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  1. It's been a year or so since I stumbled across the website (and I've since lost the link) but I remember seeing a site that showed you how to use your track logs to update your Mapsource maps (i.e. open them up, make changes and save them again). In other words adding missing streets. Of course the data may be outdated but maybe someone knows the site I'm talking about. As I recall the changes/added streets aren't routable.
  2. I still swear by Metroguide 4 (which is routable). It may be 3 years old but I still prefer it over City Select. I like the fact it has fewer POI's and more water/rr track detail and so forth. And at 30 bucks on ebay it's a good buy. Of course I use it primarily to geocache and find addresses. Not to find the nearest restaurant, etc. I don't really care if the POI database isn't complete or up to date.
  3. I simply put mine on a table when calibrating and rotate it with one hand. I wouldn't mention this but the day I caught my buddy, Frank holding his GPS60 and turning slowly in place. It never occured to him he could simply put it on a flat surface. Not that it matters I suppose but it's easier to hold the unit level by placing it on a table.
  4. Update. Here's the compatibility list of items specifically 'tested' with VPC7 http://www.microsoft.com/mac/products/virt...aspx?pid=compat It doesn't mention any other brand of GPS units either -- just the USB Programmer. So maybe they didn't even bother to test. (meaning there may still be hope).
  5. see my other post in this forum -- VPC7 was released today. http://www.microsoft.com/mac/products/virt...?pid=highlights According to the compatibility lists Garmin USB Progammer is NOT compatible. No mention of Garmin USB enabled units however. So who knows? But this doesn't look good. Hopefully someone whill buy VPC7 and post the verdict. I'm not going to upgrade unless I'm certain it's a fix.
  6. Well we Mac users were hoping VPC7 would fix the USB problems with the 60Cs and other USB enabled GPSrs. According to Mactopia VPC7 is NOT compatible with Garmin's USB programmer. No mention of GPS units but this doesn't look good. If someone buys VPC7 and discovers it works with the 60CS can you please post?
  7. All relative to where you live. I used to live near El Paso and getting lost in the desert could definitely spell death. (and has countless times for some poor indivduals).
  8. Ditto. I have a Verison phone which used a clip that looks identical to the 60CS. I tried interchanging them out of curiosity but there's a sutble difference in the groove/lip that locks on to the stud. The Verision clip doesn't fully lock onto the 60Cs stud and can easily slip off.
  9. I hate to admit it but I've found myself lost a few times in the deep woods when my batteries crapped out on me. Nothing serious -- just ended up doing 3 to 4 miles of additional walking that I wouldn't have had to do if I'd been prepared. At least I'm not like those idiots in the Blair Witch Project who got lost and kept finding themselves back at the same stream. Never occured to them to actually follow the stream.
  10. I'd use some of that tacky-stuff that comes with the Garmin mounts (the temporary stuff) and stick it right on top of the box.
  11. That's correct. USB/GPS relationships are broken. But VPC7 (due out in a few weeks) is rumored to have fixed the problem. As far as VPC speed I don't find it that slow at all. As long you you aren't trying to run something heavy on graphics it's very impressive. At least it ran fast on my TiBook 550. (I have an Aluminum 1.5 now) About the only complaint I really have with Mapsource is that with full map detail it takes a few seconds for the screen to update when zooming in/out. But that's more of a minor annoyance. Small price to pay for not having to invest in a PC just to do my GPS transfers and so fourth. Also Windows 2000 runs much more efficiently than any of the other Window OSes via VPC.
  12. I've had great experiences with TigerGPS. I bought 3 GPS V's from them (one for myself, the others for my dad and brother) over a six month period. Recently I bought my 60cs from them. Good prices. Fast delivery time.
  13. I have a van and the antenna came with a 16' cable so I ran the cable through my luggage rack down the side behind the glass of a pop-out side windown. Then I put the cable behind the trim on the roof lining and ran it all the way to the dash down along the bottom of the windshield and THEN to my GPS mount. The cable is totally out of the way and invisible except for the six inches coming out from the windshield to the mount and where if comes down from the roof to the window. Most folks aren't even aware I have an external antennae. You really have to look hard to notice it.
