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  1. I never install the Mac drivers for the adapter. Only the Windows drivers. Installing the mac drivders can sometimes cause problems if OSX detects the adapter before VPC and takes it over. Or at least that was the case a few years ago when I first started using a USB/Serial adapter. Try removing the OSX drivers and see what happens. If you want to use the adapter with OSX programs you'll have set up a new confiuration in your Network panel. One that blocks the USB adapter and one that allows OSX to see it. It's been a few years (OSX 10.2) since I've done this. Not sure of the steps to go through for 10.3. I never use the adapter in OSX because I have no need to. If you don't need to use the adapter with OSX programs removing the OSX drivers is probably the easiest fix. Another trick that used to work for me. Launch VPC let if fire up and THEN plug in the adapter. Sometimes this tricks OSX and VPC grabs the adapter before OSX does.
  2. Haven't tried the others but Mapopolis is an incredible program.
  3. IF that fails take a hair dryer and heat up the vynl then place a heavy book or object on it until it cools. This will usually make creases/folds disappear. I had the same thing happen to an old etrex cover that got crushed during a trip under some luggage.
  4. That's great. I for one read everypost on this thread and a few others about the mac and Garmen. However, I already have the Mapsource Topo Disks that I use with my etrex legend. The topo maps have been great for not getting lost while on my snowmobile and hunting. I just thought it would be nice to be able to do everthing on my powerbook instead of my Dell laptop that is PC that my company gave me. No sense dragging that home on the weekends and nights if I don't have too. I did get mapsource loaded in Virtual PC and it runs great. However, I have not tried to upload or download from the etrex. I am sure this is where the problem would be. At least I have topo maps on my computer now for reference. Mine is the one that has the serial cable so if I get a USB to serial adapter I will try again and then explore some of the other mac options. Sounds like you're in business. Get a good USB/Serial adapter and you should have no problems getting VPC/Mapsource to talk to your Etrex. There are many adapters to choose from. I recommend the iogear guc2324. Just install the windows drivers and it's show time.
  5. Good advice but keep in mind VPC is the ONLY solution for mac owners (other than getting a cheap PC) to upload maps to your Garmin device. I've been using VPC for several years now (first with my GPSV and now with my GPS 60CS). I've found it to be a great solution and relatively painless. Uploading maps is a bit slow via USB/Serial adapter/cable but doable. (takes about 3 hours to fully load my GPS 60). I simply select my maps and start uploading before going to bed or whatever. Everything is waiting for me when I wake up in the morning. As for the user who is having problems installing Mapsource via VPC7 -- I've never encountered this problem. Have you tried installing an older rev from a MapSource CD first and then updating? Mapsource has been really stable on my VPC. I should point out I use Wndows 2000 which is the best option for VPC. It's better optimized for emulation than the other window oses. (even Window 98 which runs much slower via VPC). Looks like OSX is getting closer to being able to utilze Garmins with USB ports. 10.3.8 ALMOST got us there. I can use other programs with my Garmin USB port but not MapSource. If Tiger gets it right VPC will a perfect solution. Anyway, just wanted to post and say there are some of us who use VPC with our GPSr's and love it.
  6. I for one would LOVE To see Garmin support OSX but I'm not holding my breath. Fortunately VPC7 works well with my 60CS. It may take a while to load maps without USB support but it ALWAYS takes. I let it sit over night and download maps so it's ready when I get up the next morning. The very least Garmin could do is fix the USB drivers on their units so they can talk to VPC. I'd settle for that much at least.
  7. Intersesting news item. How some states are toying with the idea of equipping cars with gps units so motorists can be taxed by the mile. http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2005/02/14/...ain674120.shtml "The new tax would be charged each time you fill up. A computer inside the gas pump would communicate with your car's odometer to calculate how much you owe. "" just plain evil.
  8. I was driving to a cache early this morning by headlight. I had to fumble with my 60CS on the dash and push a few buttons when it occured to that I never really noticed the buttons are illuminated. I mean I've been using it for 6 months and I guess I just never stopped to think about it. Been awhile since I sold my GPSV but it I don't recall it having illuminated buttons. This is another selling point about the 60CS that you don't hear mentioned all that often.
  9. Okay, I stand corrected. The GPS10 is definitely drool worthy. Bluetooth wireless GPS. -sigh- Would be perfect with my laptop (which has bluetooth built in). I wonder if they'll offer a packages WITHOUT the City Select software (which I already have) with a savings. 265 is a bit steep.
