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  1. I hook up to GPS units all the time with a serial cable and transfer waypoints, routes etc. This topic raises the question -- can you do this betweeen to GPS 60's via USB? I don't know much about USB or if a null modem of sorts and be fashioned as with Serial. But I do recall seeing a cable that lets two Pockect PC's communicate via USB a while back.
  2. I leave WAAS on all the time. I get a good lock locally and I like seeing single digit accuracy on the screen. I haven't noticed any problems using it. It's there -- so I use it. I do agree with one of the other posters. The key is using it and allowing your unit to gather data. The first time I turned on WAAS it took 30 minutes before it was able to get a full lock. Now it does so about as fast as I do when WAAS is turned off. Of course WAAS is only useful for caching if the owner of the cache had WAAS turned on when he hid his cache. If a hider's accuracy is only 18 feet having WAAS turned on isn't going to do much good.
  3. Oh boy.... here it comes. http://cnn.netscape.cnn.com/ns/news/story....0&w=APO&coview= At least they're only talking about during a crisis.
  4. There's a rumor floating about of an iPod Satellite that will include both GPS and Phone functions. Sort of the 'next generation' ipod. But considering they JUST released the Color iPod photo -- I think it's still a few years away. That is 'if' the rumor has even a shread of truth to it.
  5. Anyone with an OSX machine should take a look at the free demo of Freefall. http://www.xtrememac.com/freefall/ oh and a link to some screenshots --- http://www.xtrememac.com/freefall/screenshots.html There's a GPS satellite mode that let's you look at GPS technology from the other side of the equation -- the birds in the sky. Makes a jaw dropping screensaver. I've been using it for a few months and it really draws attention. Gives you a lot of insight into the Satellite page on your GPS when your unit is trying to get a lock on the birds. <<Freefall puts the wonders of satellite exploration at your fingertips, simulating the flight path of more than 850 actual satellites — Global Positioning Systems, GOES, NOAA and other unclassified orbiters used by amateur radio stations, weather services, search and rescue teams and more. Rich with simulated space views of earth and its orbiters, Freefall is a stand-alone satellite discovery and exploration application that utilizes the power of Mac OS X to seamlessly transition from one perspective to another, soaring over the continents and oceans of the world, using political and coastline data from the United Nations and earth imagery from NASA. The 3-D viewer interacts directly with the simulator, letting you control dozens of preferences and perspectives. Create and save your own unique simulation experiences or choose from one of 8 built-in simulations, then save your journey as a screensaver. Turn any geographic location into a ground link, watch satellites fly by each location. Choose from a database of over 28,000 cities or define your own using latitude and longitude. See detailed information about each satellite including altitude, speed, coordinates, launch data, and mission background. All satellite data can be automatically updated daily via the Internet. System Requirement>>
  6. Your serial/adapter should work fine with VPC 7 and a G5. But yes -- USB as far as Garmins is still broken. Problem seems to be with Garmin's driver and not OSX or VPC since virtually ever other USB device I have works with VPC7.
  7. BTW VPC7 has been out for a while and it hasn't fixed the USB problem as far as Garmin GPS units. The problem is clearly with Garmin's driver and not OSX/VPC. So until Garmin or a third party writes a new driver we Mac Users and stuck with using seral adapters. It's curous Missing Sync is able to connect the iQue to OSX. Probably because of it's Palm OS roots.
  8. Unless you have a G5, VPC6 should be fine. Of the different Window versions Windows 2000 runs the fastest on VP6 (even faster than Windows 98). If you move up to later versions of Windows you'll see a decrease in performance. I had both 98 and Xp installed via VPC and dumped both of them have stuck with Win 2000. Run Mapsource and virtually all the GPS utilities with no problems. I can even run TOPO 3D -- just takes a few seconds for the screen to update when rendering a 3D map. Not too shabby. Update: I should point out that 98 runs great on VP6. Just 10 tgo 20 slower than Wind 2000. (atl least according to the old Connectix website). Win 2000 is optimized and is more easily emulated by VPC for some reason.
  9. Not really something you could geocache with but I LOVE the 3D maps and Touch Screen. http://www.navman.com/land/products/icn510/ Almost 800 bucks. Ouch!! Guess my 60CS routes just fine. ;D
  10. Now that I have broadban I've bee playing with Terrabrowser. Amazingingly useful program. Does anyone here use it? I had a few questions. How do you print maps? The print function is greyed out. Also it appears the entire U.S. is not available via Photo/Topo. i.e. in some areas I end up panning off the map into blank areas. Am I doing something wrong or is it simply a case of all the maps not being put online yet? Thanks for any answers.
