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  1. Thank you all for the helpful information and for being nice about it.
  2. Im glad to see this post as I just made some 3/4 inch fake bolts to hide on guardrails . I dont know how to add pics to forum replys, but I used pill fobs, aluminum in color. From bottom up are the magnets, then a 3/4 inch washer, a 3/4 inch nut on top of that. The pill fob has a hole in the top of it for the key ring attachment. Thru this hole and back out the bottom of the washer is a Cotter pin. Pin is secure to cap and then snaked back to bottom thru the nut and then the bottom portion of washer and flared out. All of this is epoxy puttied together. Filled the hole full from the underside of the washer into the nut and to the top of the fob cap , which is now upside down. Epoxy around the flared out cotter pin where its ears meet the washer.O Once hardened, I attach the remainder of the fob by screwing it to the cap which is now upside down with the rest of the nut and washer assembly. The whole assemly is about 3 inches long. I added some putty epoxy along the base of the nut where it meets the washer and they look like spot welds. Everything is painted galvanized and then on the actual fob that looks like the bolt stud I wrapped some thin modelers tape to create a spiriled threaded look. Some paint in between the tape off area and I have created the threads. A little rust colored model paint around the fake weld areas and they look pretty good. I would love to show a picture but dont know how. End result looks like one of the fake magnetic bolt and screws that u buy but muc larger. Have cache in review right now and hoping to get good results from this guardrail hide. Looks like a big old guardrail bolt. Took 15 mins to assemble without the paint. Are rock hard and nothing wiggles. We will see. Im sure its been done plenty, but it looks solid.
  3. Hi and thanks for the response. So far so good as I didnt see them post as active caches yet. I think I may have gotten them archived ok. When a situation like this happens though, is archiving it the way to go or is some other way of doing it disappear. ...and then the folow up question..Is me now having 4 archived caches, even though they never went active a mark against me? I mean if I submit future caches are those held against me by the reveiwer or anything like that?
  4. It is unfortunate that you had to go through all the trouble that you did. Did the reviewer actually e-mail you and tell you of problems with the placements? If not you should have waited for the review process. That can be as long as 3 days. With a holiday weekend on its way it could have taken even longer. Remember that the reviewers are just volunteers, they have families, work, etc..... If you had permission for the hides there probably wouldn't have been a problem other than maybe being to close to another cache in the area. It wasnt anything from the reviewer. I opted to go ahead and pull them down myself for one person saying it was ok for me to place when I really feel that at this point they werent the person to say it was ok. I should have done more checking, my bad. I didnt want them in trouble, or me or it to cause problems for anyone down the road if they went active and then having to take them down...people heading out looking for an active cache when its now not there. The person later checked with somone else and they were concerned and had to get more permission and then they werent sure. They were still showing to be waiting to be reviewed earlier . I just didnt want them to show up as active and for someone now to go looking for them after I had physically removed them. Thanks for the reply.
  5. I will give that a quick try. Thanks. Ok, just checked them all. All of the boxes were already unchecked as active though. Hopefully all is well. Thanks
  6. I will give that a quick try. Thanks.
  7. Hi, In a nutshell and I didnt know how else to do this. Thought I had adequate approval for cache placements. Went out and placed them , got coords and submitted the requests. It has been a few days and still waiting for approval. Question is, and I dont know how often this happens, but I had to take the caches down. Seems like this wasnt the person that could approve all placements, if any, and I didnt want them to get approved and people going out looking for them. Again, they hadnt been approved. All I knew to do was get back in and delete as much description as possible, but I didnt know how to dump the coords and name. I listed them as unavailable and posted a note for reviewer. I then thought that I could archive them and they still show waiting to be approved, but have red strike lines threw them. My notes show my requests to take down caches. I found some area caches near there and sent an email to the prime reviewer. It being now Friday and a little late, I wanted to make sure there isnt anything else I need to do because I dont want to waste anyones time going out and looking for the caches that I have removed now. I know that these things happen, but I want to make sure I did the right thing and stay legit. No hard feelings towards the guy I talked to out there. Help!
  8. What you need is one of these: and one of these: I tried this the other day. It didn't work so well for me. So I emptied the dishwasher then put all the dishes in the clothes washer, shut the lid and placed the bottle of bleach on top. I left the dishes running in the clothes washer all night. Eventually the bleach fell off the spasmodically wobbling washer and my peanut butter jar still smells like peanut butter. And mold. Your plans never work. You misunderstood!!! The first pic is of the cache container itself!! The second is the recommended swag!! Please try to trade equally or up in value!! A teaspoon for a gravy ladle would not be a fair trade!! And the Cache container needs better camo and a Geocaching sticker!!! Still laughing like crazy over that one! Ur a nut. Everyone knows you have to use some kind of fabric softner in the water.
