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  1. I have word from a reliable source Groundspeak fixed this issue. Please come back and let us know if you're still having problems or not.


    Happy caching!


    The only issue now is that when I post my find the signature is being truncated.


    What should be "Another fun find by KK7X of the North Idaho D's"

    Becomes "Another fun find by KK7X o" so "f the North Idaho D's" is being dropped.


    I will try a longer post without the signature line and see if the same thing happens.


    Thanks! :)

  2. I continue to have an issue where my finds will not make it from findmespot.com to geocaching.com

    If I log a find on the PN-60 I ensure that wireless is ON, I have the checkbox for "Send to Spot" Checked. I ensure I have a clear shot of the

    sky and send my find.


    The information is making it to findmespot.com, I can see the history under"My GPS Locations"

    The finds never show up at Geocaching.com under field notes.


    I have been trying for the last several days to make this work.


    What I have done.

    I have gone to settings at findmespot - device settings/social networks/geocaching

    I have UNLINKED the account and then re LINKED the geocaching.com setting ensuring the correct username and password

    I then Export to PN-60w


    I don't believe the problem lies with the PN-60. It is either an issue with findmespot.com not transferring the information or geocaching.com not accepting the information.

    What I would like to know is if others are having this issue. The person I spoke with at DeLORME informed me that his finds were not showing up as well.


    This only leaves the problem to be with Geocaching.com

  3. I am sure this has come up before. In my opinion a "Kid Friendly" Cache should never be a Premium Member only cache. It should be a cache that a kid can use a Geomate Jr. for. Of course the parent could use his/her device but that defeats the purpose of the Jr. BTW we are new to Geocaching and my 10 daughter has a natural talent. We could be 10 feet away from a cache and she will go "I know where it is" and go right to it and grab it. This has happened a number of times. I am amazed every time. :o



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