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  1. Thanks Nick Yes TDM I should have some on me this weekend. Just track me down if you want some!
  2. After many many months of design, loss of interest, reigniting of interest, back and forth with blueprints my wife and I finally have our own sfg Geocoin! On the front is the sfg logo with the Filipino sun (where my wife was born) and the Canadian maple leaf (where i was born and we both live) When we went on our honeymoon to French Polynesia we both got tattoos done the traditional way with boar tusk and a couple sticks. They mean tons to us so we had to have them on the coin. My tattoo, which means strength stability and protection, is inside the sfg logo on the front. Hers which is a turtle on a wave and stands for fertility and long life is featured prominently on the back side. The backside also has some pacific islands on the left side with imagery from where my wife grew up. The right side has the Canadian Rockies down to the prairies with imagery of a few locations we've lived in our lives. Around the outside is written "Pacific Islands & Canadian Prairies to Foothills & Badlands - Strength Stability Protection Fertility & Long Life - 84 02 03 07 08 13 - " 4 Versions minted; Day(SN), above, as well as Dusk(AN), Night(BN), Dawn(SG), all below respectfully Dusk has a nice translucent water running around the back side. Night has a glittery sky for the star effect and also has GITD tattoos. Finally Dawn has a bright translucent sky and water all over the coin. I'm selling them as Day and full sets of 4. Days will be $10CAD. There are 35 Days but I reserve the right to mint another 99. Sets will be $80CAD. There are 15 Sets. No more will be made of Dusk, Dawn or Night. They are all of course trackable on Geocaching.com and will have their own icon (though i havn't had time to design it yet). Hope you like it, we sure do!
  3. I just found a coin in the wild last month that had been missing from june '07 to may of this year. contacted the owner and due to the limited amount of it traveling, I will be taking the coin on vacation with me to give it some miles and pictures before giving it back sometime in September, or whenever I can make it to an event where they live. live in dreams people it really does happen. now if only all mine would come back to life the same way...
  4. s.f.g.