  9. Three right now. Magellan Triton 300 Geomate Jr. Garmin V We are still new at this , but we started with a Magellan Triton 300, followed by a Geomate Jr and recently added a Garmin V that I found on ebay. The Triton is our primary that all in the hunting party can work easily , the geomate jr is for targets of opportunity in areas we just happen to be in and get the urge and the Garmin more for general purpose navigating into some of the unknown areas. Ive uploaded coords into it but havent switched it into the off road mode yet to find a cache yet.
  10. Im in agreement to this suggestion. It seems quite logical. Part of me says this is the way to do this. Report him to GC, yeah if he is that kind of a really hateful person, he will find a way around it. Now, those of you that sort of know me know that Im not a violent person.....whatever. Get a picture of him and post it up where ever you can and label it "thief"....I wouldnt even acknowledged the thief as being a pirate, that kind of makes his whole stealing stuff romantical. You might even make a trading card of him to leave in caches, although his ego might eat that up. If this doesnt work, then I suggest the local GCrs in the area come up with the worlds largest cache container and hide it in the woods., Im not a fan of hamster caches, sorry. but the contents would be your friend the "squirrel".
  11. Ditto for TeamVasquez. I was a machine gunner. He is security forces. Hes out there right now, doing what he wants to do. He got out after coming back from Iraq and went right back in and is now in Afghanistan. I couldnt keep him here, I couldnt even try. He wants to be there and wants to do the job and take care of his Marines. Semper Fi son.
  12. Great answers. Thanks I appreciate it. Moderator, Ive got what I needed so feel free to close this out. Thanks.
  13. Direct and honest. Thanks. Follow up? Do you know if running the Vantage Point and the EasyGPS conflict with each other ? Can they "live" together without one messing up the other?
  14. I appologize if this is posted somewhere else. I have spent a few hours already scouring the forum and couldnt find this particular answer. I have a Magellan Triton 300 that I have been using since I started geocaching a few months ago. I have been using it and the Vantage Point system on my laptop to download/upload cache information to my gps. I am a premium member. Ive not had any problems with either and they work well for me and what I do. I couldnt pass up a pretty nice deal today on ebay for a used Garmin V Deluxe package. Its to be coming complete soon. It is supposed to have the disks/maps/cords/box etc. My question is...Can I still use the Vantage Point system with the Garmin V? Meaning, if I plug in its (Garmins) usb cable to my laptop, will the Vantage Point prompt me to accept it? ...meaning, will it maybe ask me the name of the new unit etc (user friendly stuff) and allow me to use it as well for this new unit? I was curious if it would recognize it automatically. ...Or will I have to go to something like EasyGPS and use this system seperate from the Vantage Point? I was hoping to just use Vantage Point . I got this other gps just because. I thought it would make getting in and out of some of the areas Im not familiar with easier and would like to load those caches that are on my Magellan that Im going after into it too. Plus, be able to pass it onto a family member to cache with. I didnt want to plug in the Garmin to the USB and crash/confuse/loose the stuff I have in the Vantage Point system now. I dont have the Garmin yet, but wanted to try to get an answer before I do something wrong. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
  15. I have tried to put those thoughts into words but was never able to do it in so few words when describing the feelings I get when I go out looking for caches. To add on, its fairly inexpensive yet as time consuming as yo u allow it to be, can involve the family on an outing or helps with that just need some "me time". It gets us to places that we probably wouldnt have stumbled on, some great scenary and exercise. It can be planned or just spur of the moment taking targets of opportunity. Sooo many times when out running errands with my beautiful wife I will turn on the gps before we move on and if its something close we will "Bonny and Clyde" it. She is the gettaway driver while I go run for the cache. Something really "caliente" about that.
  16. Muggler? What is a muggler... something like a muggle? Ok you got me...maybe thats why it didnt bother me so much. I was calling them mugglers...Now if I have to call them "muggles" its gonna bug me
  17. It's pretty simple to correct. briansnat set down the procedure sometime ago. You must stand before your local caching community wearing your full caching gear. Once there you will be called out by the youngest or the most recently signed up cacher. They will say: "Ho, are ye a geocacher?" and the correct response is "Yay I a geocacher am I". Upon the confirmation, the two then approach each other, put their left hand on the other person's right shoulder, standing arm's length and dance around in a circle while skipping and singing (very loudly) "Geocachers are we! Runy muny mee! Yaba daba baba. He, he, he!". This should continue for no less than 3 minutes. It's also used when meeting a fellow cacher in the woods. Thanks for clearing that up. All this time I thought there was some kind of secret handshake or something that I missed out on....
