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  1. Hi I use Internet Explorer with my GC and never had any problems, i just plugged it in then clicked the send to my gps icon and job done...... Im sure the first time it came up with this....... Send to GPS DeLorme Magellan Garmin Magellan Communicator not found. Please click here to install the latest PC version. Please click here to install the latest MAC version. Click here to learn more about the Magellan Communicator plug-in for PC. Click here to learn more about the Magellan Communicator plug-in for MAC. when you hit the Magellan tab....... Rich
  2. The question then becomes one of just what should be allowed and at what point people are expected to take responsibility for themselves when caching. We don't expect caches to be archived because nettles grow very tall in the summer, or because there might be ticks, or mosquitoes, or mine shafts nearby. A caching buddy of mine ended up on some pretty severe medication that meant he couldn't go out in the sun for three weeks because he had a suspected case of Lyme's disease after being bitten by a tick while caching. Should we archive all caches that aren't in urban areas as a precaution? I fell down the side of a riverbank while attempting a cache earlier this week. I was lucky I didn't fall in the water. Should the cache be archived, or should I just accept that if I attempt a 5/5 nightcache and attempt to climb down the side of a riverbank in the dark I might misjudge my footing? Where do you draw the line, beyond making sure hazards that are known at the time of placing are mentioned in the plain text of the cache page (i.e. requiring more than "watch out for angry hornets" in the hint) and expecting people to cache within their own abilities? I agree with most of what you have said but the difference is with the Tick incedence is you cant see them you dont know they are there and your friend was unlucky but Bee Hives which have been placed there purposly in my opinion is a different matter....but hey ho
  3. Can't agree with that, as long as the hives are noted on the cache page I can't see the problem. Personally I'm allergic to being hit by fast moving cars, but I wouldn't expect every roadside cache & dash to be archived because of it, I expect to take responsibility for my own safety when caching. And is it listed on the Cache Page...???....And you cant really compare a roadside cache which you can easily see that it is on a road from the route/map/co-ords but you cant with Bee hives....can you..??..
  4. True enough, those with such allergies should be prepared for it if they go out into the outdoors. But the CO stated in the hint that there were beehives. So they intentionally placed the cache in an area where bees would be a problem (as part of the challenge, I guess?). That's the part I kind of have a problem with. No i dont agree with the comments about "people who react to stings shopuld be prepared" there are people at all ages that dont know how they react to stings espicially Bee Stings as there are lots of different variants of Bees with different degrees of the affect of the sting and reaction... I react to stings and all of my towns doctors will not perscribe a eppy pen to me, they dont just give them out for fun.... This should be ARCHIVED.....
  5. Many thanks for all of your help.And yes it was me being stupid. As for the bash today i afraid i cant make it but i will be watching for any more local get togethers. Again many thanks Richard
  6. I have set my gps to the right co-ordinate system but i seem to only be able to project a waypoint with distance and a brg and not just type a co-ordinate in?is this right or am i doing something wrong. Richard
  7. Can someone help please i am using a Garmin Etrex and i am new at caching. I have been used to using my gps with a ordanance survey map with the units set accordingl.But i see all cache's are using N & W co-ordinates.Is there a way to input N & W co-ordinates straight into my gps without having to use a map and work out milage and a brg angle. hope this makes sense. thanks Richard.
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