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  1. Carbon Hunter, you came the closest on this one first, so the 'Ding' is yours. The book and e-mail was titled 'Don't panic' and it was in response to the number of South Africans that were leaving the country at the time due to the load shedding.
  2. Another hint: it was at the time of the load shedding in South Africa, in the first quarter of 2008.
  3. O yes, and the Beaulieu bird sanctuary is also great. It's a lovely peaceful place with lots of birds (especially in the late afternoon before sunset), and there are also quite a few nice cache hides of different types and sizes.
  4. It was nice to meet you at the event last weekend Indamus, and to hear more about all the interesting ways that caches are hidden in Germany. I got some ideas now . Happy caching in Jo'burg, and let me know if you need info on an area or if it's safe. Often the cache is in a safe area, but one has to be aware of the safety of the route you take to get to the cache - the shortest or fastest route according to the GPS is not always the safest. A nice place I can recommend is the Heia safari lodge - there are a series of caches by Geo936, and there are some zebras, giraffes and other animals.
  5. You are on the right track CH, very close. It was an e-mail to his employees, that eventually became a book. If you know the title or topic of the e-mail or book, or what "incident" caused him to write the e-mail, then I can give it to you.
  6. Another hint: he was the MD of iBurst at the time of the "incident" I have in mind.
  7. I'm not sure CH, not as far as I know. But the "incident" I had in mind was not a business deal.
  8. For which "incident" did the current CEO of Mxit become well-known in 2008?
  9. Waugh was a surveyor and he named Mount Everest after the Surveyor-General, but interesting enough Everest himself initially objected to it.
  10. Congrats with your 500 CapeDoc! I can certainly agree that your caches in Cape Town are very enjoyable, as was the excellent 10 year event. I can't wait to be on holiday in Cape Town again to do some more of them.
  11. Congrats with your 2000 Gerhard, it's a great achievement! Thanks also to your huge contribution to the hobby with all the caches you have planted. I'm looking forward to find some of them when I'm in the area.
  12. I'm glad some people ordered extras. I would like to buy just 2 gold coins, but with the postage it's not worth placing such a small order.
  13. Thanks, it sounds fascinating! I would love to hear more. I heard a slightly similar talk from a geologist once when I did the guided Sunday afternoon walk on the central Mellville koppie. For those that are interested in this subject, I can recommend the Mellville koppie walk, since there is a lot of fascinating geology on the koppie. I don't understand geology well and I can't remember everything from the talk, but at some point on the walk one can literally see the edge of the Witwatersrand.
  14. It sounds like a very nice outing, thanks Gerhard.
  15. Please see the "Christmas event" topic for information about the Christmas/ year end event planned for the 28th of November at 12h00, also at the Joos Becker lapa. A listing will follow soon.
  16. Plans are well underway for the Christmas/ year-end event on Sunday the 28th of November at 12h00. Redglobe kindly arranged and booked the Joos Becker lapa again, since John advised that all the lapas with day visitors will be very crowded at this time of the year. The listing will follow as soon as I have visited the site next week. Another advantage is that cachers can now camp before the event. The event will also be the start of the next TB race (I will coordinate with Bruce for these arrangements). I would like this event to be like a Christmas party for the caching kids as well, so it would be great to get them involved in the making and exchanging of Christmas themed caches (this will be optional).
  17. Wow, another opportunity to do caching in another country! Not to be missed.
  18. Hi Gerhard, is there any more recent news about the weather? What are the chances of snow?
  19. I'm thinking about the 28th of November or the 5th of December for a Christmas event, where we can exchange gift caches, for planting later.
  20. The last Sunday in November is the 28th, so that could be a good day, although the kids might still be writing exams then. Sunday the 5th of December may also be a nice date, I see the schools only close on the 10th of December this year.
  21. Hi, thanks for all the suggestions and replies. Bruce, I'm sure we can use it to start the TB's off as well, but I don't know anything about a TB race, so I'll need your help with that part of it. Any suggestions for a nice park?
  22. Hi Redglobe, sorry I didn't realise that there was already a yearly Christmas event. I was thinking more towards the end of November though, before Gauteng gets evacuated for the holidays. Thanks for the offer to help, it's gladly accepted.
  23. Hi, I never thought that I would think about Christmas in August, but with the events calendar as packed as it is this is probably a good time to "book" some space for a Christmas event. I just want to test the interest for the idea on the forum, before publishing the event. I'm thinking of having a Christmas picnic event, where each team can make a Christmas cache and bring to the event. We can then put the names of the teams in a hat, and each team can draw a name to get a gift cache, which can then be planted at any time after the event (but before the next Christmas). It would be nice to have lots of kids there, and get them involved in making the Christmas caches. I can also arrange for a jumping castle. Please let me know if this sounds like fun. It will be the first event I host, so I'm also looking for an experienced co-host to help me please.
  24. Thanks Gerhard, I have booked at the backpackers at Sani top chalet for the 5 adults in Glider's vehicle.
  25. Hi Gerhard, It would be nice if everyone that wants to stay over can stay over at the top, since the pub at the top seems like a great place to gather and stay up late as a group. I had a look at the Sani top chalet website and tried to do a quick count of how many people are going, and it seems like there is still enough accommodation available at the top as it stands at the moment. The only problem is that the rondavels are relatively expensive at R500.00 per person per night. There are still 2 rondavels available for 4 people each and backpackers accommodation for 6 people and then there are 2 campsites for 4 people each, therefore allowing for 22 people in total. I would prefer staying at the backpackers at the top with Glider's group since I'm travelling with them - shall we go ahead to do our own booking? Otherwise the rondavels are a nice (but a bit expensive) option, although it still costs less than a -8 degrees sleeping bag. But I know that is typical female reasoning
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