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  1. Who's done it? Do you Rv to the trailhead or park RV and switch to car? Fly and then rent the RV? How do you plan the cache hunts? Rent or own? Best parts? Best places in the country for Rving? What's your GPS setup in the cab? How do you download the cache updates from the web?

    We recently bought a Roadtrek van conversion RV to see more of the States and Texas in particular. We often spend weekends in the Texas state parks and it has been my experience that there are between 3-7 caches in these parks. Bastrop, Misson Tejas, Brazos Bend all have caches to name a few.


    I do most of my prep at home. I use a Garmin 60cs, GSAK and Mapsource in various combinations to preload the caches around the park we're visiting. I have the auto navigation kit for 60cs as well and use it for driving too. Once at the park, my wife and I typically hike from the campground to the caches. we're also planning to add a bike rack to allow us to bring our bikes along.


    Hope this helps.


  2. Well. that was sort of my point. Why route on your computer and then just have your 60cs overide all of the routes with its own re-calcs?

    I find it a lot easier to find addresses, etc on Mapsource than on my GPSMap 60cs. If I want to force the route to go through specific places, I just add some additional waypoints between the start and end points.




  3. Hi folks,


    I've been trying to go through some of the more difficult caches in my area and many require projection calculations ("You're at coordinates x, y; now move south west for a total distance of 2 miles..."). I get the impression that there are web-based and free programs out there to do this, but I haven't been able to find any. Does anyone know of any?




  4. Here is current real-time WAAS coverage area.



    Thanks for the link to the real-time map. It pretty much explains why WAAS on my GPS here in SE Texas seems so hit or miss.



  5. I bought my 60cs primarily for hiking, backpacking and geocaching. It excels at all three. But the icing on the cake was that I recently purchased 60cs's auto navigation kit and started using it for driving directions and mapping. It's good at that too, making a solid all-round unit.


    Barry aka Bear

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