  18. I cant remember the name of that movie from lots of years back. It had Donald Sutherland in it. Kind of horror/sci fi. Kind of a body snatchers/early zombie/alien type movie. Was it Invasion of the Body Snatchers? When ever one of these "zombie"types saw you they alerted the other ones by pointing their finger at you and letting out a really blood curdling screach. If someone could help out...maybe we can do that when the non cacher type comes along. Whats the word"? Sorry cant remember the title right now.
  19. Hi , Im pretty new to this stuff too. My nephew is a boyscout too and my sister has asked me to spend some time with him working with a compass. I am fortunate enough to have some property where I plan to make him a small land navigation course. I would give him a a point to shoot to and when he gets there, he would pick up another set and go on. I think at each point, I will leave a letter for him. By the end of the course, it would spell out a phrase or sentence. Placing a cache through geocaching.com and getting approval would mean that you would have to set it up through the computer site and get approval etc. It would give you credit to placing another hide but it would also make it available to all cachers. Some of the neat things inside your cache would be available to everyone then. Also, depending on the area you plan to hide it you would have to abide by the distance rule, so that you dont place yours too close to someone elses. Just a suggestion, You might find a nearby park or even a field close by to do this that is safe. Go ahead of time and scout out where you might want to place one or more hides at and get the coordinates and log them down. Think about what you could place in that area that would blend in. Sometimes even just a hole in the side of a tree works. If there are a couple of rocks already laying there that would cover up a small canister, use that spot. Just like you did with your first hide. Instead of registering your caches here though, set up your own mini cache course and place lots of hides in that area. You would be the only one who knows where they are. When you are done, then you can collect them all up and use them later when your ready to hide them in places you want them to be found on the day that you set aside for fellow scouts to do this. This might give you some practice with what works for you and how hard or easy it was for fellow scouts to find them. This would give them practive too. This would also allow you to place whatever type of cache items you want. You might even think about maybe having each cache location as some sort of "training" station. When a scout or scouts get there maybe they have to tie a cetaiin knot in a peice of rope you have left in the cache or recite something they have to learn or have learned in scouting. You could let them know ahead of time with a clue sheet of what size the cache container is and how hard it is to find it and what they may be expected to do when they get there. You can even leave a log in those caches where they get to sign off on. Some of the things could even be something silly that they have to do when they are there. Maybe even have some sort of virtual cache set up. You find something that is neat to look at or a sign in the area where you are caching for the day. Give the coordinates to that location and a clue sheet that says that there is not a physical cache there, but that they have to tell you what the sign said or what you thought was neat for them to look at in that area. I dont know if you were only looking to do this on den/pack level or not, but if other scoutmasters hear about your mini cache course, they may ask you to put it on for their dens/packs too. That would be really neat and who knows , maybe some sort of badge out of it. Ive gotten alot of ideas from just visiting different geocache supply stores on line. Some ideas also come from reading things here and some from going to ebay and looking at things people sell there for geocaching. I only have two caches that I have hidden too. I have a few that I have made that I hope to hide soon. There are lots of things at home to make them out of that doesnt require alot of money. Plastic jugs can be spray painted, the little film canisters, even sippie cups if you plug the holes up. Hopefully this might help you out a little. Good luck
  20. I never saw Harry Potter, so I dont know if I would be a fan or not. Ive used Muggler before when telling someone about being stealthy, but I never got a bad response. The word doesnt really bug me one way or the other. When we go out in a pair or more, We use "spy". When you say it loud enough, its an alert of someone coming. You can work it into " I SPY something....green" Then you just look like a couple of goofs in the woods playing "I spy". The cache got "spyed" ...not sure if it works. Snooper could work. The cache might get snooped. Meddler? It got meddled....hmmm. Gladiss Kravitz ( for those of you old enough to remember the old Bewitched series..black and white too. ) Gladiss is coming....the cache got Kravitzed??? I guess not
  21. I use a camel back too. I know that just when you think youve bent forward far enough to clear those low lying branches, I get hung up too. I call it "snaking" though when you have to belly crawl on the tops of boulders for a little bit under the outcroppings of other boulders to reach the cache. Walking up to it just isnt gonna happen. Sometimes, still getting hung up with the camel back. Go figure.
  22. I think I need to clarify this. I was NOT the one in this situation. It was just a recent log on a cche I was looking for. Again, I am NOT the author of the log. I was not involved. I just posted it as a reminder for people to stay safe while caching, especially at night. Got it. That speed reading course I took doesnt work worth a darn! Thanks
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