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  1. I noticed that many of the caches that I found had very obvious signs of traffic leading to the cache, even though the "logged" visits were weeks old. Makes me believe that many people do not log their visits, or "damage" to the vegetation is long lasting. The caches in question often require travel through waist high grass, that has been obviously trampled by humans. There would be no reason to be there except for cache hunting. Just an observation by a newb. Enjoying this new sport! steve.
  2. Stealth, Thanks for the tip. I saw some great Texas Earth Caches to chase. I just could not believe Texas did not have more notable places, geologically speaking! Steve.
  3. When I searched for earth caches in Texas on the earthcache.org site, I found only one. Is there only one? If there is only one, why is it? Is there something about Texas that makes it difficult to get a earth cache approved? Any info appreciated. Steve.
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