  14. I bought my antenna from NorthStar through ebay for 19.99. Couldn't be happier with it. He sells them for a Buy it Now! price of 19.99 all the time on ebay. Here's a link to one that already sold; http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...me=STRK:MEWN:IT
  15. Garmin Mapsource and Virtual PC are very friendly to one another. Depending on your iMac's processor speed and memory you should have no problems.
  16. That's a good question. Does anyone know how the processors of the two compare speedwise? Based on Garmin's descriptions of the two units it seems like the GPS 60 is faster. As I recall on the bullet list for the 60 it says "Faster Processor" or something similar. 'Faster" compared to what they don't say but I'm assuming they are referring to all of their previous models.
  17. For me the basemap is largely irrelevant. There's more than enough room for maps in the 60CS to cover the typical roadtrip. And it's simple enough to toss more maps into the unit with my laptop in the hotel. And with USB...? uploads/downloads take only a few minutes as opposed to the 40+ minutes I used to wait on the GPSV. That really elminates the memory issue for me because changing maps isn't such a chore. Never held a 76cs in my hand so I can't comment but there's just something I like at the 60 ever since I first took it out of the box. Really fits in the hand nicely. I prefer the button arrangement much more than I did on the GPSV.
  18. Just to chime in again I was really surprised/amazed at just how LITTLE room the external antennae/cable really takes. From the photos I saw on line I assumed they were HUGE with big thick cables attached to them. When mine arrived in a small padded envelope I thought I was getting ripped off. You can literally cup the antennae and cable in one fist if you squeeze. At least the type that hooks up to the 60Cs. So it's not like you're hauling around a big bulky mess of cables and hardware. You could easily put the how thing in a ziplock bag and toss in your backpack until needed.
  19. Just so you know, Metroguide 4 is ROUTABLE and runs on the 60CS and can be had for 30 bucks on eBay. It's two or three years old but I prefer it to City Select because the POI data is MUCH smaller and I can cram more maps intot he unit. (it also shows more map detail such as RR tracks and water features than City Select). I really don't need to know if there's an Arby's at a certain address or a Starbucks so I don't mind not having the full POI data. Metroguide 4 is fully routable. It's The newer Metroguide that isn't.
  20. The GPSV is a great unit. Owned mine for almost three years before selling it recently. I made the plunge for a 60CS after hearing rumors the VI is still a looonnggg way off. Can't say I'm sorry. Except for being able to switch to a horizontgal screen orientation the 60CS does it all. (and to be honest with the color screen being able to switch from vertical to horizontal seem less important now). The V is one rugged unit. I wouldn't hesitate recommending it. I really abused mine. Dropped it several times. Left it in sub-zero weather in my trunk for days at a time, etc. You can't go wrong with a V. But it is beginning to show it' s age IMHO, as far as processor speed and memory. I can't believe how fast the 60 calculates a route compared to the V.
  21. In my opinion it's well worth having one handy - just in case. especially since you can pick one up on ebay for twenty bucks. My 60CS works great on foot but in my van it often have trouble getting a signal lock. occasionally when heading certain directions on road trips (typically when travelling west to east) the signal would crap out on me -- usually at the worst possible time (for example when a complicated double turn is coming up on auto routing). Now with the magentic attenae on the roof I don't have to worry about it and I have peace of mind. It also came in handy last weekend when I was walking on foot through a patch of forest choked with pine trees.
  22. Kewl. Didn't realize GPSBabel would do this as well. Taking notes here....
  23. Sweet. I see GSAK really does DO IT ALL. Should have known.
  24. Nevermind. found it. Loc2Wpt.exe was the program I was looking for.
  25. I used to have a nifty little utility that converted GPX files to Mapsource Waypoints. THe program would allow you to choose the waypoint icon and then automatically open Mapsource and transfer the converted file. Now I can't find it and apparently I didn't keep a backup copy. Anyone happen to know the name of the program I'm talking about or better yet does anyone have a link? I tried searchign the forums but nothing popped p.
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