourth one repeatedly results in a warning from my ISP (SBC DSL) informing me the attached GPX file had a virus in it and couldn't be cleaned -- resulting in my ISP removing the attachment. Is this just a case of their virus checking being over zealous? Or is there a chance a virus REALLY is embedded my my PQ report? It seems strange only one of the four consistently gets intercepted. Any advice? I'd like to resolve it so I can receive this paricular report again.
  18. Thanks all. Sounds like I'm not alone. Just wanted to make sure I didn't have a funky unit. I did notice things seemed to clear up when I turned off WAAS. I bought an extenral anttenae for use in my van on ebay today (19 bucks). Hopefully that'll cut down on the signal loses.
  19. I'm a big fan of GPXView. Works great. Like having Geocache.com in your back pocket. http://strandberg.org/gpxview/ I like it because I can import my gpx quieries from gecoache.com directly with no converting for fuss.
  20. I've only had my 60CS for a few days and lovin' it. However I noticed something quirky about it's behavior. Maybe someone has a solution. While driving down some heavily wooded roads I occasionally lose my lock on the sats. Nothing unsual about that. My van blocks signals occasionally with my GPSV. I have one of those windshields that blocks signals if I'm heading a certain direction in relation to the birds. What's odd is that the unit doesn't seem to realize it's lost it's signal. For example I've driving along and come to a fork in the road and turn left. The 60CS (having lost it's lock on the Sattelites shows my route as continuing straight. At one point at a T-intersectino when I came to a stop the arrow on the screen continued on into a field for 10 seconds for so. Eventually the unit will flash a warning say it's lost it's signal. (anywhere from 30 seconds to a minute). By that time the cursor/arrow is way off track from my actual location. This is very annoying. I can just see myself on foot on the woods and walking several hundred feet in the wrong direction before the unit informs me it's lost the signal. My GPSV behaved like this from time to time but the lag time wasn't nearly as long. Is this normal for this unit? Anyway to set the unit so it immediately announces a signal loss? Oh and the oddest thing I've observed was while passing a cememtery that has a circular drive. I was on the main road and apparently lost my signal lock. As I passed the cemetery the arrow onthe screen merged into the cemetery and actually followed the circuluar drive halfway around it's perimieter before the unit signaled a loss. In other words it appeared the software was attempting to guess my route even though it didn't know where it was. (perhaps a quirk in the Lock on Road feature? Anyway I had my GPSV for two and a half years and never observed this sort of behavior. I'm just curious if others have noticed things like this.
  21. I'm a big fan of Metroguide 4.0 which IS routable. It has more detail than City Select (has more water features like streams and rivers) and a smaller footprint size wise (POI database isn't as extensive). The draw back is it's a few years old so recent street/highway construction may not be reflected but I like the fact I can squeeze MORE maps into my GPS 60cs than City Select. Best of all it's cheaper. You can buy copies of Metroguide 4.0 for 30 bucks on ebay. Metroguide 4 (at least i the areas I live) has more details like unnamed streets and access roads than City Select also. For example Metroguide shows all the roads running through the cemetery across the street from my complex whereas City Select simply shows a green patch labeled 'cemetery'.
  22. Just go my 60CS in the mail yesterday. Checked and it indeed has pads in the battery compartment. Batteries are extremely snug. FYI the unit came with firmware 3.40 installed on it.
  23. I'm in the same boat. Sold my GPSV and recieved my GPSMap 60 CS today. Thought using VPC and Mapsource via USB would be a no brainer. Doh!! Worst of all I sold my USB/Serial adapter and Cable along with my GPSV. Now it appears I should have hung on to them. Hopefully someone will find a fix. Virtual PC 7 is supposed to out in a month or so. I notice on my wife's PC the Install Wizard immeditately fires up when I plug in my 60CS and pulls the proper USB drivers from the Garmin folder and installs them. Has anyone tried manually moving the drivers in VPC? I thought about making a back-up of my Windows 200 disk image and doing it but I'm guessing somebody has thought of it already. I downloaded the two USB driver updates from Garmin and I noticed when I try to run the second update it comes up with an error about not being able to find the old drivers to update. So it appears the Mapsource Install CD that comes with the 60CS isn't properly installing the USB drivers (even though the install log says it's doing so). I noticed this when trying to get EasyGPS to see my 60CS via USB. The error message is "No USB drivers for this device" Might be barking up the wrong tree I suppose since the Install Wizard should launch when it detectgs an 'unknown USB device" So waiting for VPC 7 might be the only option. BTW, before I invest in another Serial cable and USB/Serial adapter I want to confirm. This WILL work with VPC and the 60CS as it did with my GPSV. Right?
  24. I'm in the same boat. Sold my GPSV and recieved my GPSMap 60 CS today. Thought using VPC and Mapsource via USB would be a no brainer. Doh!! Worst of all I sold my USB/Serial adapter and Cable along with my GPSV. Now it appears I should have hung on to them. Hopefully someone will find a fix. Virtual PC 7 is supposed to out in a month or so.
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