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  1. Wish I could partake, mmmm but I'm broke .... can I count for the most broke? Good luck to all who win! CA
  2. but I tried there.... will go try again Got it, could've sworn I tried it the other week when I was in there getting codes for other coins.... Thanks! CA
  3. I got your coins sometime ago but I can't seem to find the activation code, could someone help me out on where to get it? CA
  4. Hehehehe I have a Volunteer Coin for you FSM!!!! Ignore Eartha.... take mine!!! CA edited to fix some mistakes Just realized I have something better then Volunteer Coins...... I have baby pictures to trade!!!! hehehehe CA
  5. Hehehehe I have a Volunteer Coin for you FSM!!!! Ignore Eartha.... take mine!!! CA edited to fix some mistakes
  6. Am I too late?? I was away for a week.... and I miss out on a nice coin!!! Pwease!!! Cache Agent
  7. cache agent


    never mind..... I'll never get the second part....
  8. I've got our Cache Agent/Cache Tech (2 Cdn Reviewers) coin for the following... Atlantic Geocaching Assoc. PEI Nickel & NB Nickel Cache Slash Fest 2006 ROT13 Geocoin Club 2006-01 5 Jeeps Thanks! CA
  9. room 335 arrival in room.... 4:40pm LOL or if your anything like us... you'll arrive in your room at 6:15pm
  10. Want to wish all a safe and fun trip! Take care and have fun! Holly aka Cache Agent
  11. I want to wish all fellow geocoin collectors a safe and fun trip! Please take care and have fun! Holly aka Cache Agent PS: I've debated where to put this... so if there is one like this already started just merge please. Thanks!
  12. I'm missing.... (haven't email owners yet, would like to trade with owners if possible first) ~tasia~ (emailed owner) 501 Gang AtlantaGal Atwell Family Cach-U-Nuts coreynjoey crazycavelover Damenace Go JayBee jevans7 nielsenc Not So Lost Puppies parrolet PennyPaker Redwing_Dave Sillygirl &jrr snowwolf75 sooner22 Team Gasmain Team Macha The 4 F's WhiteBear Thanks! CA
  13. Hurry I wanna know! jk, Hope you had a nice weekend. CA
  14. I'm sorry but I can't afford $50 for shipping extras to me... I'll have to pass.... *snickers* I'm sorry I really tried to resist posting. Going to bug hubby to see how much is in our paypal... Cache Agent edited to add some words I forgot... need caffeine...
  15. Happy Anniversary! I think I would've been disqualified if I tried guessing cause I believe you told me at one time LOL CA
  16. Yipppeee! I made the list! Thanks! CA
  17. I collect them cause they are shiny and pretty! Only reason I need. CA
  18. Hello everyone, I would like to try to trade for a darthi's dark v.2 coin antique silver or bronze. I did a trade but haven't received anything in the mail and not receiving a response from the trader in the last 2 months I believe its been. So I've decided to try again, Anyone interested in trading one? CA
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