  11. This could making caching in urban areas locally a bit interesting. http://cbs2chicago.com/topstories/local_story_321123518.html
  12. Actually this story sounds legit. It uses actual names, places, etc unlike most urban myths. Besides the guy presented his case to a judge and sold him on it. That's all it really takes. A few years ago I was coming out of Myrtle Beach when a group of teens passed me in the Slow lane. They saw a cop car sitting along the road up ahead and braked quickly. I passed them and pulled into the slow lane infront of them. The cop pulled ME over saying I'd been going over the speed limit. I showed up at court with a diagram I drew on my computer showing what had happened and how I believed the cop's radar had nailed the wrong guy. Everybody told me I was wasting my time. The judge looked at it called the ticketing officer over to look at it. "Any chance this could have happened?" The officer thought for a moment. "I suppose so." Case dismissed. Now it's possible you could do that a dozen times with a dozen judges and get laughed at. But for whatever reason he bought my story. (truth be known I was going ten miles over but hey -- you do what you gotta do). So I say whenever there's a person involved making a decision anything's possible -- regardless of he merit of the argument. Especially when you're dealing with a misdemeanor. Many judges are willing to give you the benefit of the doubt if you take the time to present your side of the story and make a plausible argument.
  13. I don't know if it matters to you but if you buy the C60 in the U.S. it will come with the U.S. base map rather than Europe.
  14. By the way the sell different grades of locktite -- I put a little smear on my stud and I can guarantee it'll NEVER come out again unless I want it it. ;D By the way the canvus zippered bag Garmin sells for the GPSV works perfectly for the GPS 60/60CS. Nice snug fit with room for an extra set batteries and extras inside.
  15. I definitely recommend Garmin's dashboard holder. I love it. The canvas carrying case for the GPSV is perfect for the 60CS by the way.
  16. Good grief....think they'll print a retraction? I'm also curious....do they carry Parade in their Sunday edition? Bret Not a retraction. Why would they? But if they're raking over the story again they could update the facts. It's just sloppy journalism. Look at how riddled the above quote is. The guy didn't 'place' the box there. It was already there. And he wasn't tresspassing. He had the owner's permission. There was no need to blow up the cache because the contents were 'unknown' They had the guy who 'placed' standing right there to explain what was in it. I mean the Chronicle Tribuine is a scant 12 miles from the Thin Lizzy. And enough people emailed them (including myself) with corrections. This was published five days after the first story. As my home town paper where I grew up I'm really disappointed in the CT. Yes they carry the Parade.
  17. Developing software is expensive and labor intensive -- so even though I'm an avid Mac user I understand why Garmin hasn't supported Mac users. I'd give anything to convince them they should. I've always thought our best best is to convince them to do some Unix software (which can OSX would be able to handle). That way they'd be addressing a larger audience -- both OSX and Unix users.
  18. VPC6 simply doesn't handle USB well when it comes to certain devices. Garmin being among them. There's a rumor VPC7 has fixed the problem for some OSX platforms.
  19. Well this is upsetting. From the Marion Chronicle Tribune (a local paper). It's almost a week later and they STILL have the facts wrong and spending time to slam geocaching... From an editoiral feature they run each week call Cheers and Boos... <<A BOO for Upland resident David Cook, who trespassed onto private property as part of a so-called game and left a suspicious package on the property, resulting in unnecessary hassles for law-enforcement authorities and worries for the property owners. Cook left a gray plastic container on the property of a Blackford County restaurant as part of a GPS location game affiliated with an Internet Web site. As it turned out, the box contained harmless junk, but no one knew that at the time. That came after a police bomb squad was called in to detonate the box. In this post-9/11 world, stunts such as this are uncalled for. Playing so-called adventure games is fine, but use common sense. That means don't trespass, and don't leave suspicious packages stashed about.>>
  20. By the way, one of my readers produced an email address for the Sherriff involved in this incident. I thought about emailing him but I doubt it would do any good. He seems pretty dead set against the whole notion of caching.
  21. Good video -- at least it showed what caching is all about so people can see how it works. I recognized the last cache -- I logged that one a year or so ago.
  22. OF course the really SCARY thing about this is "there but for the grace of god..." I mean this could have been ME. I was planning on logging this cache over the Thanksgiving weekend. Worst yet it could have been one of MY caches. I've been stopped and questioned by police three times about caching and asking why I was 'snooping around'. But on each occasion simply explaining what I was doing did the trick. One police officer actually said, "Cool! Can you write down the link? Sounds like something my kids would enjoy." Another one actually cut me off as I was explaining, "Okay, I've ran into you guys before." Guess I was lucky. ;D
  23. Would that be the person who called in a fake scare, or the person they were calling about? If I'm going to vote, it would help to know. Man this is crazy. So how about 'tallying the charges' and charging officials everytime they over react. Now I 'get' the fact that someone saw something suspicious and called it in - in these crazy times that's understandable. But the guy was right THERE and offered an explanation. It could have ended there.
  24. LOL! Which puts me in mind of THIS website... http://www.singsingsing.com/has4.html How'd you like to run into this group while out caching...? Although it does look like fun.
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