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  1. Ah, sorry. I misread your post. My mistake!
  2. Would it possibly be easier to use a 16x2 LCD screen to display coordinates rather than a webpage on a phone? Some folks only use GPSrs to cache.
  3. When I try and log any geocache, I am given the error 500 page. Anyone else experiencing this problem?
  4. My Drafts uploaded to the website today(albeit a small delay of about 10 mins once I got home). I will keep an eye out for any further improvement over the coming days.
  5. I have the same problem. When I create a draft on the app, it shows as a blue exclamation mark. Once I get home, I go to the Drafts page on the website, where there are no drafts to be seen. That's OK, I say, and just log my Founds on the website - no draft. My find count on the app is now the same as on the website. Then, I did an experiment. I went on the Drafts section of the app, and logged them again as Found. The find count on the app goes up, as if I have logged Found more than once on one cache. When I look at the same cache page on the website, there is only my first log - from the website, not the app. Now, my find count on the app is higher than the website. This is strange!
  6. Otherwise you can use project-gc's map compare function. Just make sure you enable the archived/disabled filter.
  7. I have an unpublished cache page, and I am busy making the container. Meanwhile, I thought I would get a start on making the puzzle. However, I have heard that unpublished cache pages are automatically archived after no activity for a while. How long do I have to submit the cache for review before it is archived?
  8. Doesn't the Website forum fulfil that requirement?
  9. I meant, you can put in the answer you get for a puzzle if the puzzle answer generates precise/accurate coords without rounding.
  10. A great site for really accurate coordinates is whatsmygps.com. I use it for puzzles where they generate accurate coords.
  11. @Geocaching HQ, are you listening? This bug has been around for ages... And we can't swat it away!
  12. This is going to be really helpful to those people who don't know how to do HTML and want to put that white text in puzzle pages.
  13. Well if you hid it a long time ago, then you could probably set the"date hidden" to when it was physically hidden.
  14. I like to use ultra thick sticky tape to "laminate" both sides of the label, then hot glue it to the container, and go round the edges of the label with hot glue.
  15. How?? I have a friend that uses it and he hasn't had any issues.
  16. Using the app, you navigate to the cache page, scroll down to the bottom, and click "report a problem with this cache"
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