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  1. I would like to see the cache titles in full context before I judge.
  2. The main reason I recommend not allowing spend casings is for general Geocaching image. We as a community have a big enough problems with the bomb squad destroying our caches. My next fear (trying to stay as un political as possible) what happens when one of the Bloomberg / Anti-gun groups find out there are people going around hiding ammo in parks and around town. I know it's spent, you know it's spent, but these groups aren't the most knowledgable in regard to these things.
  3. I find a penny to be about as worthless as random stuff picked up around the cache site. But then again I don't go cacheing to get goodies.
  4. I like it because it takes me places I probably wouldn't have even been before. (Normally because I didn't know the places existed. I typically find "Radius" Caches. (Try to get all of the caches in a certain radius of my home location). Sometimes I will grab a cache if it's close to where I am when I go on trips, or I will need a state or county I will try to grab one when I am there. When I am lucky i will have what I call Cache Days. I pick an area and pick a somewhat random cache and as I find the caches I just move on to the next closest. I hate Lamppost Caches. I don't like micros when there could have been a regular+ placed there.
  5. I have routable maps on my Garmin Oregon. When I need driving directions I just switch over to the driving profile (mode) then is acts like a NUVI. When I get to the parking area I switch back to the Geocaching profile (mode).
  6. I am pretty sure caching or cache by definition would require hiding something. If you are just referring to geo-location games, your idea may already exist. If you are thinking about getting GPS coords for unique things and locations check out http://www.Waymarking.com No placing what so ever.
  7. I think the OP is referring the the Ad's on the side of the cache pages.
  8. "Reviewer" not "mod". The Reviewers do not actually visit the cache.
  9. Tick key - Thank you doc73 for posting a picture of the tick key. I haven't had to use it yet, but there have been some close calls and some times I didn't have one that I wish I had one. Lighter- When you cut paracord you have to melt the ends or it will unravel.
  10. I don't have an answer but there is also a Fenix 3 (should be out now) and an epix coming out soon(ish).
  11. Extra Rite-in-Rain log sheets Extra Baggies Nano log Roller 2 sizes of Leathermans Gloves Few feet of Paracord Lighter Telescoping Mirror A few types write on anything pens Small first-aid kit Emergency pills (allergy, headache ect) Chapstick Bug Spray *Sometimes Sunblock Swag to leave *Swag acquired from the day Flashlight (Normal spectrum) Flashlight (UV) My Wife's and my GPSrs when we are not caching. "Tick Key" extra batteries picked up travel bugs We also have a emergency culinary tool (spoon, fork can opener) because this bag 2nds as a "sh** has hit the fan" bag. from: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=321241
  12. From my experience (in my area) I have found the following. In order from least accurate to most accurate. -Car / Navigation GPS (mostly tom-toms in my first hand experience) -Early Generation Smartphones (iPhone 3gs / iPhone 4 (not s) / some black berry i had) -Late model smartphones (iPhone 5 & 6) -Google Earth (not maps but Earth) -Handheld GPSr's (magellan explorist 210, Garmin Dakota 20, Garmin Oregon 600) When I want to get Coords I will take two GPSr's and put them into averaging mode and grab the coords from my phone. I will then average the 3 and verify in google earth.
  13. I normally only tell people who I believe would be interested in geocaching what it is / what I am doing. I normally tell random people who ask that I am on a scavenger hunt. Unless the police ask, then I alway tell them / show them.
  14. That's not strange at all. Would you prefer they kept it in a dusty hangar somewhere where nobody could look at it? You read too many things wrong. Like on loan for decades?? Why not just BUY it or ask them to DONATE it to the Town? The Town pays 50% of the insurance on it every year anyway. So they have the option to take it back if a need or want arises. This has happened with steam locomotives.
  15. What sort of litter are you getting?
  16. Because it's (they're) a cool cache that I (or someone) want to keep active for future cachers. Which is why it should keep the old number, so you don't have to find it as you already have found it. I am also going to through out there that you are suppose to place a cache for longevity. (per the guidelines "Cachers will expect your cache to remain in place for a realistic and extended period of time.") Why should a good cache die simply because a CO left the game or even died for that matter.
  17. Around here they are typically used to highlight something that can't really have a container. Not so much see how many cracks we can shove micros into in a park.
  18. If the cache is replaced identically by another owner why do you think it needs a new cache ID? Unless your a all about the numbers cacher.
  19. Unfortunately most of the true needs adoptions around here are from cache owners going AWOL. In this case the Up for adoption tags wouldn't help. It would be nice if we could implement a system that would allow a Reviewer to put up for adoption. Suggested situation: Cache owner goes AWOL. Cache lives in the wild for a year or two. Cache now needs maintenance. (new log replace top ect.) Right now we have two options. 1. Someone takes care of cache without ownership. 2. Post NA. Reviewer steps in and archives it. User puts new cache in its place. (sometimes identical). If instead of a Needs Archived we post a Needs Adopted. If no one wants it let it be archived. However if some one wants to step in a take care of it, let them adopt it. If it's the same cache why should it need a new cache ID?
  20. I’ve seen a lot of threads where people are discussing their very first Geocache finds, but what about your first hide? Was is something you put a lot time and effort into? I spent a lot of time working on what to put in on the profile and about a week end on the container / "camo" Did you stick with a traditional cache, or did you jump right to a unique cache type? It's not 100% unique but it surely isn't a nano / Tupperware in a bush or a LampPost. Is it a hide you are still proud of? Yes very much. Or would you like to forget about your ‘First Hide Sins?’ I waited until I got a good feeling of what I like after visiting 100+ caches. I would like to make another one just like it somewhere else. Is it still there? Or has it been long since archived. Still there? Yep! and it will be unless I no long have access to the property. I even have planed solutions to potential mugglings. I would love to hear your stories! I don't want to post pictures because it will give away the fun. Though it isn't hard by any stretch. I had seen a few of these and really liked them. Of corse I have to take mine to the next level
  21. FWIW All of this because the OP is trying to get around the cache saturation limit. http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=325889
  22. 1. The reviewer's note on your unpublished cache submission is dated yesterday. I'm not sure how that translates to talking to "our Administrator" several times and that the "Administrator" doesn't care at all. Reviewers are not on duty 24/7; we are volunteers. Are you perhaps speaking of the school Administrator for Sacred Heart School? 2. I would have left a similar reviewer note on your page; if the cache elements are not "on" school property, they are "near" it and clearly visible from the school grounds. Keystone, Per your #1, He refers to his (what we call a Mayor) as the Town Administrator or "our Administrator".
  23. You can site your sources. If someone wants to find the HS they can look it up. No need for a link.
  24. The cache is located in less than 1ft of water near shore. How again is this assessable only by boat? I have walked to an island in 2ft of water.
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