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  1. Logged and got the smiley on July 31st for a webcam cache but received no points in my Friend League tally for this week's challenge. Are webcam finds not included?
  2. I don't see the Delaware Geotour on the geotours page of geocaching.com, though it has a website. Anyone know if this is still operational and whether they are still offering the coin?
  3. Why would you assume that I am visiting every trackable in each cache? Sometimes one "dips" another player's tb in a cache to fulfill its mission before dropping it. However you feel about "dipping" tbs, I also mentioned that it makes "dropping" them more difficult. So in my book, not good.
  4. I've tried this both on my tablet and phone. When I go through and log caches, the new app seemingly does not give me the option to visit or drop trackables as I log each cache. I can see how to go out to trackables and drop or dip them individually but not in the process of logging a find. This would be too time-consuming to bother with compared to the find by find function on the old app. Is this not possible with the new app? I've checked and seem to have the most up-to-date android app.
  5. I also do not get the point of badges AT ALL. I placed the latest on my profile but will probably delete, along with the Duck Dash "badge." I appreciate the souvenirs but badges seem redundant, cluttering, and pointless.
  6. Interesting theory. I do have project-gc info on my profile.
  7. Has anyone seen the prize (badge/souvenir/whatever) yet? My trackable has been dropped at an event today and I don't see anything yet.
  8. Woo hoo! Thanks so much, Love the Lackey! I went to the shop this evening and there was the key chain. Ordered it and some other stuff I'd been flirting with getting, as well as a "Let's Get Extreme" key chain for my partner in that particular crime. As far as stealth is concerned, I'm all for it and usually have just my cell phone and a pen for urban hunts but for a day in the woods or at an event/CITO, it's enjoyable to fill my bedecked geo-bag with swag/water bottles/TOTT and just get totally into it. YMMV.
  9. I'll keep an eye out for the key chain. If that doesn't turn out to be available, I'll probably go with the "Let's Get Extreme" patch as that was the portion of the challenge that we had the most fun with.
  10. I was wondering as well. Last year I bought one patch (The Achiever) and I'd like to buy one this year to remember the challenge. I don't care to buy all five and I don't do geocoins.
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