  10. Is that a typo? "1 meg of internal memory for storing map details" 1 meg? -- GPS 60 Features: Sunlight-readable, four-level grayscale transflective TFT display (1.5" W x 2.2" H; 2.6" diagonally)(160 x 240 pixels) 1 MB of internal memory for storing map detail Internal memory is preloaded with worldwide cities Permanent user data storage; no memory battery required Each day’s best hunting and fishing times—along with sunrise/sunset times—on the integrated Outdoor Calendar Special geocaching navigation mode Geolocation games, such as Virtual Maze, Nibbons, Geko™ Smak, and Memory Race Fast map transfer, with support for both USB and serial port interfaces; navigation instructions can be shared with repeaters, plotters, and autopilots using NMEA protocols through the dedicated serial port Detailed basemap with general map data, including highways, major roads, river, lakes, and borders Dedicated "mark", "page", "enter", "quit", "menu", "find",and "zoom out/in" buttons; four-position rocker pad 2.4" x 6.1" x 1.3" (W x H x D) unit dimensions Weighs 5.4 ounces (without batteries), 7.5 ounces (with batteries) WAAS GPS receiver with accuracy to 10 feet in North America; built-in quad-helix antenna for better satellite reception 28 hours of battery life under typical-use conditions (uses two "AA" batteries) Multi-platform navigation for easy navigation in a car or boat, or on foot Waterproof to IEC 60529 IPX7 standards (can be submerged in one meter of water for up to 30 minutes) 50 reversible routes, 10,000 track points with tracBack® technology (navigate to any track point on the displayed map), and 1000 waypoints with additional graphical icons for location identification Proximity alerts for anchor drag, arrival, off-course, proximity waypoint; built-in alarm clock User-configurable track-line color, waypoint projection, display color scheme, large-numbers option, audio tones, and pages (turn on/off main pages or change the sequence in which they appear) Trip computer provides odometer, stopped time, moving average, overall average, total time, max speed, and more
  11. Thank god, there's nothing among these new releases I really feel like I've GOT to have. I'm happy with my 60CS. Althought the pocketpc version of the iQue is sweet. I always thought the pocketpc would have been a better route to go than PalmOS. But that's just me. Fortunately I have a GPS enabled pocketpc/phone combo so I'm not too tempted.
  12. Did you happen to check to see what format your Axim marked the cache in? I ran into something like this when I was using my Pocket PC a year or so ago as a GPS. When I tranferred the coordinates back to EasyGPS they were way off. Turned out the coordinates were getting messed up when I imported them and changed to a different format. The solution in my case was simple. Pulling up the preferences pain in my GPS software revealed the option to choose which format I wanted to use.
  13. well some of us do use Mapsource. I happen to love the program . it has a great find feature to find addresses and so forth and you can switch between map packages on the fly to see which ones have the details you need. Seems a bit more peppy than some of the 3rd party stuff in my opinion.
  14. Another link detailing the original stalking charge. http://www.sunherald.com/mld/sunherald/new...rld/9585370.htm "She called the police and had him arrested after seeing him underneath her car, changing the phone's battery. The phone, which had a motion switch that turned on when the car moved, sent a signal to a satellite, allowing Mr Gabrielyan to track her movements on the internet" Isn't that just the way it ALWAYS is? It's always the batteries that do you in. So it was a GPS enabled cell phone. Wonder how it worked. How was he able to track her by internet? Neat trick.
  15. Didn't see this posted anywhere else.... Man who stalked girlfriend with a GPS forced to wear one... http://www.local6.com/news/4038536/detail.html
  16. Thanks for the feedback. Seems to be some difference of opinion on the matter.
  17. Just a thought -- it might be worth gettng that GPSV fixed for the 125. I sold my used GPSV on ebay for $225 before upgrading to the 60CS. By getting it fixed you could at least get a hundred bucks or so back on your investment. That or simply sell it AS IS and let someone else get it fixed. BTW, as a huge GPSV fan, I LOVE my 60CS. I consider it to be the GPSVI. The change over was painless. The only thing I initially missed was the Landscape Option on the view screen. But after a few days I realized I really didn't miss it any longer. I like the power of the unit and the compact size.
  18. I can't seem to find an answer for this one. Maybe someone here knows. I'm in Chicago. I want to route to a city in a different time zone. (for example on the East coast). Does the processor take into account the time difference when giving me an ETA for my final desitnation? I'm never really sure it takes into account I'm losing an hour. On a recent trip I noticed the clock on the unit did change to local time when I entered a new time zone. I seem to recall my GPSV didn't.
