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  1. These are the types of issues you have with cell phone GPS. Sometimes you will get down to about 6-10ft. Other times about 90 ft is as close as you can get. Part of it is hardware, and part is software. The idea is the more sats you can get locked in to, the better you accuracy. Download GPS Status, and you can see if you are able to lock into more then 3-4 sats at once. Will do, I was using my sanyo katana with the trimble geocacher and it was right on all the time, so far the moment has not gone below 90ft, might just be time to get a real gps I guess .
  2. I just got a samsung moment with sprint, tried geobeagle for a while, for some reason though I can't get better than +/- 98 ft on the satellite, I tried going to airplane mode to see if it could just go off the satellite but it didn't change anything. Is anyone else having this problem?
  3. I had a question about using an android phone and geobeagle or any of the other apps to geocache outside of cities. If I went up into the mountains outside of cell range can I still get a gps signal and if I have preloaded gpx files for that area can I search for them and find them without any cell service?
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