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  1. Reporting from Duluth!!
  2. Received my geocoins yesterday! WooHoo! They look great!
  3. Paypaled for 2. Nice looking coins! Thanks
  4. Paypal sent for 2 coins. Thanks
  5. I'll take 2 coins please. Just sent email. Thanks
  6. Just paid thru Paypal for 3 coins. Thanks!
  7. I emailed and pd on 6/1, but I didn't see my name on your list. I was wondering if you receive my email? I will email you again. Let me know! Thanks!!
  8. If its not too late could you put me down for 2. Thanks!
  9. I'm relativly new to geocaching (11 finds) and while my kids love to find the plastic frogs, lizards and dinosaurs etc, I'm always wondering what I should place in the caches. I've been trying to trade up but I'm always wondering if what I put in is lame. What do you define as being something good or cool?
  10. I just got a PalmIIIxe off ebay a couple of weeks ago and I use Cachemate and GSAK. I followed the instructions on this website.... Paperless Caching Instructions Cachemate Website GSAK Website You do need to be a preminum member to download pocket queries from geocaching.com. This is just one method, I know I've read other methods on the forums.
  11. I just got my PalmIIIxe yesterday (bought it off ebay so I could go paperless). Anyway I found this website in the forums and its extremly helpful. I was up and running within an hour. I use GSAK (awesome program to download Pocketqueries and import into Mapsource to upload to the Garmin) and I use Cachemate. Follow the instruction on this website....Paperless Caching ... and you shouldn't have any problems. Have fun.
  12. Try ebay. Do a search for Geocaching. I just saw 3 shirts with that saying.... I think they sold for about $12-$20. Ebay Geocaching T-Shirt Better hurry ....3 hours left to bid.
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