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  1. Sounds like a great idea Damhuis, I love Cape Town. And it would be nice to drive down to see the country instead of using the Kulula wings for a change. With the advantage of doing some caching on the way. Are you planning it in the school holidays or after the schools started?

  2. The good news is that I can get a lift with I&J, from Vryheid. Seeing that Vryheid and Howick are both more or less 4 hour's drive from Randburg, I'll probably arrange to meet them in Howick. So my transport problem is sorted!


    Gerhard, what is planned for the Sunday, or is everyone getting up late after the "penalties" and then heading home slowly?

  3. Hi Damhuis, I also think something will come up, but I first wanted to check for alternatives before booking a flight. Unfortunately the corporate training plans have changed, so I'll have to pay for the flight myself. :laughing:


    However, I still think it's worth it for a great event like this.


    Gerhard, since I'm sure that I'll get there somehow (there must still be some donkey carts going up there as well :wacko: ), I would like to book a place to stay over at the top on Saturday evening the 14th Aug.

  4. Hi, this is my first forum post so I hope I'm doing this the right way.


    I have done some research and considered alternative ways to make it to Sani top and back, since I just don't want to give up so easily on a great event like this. I'm also not a "getting up at 4 a.m." kind of person, so I considered the following option:

    1. Fly to Durban on the 13th Aug

    2. Drive from Durban to Himeville in a hired vehicle

    3. Then I need a lift in one of the 4x4's to Sani top and back (unless I do that 8km walk/slide down :laughing: )

    4. Stay over at Sani Top Chalet on the 14th Aug

    5. Take the drive around to the other caches in one of the 4x4's on the 15th of Aug

    6. Then I can either stay over in Himeville again or at Howick falls on the 15th of Aug

    7. Drive to Durban and fly back from Durban on the 16th of Aug


    With this in mind, is there any of the 4x4 owners with 4 people in the car that would be able to give me a lift to the top and back please, and also for the drive around to some of the caches in the area.


    P.S. I know I'm one of the few females in the group, but females do have some advantages (e.g. think freshly bakes scones, muffins, etc...) Hehehe, no I'm not trying to bribe anyone here... :wacko:

  5. Bruce,

    No problem you are booked. This now leaves me with cacher Elsie. This is tough - I resolve the one transport problem and now I got another one. I am sure we will help her somehow as well.


    Some guys asked me for details of the route that I intent to travel. Here is the route plan. (DV)



    Synchronize the cell phone with the calendar and activate alarm for the specific periods below.



    1. Leave Benoni at 23h00.

    2. Direction Standerton, Arrival time at 00h59, distance 155 km

    • The following conditions exist.

    • Could have a delay before reaching Newcastle, expect up to 50 minutes due to road works. If true then build up time from N3 crossing.

    • Phone BAKGAT at 02h30 to make sure he is awake and going. He will probably phone me as usual. Bakgat phone ScotScot.

    • Phone WAZAT at 03h00 to make sure he is rocking and revving.


    3. Direction Newcastle, Arrival time at 03h45, distance 135 km.

    4. Direction Ladysmith, Arrival time at 04h55, distance 104 km.

    • The following is deemed dangerous areas during the night due to cattle, potholes, take it slow. If late and no traffic push for time from here but full lightening. Road to Border could be slippery and road works is the other danger.

    • Direction S28 55.929 E29 46.977,

    • Direction S29 06.814 E29 48.411,

    • Direction S29 17.580 E29 42.261,

    • Direction S29 31.523 E29 41.646,

    • Direction S29 43.205 E29 31.280.


    5. Direction S29 39.515 E29 26.858, arrival time at 07h49, distance from Ladysmith186 km.

    6. Direction Sani Top, Arrival Time at 09h55, distance 33 km. From Border 8 km. Have to wait for cachers at this point. Assume no serious delay.

    7. Get to pub, Lesotho border formalities. Welcome cachers at this point and introduction of teams. Down 1 by 2 litre OBS - be ready for anything. Sorry that is an error. I will drink one coke and have a hamburger at a height of more than 2000 meters.

    8. Share some time – threaten cachers that do not want to give away the final waypoints of mystery cachers. Oops, another mistake. Ask for help; if nothing is given resolve it yourself. Such is life.

    9. Wait for late comers up to 12h30 at the latest. If all members are accounted for ; depart at 11h00 – we still want to have more fun the afternoon.

    10. Ask for any volunteer/s to stay behind if some cachers are still on their way. Sign on their behalf as part of the team in the logbook. Danger is here that all could volunteer to stay behind and I could find the cache alone. Maybe the pub thing is going to be too good if it snow.

    11. At 02h00 we should be done with the caches at the top and back to pub.

    12. From here cachers set the pace. Those that want to climb mountains let them do it. Just have to tie Wazat down at the pub first to make sure he does not escape to a mountain or to fetch the Corsa. Anton, have something planned here. Not sure what it is – but it is not a strip tease so I heard. Sorry for the disappointment.

    13. We should be back at about 18h00 at the best place – THE PUB.

    14. From here onwards all late comers pay penalties all the way as decided and accepted by the cachers. I hope I am not the one. That penalty could be anything. Even shed clothing for every hour late. If you are very late you could end up as a new born baby. Or just a coke to all, or 1 x 2 litre of OBS. Maybe the cachers will just accept an apology if they are happy.

    15. At about 22h00 or later or any other time probably bed time.

    16. Next morning at 03h00 all cachers will be ready for counting; with shorts, and I do mean shorts only and running shoes. We will then do a 5 km run and back to get the cold out of the system. Oops, another big mistake. Let me try this sentence again, at around somewhere the next morning we will be awake and we will have something to eat, we will wait for the sun, and something will be done the next morning and we will leave sometime or another. If the gathering was successful and we are not ready to return to our normal life but are doing it very reluctant - we will then volunteer to be herdsman for the rest of our life and we will wear a blanket around us for ever.


    All above rules are subjected to change at any given time as and how the team of cachers decide without any prior notice. My lawyer stated that I must include this sentence for some reason. :laughing:



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