  19. Your GPS should communicate with VPC via your adapter. Sounds like you have everything you need. Without knowing the details of your set-up it's hard to offer any assistance. You might try the following; Fire up VPC and THEN plug in your adapter/GPS. Not sure what version of VPC you have but early versions could take as long as two minutes to recongize a new USB device. Make sure you have USB enabled via VPC preferences. Also make sure the box for your adapter is connected. If VPC sees/recognizes your keyspan adapter should show on the list of available devices. I don't use the keyspan adapter so I'm not sure how the drivers work. On some adapters you have to install the drivers both in Windows (VPC) and in OSX to get things to work properly. I'm sure someone will post if this is the case with the keyspan.
  20. I managed to make my Toshibi Pocket PC phone talk with my GPS after being told it was impossible. Nobody sold the cable i was looking for and to be honest they were right. There was no way to make my USB port on phone talke with my GPS. But I found a work around. Not sure if what I did applies to your situation but here's the round about way I made it work. I bought a Seral cradle for my phone to replace my USB cradle. I hooked it up to a null modem and hooked the other end to a Garmin serial cable which allows the two to talk. So if they sell a serial cradle/cable for your phone you could try that route and work around the USB issues.
  21. Mapopolis rawks. voice turn by turn routing. You can dump all your waypoints/geocaches into it as thumbtack icons and quickly route to the next cache by pointing with a stylus. I use a null modem to hook my pocket pc up to my 60CS. Makes a nice combo.
  22. Exactly. I have a 60CS keep WAAS turned on. I see no slow down in performance as I did with my old GPSV. If you have a newer faster unit there's really no reason to turn it off unless you just don't want to use it for some reason. I certainly have never experienced any of the odd behavior being described here. I cache in deep woods quite frequently and lose WAAS signals all the time with no ill effect or lose of accuracy. If my 60CS can't find enough WAAS satellites it goes for the normal ones. If it struggles determining which sattelites to go with I'm certainly not aware of it unless my accuracy swithches from 6 feet to 16 feet or whatever. My advice...? Experiment with WAAS. Try finding a few caches with it turned on and with it turned off. Since there are so many differences between makes and models that's realy the only sure way to find out what works best for you,. Me? I'm WAAS all the way. I haven't turned the option off since I bought my unit in June.
  23. I have not noticed any change in display speed (60CS and Vista ) The battery life ? it is 12 channels reciever all the time and when you turn WAAS on/off it just redistribute channels among sattelites. I agree one hundred percent. I see zero difference in processor speed/redraw rates with WAAS turned on/off. Battery life is just fine on my 60cs. maybe this is a problem with older Garmins like the GPSV. But certainly not on the 60CS. At least not from what I can tell. If there is it's neglible enough that I'm not going to spend much time worrying about it. Again, I like seeing 5 ft. accuracy showing on my Unit when I'm driving down the highway. It doesn't mean a whole lot. It's just a nice thing to see. Obviously when I head off into the bush I'm not going to be pulling WAAS for the most part. But since I see zero difference with WAAS turned on or off as far as performance I see no reason to turn it off. For there's simply no reason not to use it on the 60CS. I have noticed there seems to be a lot urban myth surrounding WAAS. When I first got my GPSr I recall reading "Dont' turn it on. You won't be able to get a reliable lock anyway." I manage to get a lock on WAAS nearly 95% of the time as it turns out. I read it will suck your batteries dry. I use rechargeables (yawn). No big deal even if it DID drain batteries faster. As it is I find I'm changing batteries far less often than I did with my GPSV. As for performance slow down. Maybe. Maybe not. Again I think it all depends on the processor in your unit. Maybe on the GPSV -- which I found to be slow any way when calculating routes and doing screen redraws. But I don't see this with my newer unit. So perhaps a lot of this anti-WAAS sentiment is based on older technology/units. The difference between GPSrs made just a few years ago and today are night and day as far as speed and so forth. I should point out I rarely use my electronic compass. Just really haven't had a need for it. So maybe WAAS slows down the compass. I really don't know or really care for obvious reasons. Anyway, something to keep in mind when you read the comments here. Your mileage may vary depending on your GPSr.
  24. The 60CS does float by the way. I'm seen it with my own eyes. ;D Also someone posted a video here a while back showing one floating in the kitchen sink. The bob like a fishing bobber vertically rather than on thier side like a bar of soap. But they do float.
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