    So after a year of design fun, back and forth with blueprints and loss of interest then back again I've finally got samples of my new personal coin! I've gotten samples of other coin projects before but I've never known exactly what to do with them. Some will just be non-trackable of versions that are to come and some may be one of a kind. So I pose this question to you dear forum; What do you do with your samples?
  5. so my wife hands me a package the other day saying that it had come a while ago. I don't know when and instead of putting it under the tree, in my confused state I opened it not knowing what it was. Thanks getzie family!
  6. I honestly thought I still had 3 weeks before Christmas until I was at the post office and realized it was only 12 days. I really hope this gets there in time! EMAIL SENT: Nov 14, 2014 NAME RECEIVED: Nov 25, 2014 MISSION SENT: Dec 12, 2014 MISSION ARRIVED: MISSION RECEIVED:
  7. EMAIL SENT: Nov 14, 2014 NAME RECEIVED: Nov 25, 2014 MISSION SENT: MISSION ARRIVED: MISSION RECEIVED: will have to give this a think but it will be gone with plenty of time to get there before christmas
  8. Oh ya I'm in! Thanks for another mission! EMAIL SENT: Nov 14, 2014 NAME RECEIVED: MISSION SENT: MISSION ARRIVED: MISSION RECEIVED:
  9. My daughter couldn't wait and destroyed the box a few days early so it took some extra will power not to peak in and find the coin but I managed to keep the coin in the box until yesterday! Couldn't get a picture yesterday due to things running out of battery so here's one today. Thanks Again!
  10. and on Saturday October 25th ... MISSION #2 EMAIL SENT: September 2, 2014 NAME RECEIVED: September 23, 2014 MISSION SENT: October 10, 2014 MISSION ARRIVED: October 15, 2014 - Confirmed delivery MISSION RECEIVED: October 25, 2014 - from s.f.g. - Drew A most FASCINATING event coin. I can't begin to describe what this coin represents .... you MUST go read it and view the pics for yourself ... (there's only 13,038 in the cache gallery)... Go to: http://coord.info/GC43F3 ... there were also some chocolates --- mysteriously missing from goodie pile ... we think they were gobbled up by the Headless Horseman ... but then ... how could he have done that without a HEAD .. ?? This mystery may remain unsolved ... Thank you DREW ... and a special thanks to GeoCharmer for hosting this great Halloween Mission !!! My two Missions are fully complete ... we will sit back now and wait for the remaining ghostly Missions to appear ... :drama: ------- also slowly dusting off the chimney mantel .... Coming Soon ... to a local Geocoin Forum near YOU ... !! All Done! EMAIL SENT: September 3, 2014 NAME RECIEVED:September 23, 2014 MISSION SENT:October 20, 2014 MISSION ARRIVED:October 22, 2014 MISSION RECIEVED:October 27, 2014 Glad you got it! Glad you like it!
  11. EMAIL SENT: September 3, 2014 NAME RECIEVED:September 23, 2014 MISSION SENT:October 20, 2014 MISSION ARRIVED:October 22, 2014 MISSION RECIEVED: A nice card and a box of goodies got here yesterday. though I was able to squash the temptation to look in the goody, I do see something spooky that i'll make sure to let out on Halloween night (and post pictures of course!) Thanks!
  12. EMAIL SENT: September 3, 2014 NAME RECIEVED:September 23, 2014 MISSION SENT:October 20, 2014 MISSION ARRIVED: MISSION RECIEVED: Finally gone! by my calculations the coin (+maybe some xtras) should get there just in time!
  13. mwgb around closing ceremonies. worked once before right?! i know Groundspeak doesn't like satelite events around the same location/time as the main event but i'm sure they'd make an exception for something like this no? congrats again!
  14. EMAIL SENT: September 3, 2014 NAME RECIEVED:September 23, 2014 MISSION SENT: MISSION ARRIVED: MISSION RECIEVED: Sorry for the late reply, was on vacation. I should have brought the mission with me, would have been cheaper shipping and no customs! oh well!
  15. Ooo oo Email sent, Very Email Sent!
  16. Canadian but applied anyway. let's see what happens!
  17. Alright another mission! Thanks for hosting! EMAIL SENT: September 3, 2014 NAME RECIEVED: MISSION SENT: MISSION ARRIVED: MISSION RECIEVED: Dear future person that will send me awesomeness, I'm not picky. Round/not round, shiny/or not, i will treasure whatever i get. Thanks! s.f.g edit: forgot date
  18. try a second person too. i had one where i thought i tried every combination of letters/numbers that look alike (5/6/G, 4/A, 8/B...) and couldn't figure it out. all i had was just a constant "This tracking number isn't in our system message". i was going to email the manufacturer at work and asked my wife to text me what she thought the number was. Ya i tried for an hour probably she got it first shot.
  19. i'm ready to get back in coach! took a break this summer to regroup after pulling doc neal on back to back missions. but i'm confident i've recovered enough to get back into the ring for another round if need be!
  20. The man's on a mission to discourage virtual logs by doing virtual logs. Amazing!
  21. s.f.g.

    Power Saw

    I wasn't as lucky ... nor as careful ... I am dictating this to my cat for transcribing since typing with gauze wrapped fingers that resemble mittens is just not possible ... My kitty will be expecting his royalty payments in geocoins for releasing this pic without his model release .... My question is if your hands are wrapped in gauze so thick that you needed your cat to type... who - or what - took the picture?
  22. s.f.g.

    Power Saw

    Sorry AEs are sold out but there are still all other editions available. Thanks everyone for the interest in the coin!
  23. That sounds ... ominously .... alien ... well if they are alien, perhaps they'll be shiny and green too?
  24. I was basically in the same boat as you. I got an ftf coin at 150 and decided the same thing. I went back and "wrote note" and dipped in all past caches in order that I had done them. Though doing it again I would have just edited the logs so all the owners didn't get multiple emails about some random trackable dip. Now I keep it in my wallet so it's always with me when I cache.
  25. s.f.g.

    Power Saw

    Alright! After a bit of weirdness of getting our special editions in a bit early, everything is ready to rock! Regular Edition (RE) Special Edition (SE) Limited Edition (LE) Special Limited Edition (SLE) Artists Edition (AE) - only 2 left! Because all came in together costs have been reset down to: RE&SE $12.50 LE&SLE $17.50 AE $20 Thanks to all those who've already purchased one or some! If you're interested send me an email! edit: image sizes
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