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  1. Actually what I would like is to have the caches that I have found not show up on the maps at all. In urban areas with lots of caches the checkmarked ones just cover up the ones not found and sometimes I don't even know there is one there I havent found unless I zoom in nearly all the way.
  2. Thanks for letting me know I am not the only one with this problem. You would think since this is a "premium feature" they would be on top of it. Its been 17 days and counting since I filled out the support form and no help in sight from Groundspeak. My membership renewal is up at the end of the month, with this kind of support I doubt I will renew.
  3. Ok this is getting frustrating. Nearly a month and half since I have found caches that are STILL not showing as found on the maps. Others found previously on the same map are checkmarked. The caches are checkmarked in the cache list but when I click map it, they arent. Every cache found since mid-June does not show as found on the maps. So... I filled out one of those question forms and sent it off and received a confirmation number... that was over a week ago....still no response. To add insult it says to check the status of your request click this link. So I do and the page says I dont have the authority to view the page and to login....but there is no place to login on the page and I am already logged in to the geocaching.com website. Still wishing others would say they are having the same problem.
  4. I can answer your question. The maps only indicate found caches for premium members. It does not appear you are a premium member.
  5. I assume since noone has replied to this that noone else is having this problem. Still have finds from June that are not "checkmarked" on the maps. If this is happening to others please reply so I know I am not crazy.
  6. Sorry if this has been posted, I dont get to the forums very often. Just curious if anyone else is having problems with the caches they find not being red "checkmarked" on the maps? I know it takes a few days for the system to update and these "checkmarks" to show up but I found 25 caches on the weekend of July 1-2 and they still don't appear "checkmarked" when I bring up a map of the area. Now that I look, two caches I found June 24th don't appear "checkmarked" either. They are checkmarked on the cache lists just not on the maps.
  7. Ok what I want is a map of the country (or state) that shows all my cache finds. I did my PQ of finds. I also have GSAK. I can save it as a mapsource file and import it but the maps on the screen in mapsource arent very good. Is there a way to import all my waypoints into google maps or mapquest rather than showing one at a time? Sorry if this has been covered before.
  8. All three of my TBs are now missing so I think it is a great idea!!!! However, geocaching is no longer just a hobby. I have seen geocaching change alot just in the 14 months that I have been doing it. Now it is all about icons and stats so I doubt your suggestion would go over well with those cachers.
  9. it amazes how people like to "pad" their stats. I pulled up a few of the cachers that had alot of TB finds. Many were logged in and and out of events - basically they are just handling the tb and some events just hand out a list of tb with the numbers to log. how childish.
  10. Sorry if this has been covered. I have only found one geocoin in my hunts and I was tickled to find it. I promptly moved into another cache for someone else to find. However it seems that most coins don't last very long before ending up in someones collection. Why should anyone go to the expense of purchasing these coins and sending them out if people dont treat them for that purpose. Their are some experienced cachers out there who are guilty of findings these coins and never returning them to another cache. I have become very disappointed in the caching community for this reason. With more and more states and organizations coming out with these coins it just promotes the "collecting" of them. Ok I am done venting.
  11. My apologies if this has been covered earlier. I have visited a number of very specific locations is my lifetime that I now after searching on geocaching.com find out are virtuals. Most of these places I visited before I even started caching but I have the photo evidence or other info needed to log the cache. Would you log a virtual under these circumstances?
  12. I have been involved with geocaching for less than a year but I am amazed at the nubmer of what I would consider lame caches that were hidden this spring. The caches I started with last fall took me to unique spots, places I would never have found if it wasnt for this hobby. However, this spring many of the new caches have been what I would consider "lame". I am sorry but a zip lock bag hidden behind a radio shack just doesn't impress me. Is this just my area or is this happening all over. Is the popularity of geocaching contributing to these types of caches?
  13. Thanks Kai Team!! I do use Firefox so after I changed my default browser back to IE everything printed out fine - still not sure what happened between my first successful print and every other subsequent attempt but everything is working now. Thanks
  14. New problem - Sorry if this has been covered before. I want to print a list of my caches. I successfully printed one time but ever since when I try to print I get a error message stating: "This file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action." If I click print preview it seems to startup GSAK again as I get the nag screens over top the GSAK windows I already have open. I deleted the program and downloaded the new version and that didnt help. Any guesses on what to do from here? It appears the program creates an htm file to print so I can't understand why I shouldnt be able to.
  15. Sorry if this has been covered before. Just got my 60c and am using GSAK to download the waypoints. I have assigned the hint to be downloaded into the notes section on the 60cm problem is I only get part of it. Is the notes section limited to 30 characters even though it appears there is room for more or is that all that GSAK is sending to the unit. I am assuming I cant get more than 30 characters so my next ??? would be if I can add the hints to the geocache list in GSAK (it not a column option that I can find) where I could just do a filter to get the caches I want and print out the list which would include the hints. Thanks for any help
  16. Thanks for the tip on the soda - I found a full can of Mt. Dew in a cache recently and thought about removing it but didnt.
  17. I have a 60c and have been shopping around for the City Select software. I noticed that during the unlock process you have to select a region. Do you only get to select one region. If I am from Nebraska and I travel to the East Coast I can't use the maps??? Please tell me I am wrong.
  18. I am upgrading from the yellow etrex. I like the idea of unlimited space with memory cards on the explorist but the 60c has 56 mbs. Since I havent had a gps with maps on it, how much will 56mb hold?
  19. I have decided to upgrade my equipment and have settled on either the Garmin GPSMAP 60c or the Magellan Explorist 500. As you can probably tell I dont need the magentic compass offered by the 60CS or the 600. Has the lockup problem been fixed with the latest software on the 60C? Which mapping software is better Garmins or Magellans? Can anyone offer their 2 cents on which one I should buy?
  20. I just had my first hide approved. When i bring the page up instead of the map on all other cache pages which says Microsoft Corp in the corner and has a push pin at the cache site, my page has some generic map with a star at the site. Sometimes no map comes up at all. Here is the link. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...5b-0aaa3f892399 How do I get the map on my cache page to look like the others? Did I miss something when I submitted it?
  21. I have found Travel Bugs, usually in zip lock bags, with the travel bug number written on the bag and no tags attached to the item. So apparently people are already doing it. I was able to log it successfully just like any other TB.
  22. Is there any feature on Geocaching.com that lets you remove a TB from a cache without "picking it up". There are a number of caches in my area that indicate there is a TB in it but there isnt. I left a TB in one cache and was picked up, never logged, and never left anywhere else so it still shows that its in the same cache. This is very misleading to cachers. There should be some simple way to remove a TB from a cache.
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