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  1. I pulled into a parking lot. Searched for about 20 minutes. Went back to my car to check the caching page again. As I was reading here comes another group and they walked right up to it. That sucked.
  2. Stick to 1's and 2's diffaculty till you get a few under your belt. After you get some more experiance they will come easier to you.
  3. Team FUBAR


    Howdy, Welcome to the sport. Your gonna love it. Well atlweast you better your gonna get addicted.
  4. Awwwwww!!!!! Your gonna get in trouble with the mods for this...... isk tisk tisk....
  5. I can't believe no body mentioned this. BRING A FLASHLIGHT! And a good one at that. You may ned it if you end up overnight. Good to se with also a invaluable tool for signaling. Try one Here
  6. I can't remember where I used to get online topo maps for free. It was a place like mapquest or something like there. May have even ben mapquest. Where can I get online printable topo maps for free?
  7. Remember to pick it back up tho. Doooooohhhhhhhh!!!! Always carry a flashlight
  8. indeed. The Legend is a very good place to start. It was my first unit. I have since upgraded to the Garmin 60cs. The Legend will get you to all your caches with out any trouble, although some may disagree I thikn the patch style antennea is more than adequite for most situations. I thnk it's smart of you to not jump in and buy a top of the line unit like the 60cs. Not untill you really get into the sport and see if you really like it.. I've meet alot of poeple that were all gung hoe the first few weeks and then dropped the sport all together. I don't see how they could not get addicted but it does happen. Other things to think about while choosing your fist unit is do you polan on using it for more than geocaching? Will you use it in your car or to help plan trips. You may want to look into a autorouting GPSr if so. Also do you want to load alot of maps. The legend only hold 8mb worth of maps. Just some stuff to think about. The legend is a great first unit tho. You won't be disappointed. By the way welcome to the Sport/addiction. Cache you on the trail.
  9. How about getting me one. I don't have any real ideas. I'm defiantly a Chevy Truck guy and I like to off road. Maybe something with the chevy Bowtie or a truck. I don't know what I really want. Just something. You all are doing really amazing jobs with the ones you have allready created. Can you help me out? You can se I've tried to make my own but I'm not happy with it.
  10. Wheely I'm glad to hear you go about the sport in your own way. Happy Caching. Cache you all on the trail Ps. I'm gonna put on my boots the sh*t is getting deep in here.
  11. You broke it allready. Didn't you just get it?
  12. People may just not want to claim finds. Some people don't believe in logging finds because they don't believe in this sport becoming competitive. They could have also simply clicked the wrong tab instead of selecting found it. Cache ya on the trail -Bill
  13. I second the question.... Was it buried, that along with scented stuff is a NO NO
  14. Go to your TRIP COMPUTER page. you can then highlight any of the fields and select it. You can change each of them to read what ever you want. So change one to CURRENT POSITION and another to DESTINATION you can then just look at that one screen and have both LON/LAT readings. David has a good point tho if your using it to find a cache, much easier way. But if your looking to get actual readings whe your allready found it this is the way to do it.
  15. I think I'm gonna hide a micro in the bumper of my truck and let my girlfriend drive my truck around the parking lot, while using a walkie talkie to relay the current position. That'll make for a good micro hunt/hike. Or maybe I'll hide one in a strangers bumper. I'll call it locationless. Yea that'll ad some excitement back into micros.
  16. Where Can I get that IFRAN?
  17. See ya at the bar. I'll buy you and everybody else a round for a courtesy card.
  18. I prefer to cache at night. Just something about it I really like. I would recomend if your going to cache at night tho invest in a good quality flashlight. You don't have to go out and spend $150 on one like I did(my life depends on a good light while at work) but get a good one that has a good solid penetrating beam Like a surefire G2. You can pick one up at a shooting supply center or sorting goods store for qbout $35. It'll help light up everytihng in those dense woods. And a powerful beam means you can use it for emergency signaling if you get into trouble, or even as a self defence weapon by using it to blind someone if you need to while on the trail. I would also recomend getting a blue filter for that light. It won't kill your night vision so you can still switch your light on and off and walk the trail by the moon light. Also make sure you mark your vehicle when you night cache. Even for experianced outdoorsman it's easy to get turned around and loose your bearing in the woods. Especially when your hunting for a cache. Just use common sense, and keep an extra eye open while caching at night. Also make sure you tell someone where you'l be going. Cache you on the trail. Enjoy
  19. A good place for streamlights is Here. Or here. I really reccomend a surefire over a streamlight, You can't beat the pure white always in focus beam of a surefire.
  20. I'll throw my 2 cents in here. I used to use streamlights and I thought those were top of the line. Then my local gun shop talked me into a sirefire. WOW can;t believe how much better they are. I have a 9an Commander Rechargable and it's a truly amazing light. It's also nice because it has a high and low power to it. I also bought my fiancae a G2 to keep in her purse. It's agood solid very bright(65 lumens) and very small and lite. My latest purchase was A avaitor. I'm currently looking into a Streamlight Luminax L7. I'm a little leary of buying a all led light. They say it's rated for tactical use at 65 lumens. I just don't know. It's alot of money to drop on another light, just worried about it penetrating as far as a xenon bulb does at distance. Anybody have any experiance with this light.
  21. I agree that a pre-exhisting hole is ok to hide in. But this is clear that somebody took a cordless drill out into this park and drilled out the trunk of the tree. It's bad enuf to drill into a live tree, but to walk around a park in this day and age with a cordless drill. That's just asking for trouble. I think this should be added to the rules, but I also thnk people should have thought of that before they made a big hole. I mean come on this sport is all about nature and things that are good for the inviroment like CITO. Not destruction.
  22. ok I got one for ya. I think this is kindof neat actually. I have a few accounts that I snowplow in the winter. These are huge parking lots like malls and I even do one that's basically the sizre of a airport. So anyways I go out in the summer right before the snow falls and I mark things like holes, downed light poles, concrete barriers, driveways, anything that might hurt if I hit it in the middle of the night cause I can't see it under the snow. Then I use the mapping mode in my truck so I always have a moving map of where I am in the lot and what I have to be careful around. Not a bad idea for all you other guys.
  23. Sorry Guys I don't mean to make our life any more diffacult or add more rules but I thought this needed to be adressed before it creates a problem.
  24. Let me clarify. These are very much alive very healthy trees.
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