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  1. ok skimmed this so if I guess the same as someone else, just ignore theres LOL jk , ignore mine... 20
  2. Just curious if you received my email. CA
  3. Just to make sure I understand.... the original owner has adopted this coin over to you right?never mind seen it in your trackables... Why not just email the two loggers and ask them first... why stir the pot before finding out that they are ok with the deletion cause they have other icons... then you will know how they feel... and you warned them before hand... CA PS: If it was me, I would leave them.
  4. Ok this is bugging me.... can anyone else see the Winner's picture? CA
  5. Just wanted to thank everyone that contacted me... but I have this funny feeling someone contacted me and their email got accidentally deleted.... all I remember is them offering a geosmurf top40 but I can't remember if its GeoSmurf or someone else that emailed me.... If that person can, please email me again. Thanks! CA
  6. I am doing better then when I started, but it is soooo hard.... all the ones everyone has mentioned are ones I want LOL not easy reading the geocoin forum... I've cut back on clicking on "New geocoin" links... clicked one wanted to buy it... so made a vow not to click new topics. This has helped me a bit, I've got a few people I've got to finalize deals with then I'm going to try to keep a budget (hubby has the final say.... hehehe he's almost as bad as me, but I gave him permission to change my paypal account password). Off to look at all the pretty ones I want.... CA
  7. Phooyeee I can't remember what kind of bean I was in for at the beginning, if the person that got it knows ... could you contact me and maybe we could do a trade? Thanks! CA
  8. Ok one by one, I'm hooked... anyone interested in trading their Top 40 with me.... could you let me know and I'll see what I can get or have for a trader.... This is terrible, I was trying not to want to collect em all! LOL I'm addicted. Cache Agent cacheagent@sympatico.ca PS: If you don't get a reply in a day or so please try emailing me again, seems my email is playing tricks with my mail.
  9. wakey wakey keewee! LOL someone have their phone number? hehehe just kidding. CA
  10. I haven't figured out what this is about.... will read it later edited to say congrats to the winners so far and that I do understand a bit... just not sure what to write... CA
  11. Thank you!!! Congrats to everyone ! All the pictures were beautiful! Thanks, Cache Agent
  12. I don't think my husband ordered any of theses... sorry I missed out on the LE its my favorite.... CA
  13. Ok this is the best one I could get .... poor OshnDoc and paulandstacey, I've been bugging them all day... thanks for your help!! Cache Agent
  14. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh lookkkkk ----------------->>>>>>>> quote name='cache agent' post='2840164' date='Apr 29 2007, 07:12 PM' That means I'm ahead okkkkkkkkkk thats good to know... wew... going to get things set up and see if I can get a better pic! CA
  15. When does the contest end??? I have a picture but there's a cat hair in it!!!! I'm planning on retrying to take it tomorrow in the sunlight.... on Monday April 30th do I have time??? CA
  16. Well now thats what he did with her while I went to work! CA
  17. yes and no, I haven't seen one of thoses chocolate bars so I'm not sure exactly what it looks like in the wrapper... but yep the round edges makes it look better... geee your sitting on this topic waiting eh? hehehe can understand its exciting making a coin. CA (edited to take the pic out so it doesn't make the topic to long)
  18. wew thought it was just me... I would round the edges and bring in the insert part in a bit and almost as wide as the outside package?... I think thats what is making it look like a harmonica.... CA
  19. This is what I have up for trade... If your interested just ask, I might say yes... 2 CITO Signal 2006 (activated, no logs, adoptable) coins Dec Signal 2006 (not activated) coin 2 Feb Signal 2006 (activated, no logs, adoptable) coins April Signal 2006 (activated, no logs, adoptable) coin June Signal 2006 (activated, no logs, adoptable) coin 2 Atlantic Canada Geocaching Association (activated, no logs, adoptable) coins Maritime 2006 (activated, no logs, adoptable) coin March Signal 2006 (activated, no logs, adoptable) coin May Signal 2006 (not activated) coin Thanks Cache Agent
  20. Wish I may Wish I might, I wish the Fairy a safe flight..... my way across Canada.... Cache Agent
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