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  1. I've allready decided on my next GPSr unit. I did most of my research here. It's nice to find first hand experiance and advice. I have found alot of conflicting stories between garmin and magellan units. Would it be safe to say GPS units are like Ford And Chevy trucks. They each have their own quirks and each have good and bad sides. But one dosen't really outshine the other. They each have allmost their own fan club. Was just thinking about it today, found it amusing, and wanted to share. A penny for your thoughts
  2. I just wanted to thank you all that replied. Your all very helpful and I know that I will be purchasing a 60cs as soon as my next paycheck gets here. I'm very pleased to be getting into this sport. It's very exciting and I',m starting to learn that the people involved are very helpful, trustworthy, and just plain fun. Thanks again
  3. I have a surefire 9an as well as a streamlight Poly Stinger. The only thing I like better about my streamlight is the charger also acts like a holder. Surefire lights you have to pull the battery out and pop it into the charger. Surefire makes a absolutly superior product and I would recomend themto anybody. Surefire lights always have a brillant white beam of light. that is always in focus. Surefire lights have a beam that like a floodlight but penetrates better than spotlight. Awesome lights. Well worth the money.
  4. Does anybody have any real pictures of the display of a 60c or 60cs. I'm thinking about buying one but I'm a little leary of purchasing a unit with a color screen. Is it easy to read. How about under backlighting conditions. Speaking of backlighting are the buttons on the unit backlit as well or just the screen? What is everybodys opinion of this unit. Appreciate all help you can give.
  5. Here's my $.02 I have a Sure fire 9AN commnader. It is by bar the brighest light I have ever used at over 140 lumens. The light is also rechargable by either 12vdc or 120vac. The light has high and low powers selectable just by turning the front bezel. This is really nice when your caching at night. Its alot of money upfront for a flashlight I myself had a hard time forking out the initial $180 but I would buy another in a heart beat.
  6. Looking for a 60cs, Could you let me know where you found a 60cs for that cheap. I would really appreciate it.
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