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  1. No, you don't want it right now What you want is something that's reliable and works well. The official app is going to rock, and be far superior to the app whose name shall not be mentioned here. Although, the app whose name shall not be mentioned here is pretty great. Namely the compass, but it has no offline support. That alone makes it pretty questionable. I must-have offline support.
  2. Awesome!!! http://twitter.com/GoGeocaching/statuses/7450369044
  3. Oh, that's right... developing for the Android is painful... Developers continue to avoid/abandon Andriod. Unfortunately, until Google (or someone) improves the SDK, there won't be much commercial Android development. And the more non-commercial stuff you get outside the "store", the more likely a nasty mal-app is going to spread itself around. The next few months will be telling. I call BS on that He wrote this on his blog at http://greensopinion.blogspot.com/2009/07/...evelopment.html back before Eclair was released. Many other developer opinions are similar, not to mention Gameloft's "we're leaving" followed by "we're coming back!" articles.
  4. Droid user here voicing support for an Android app I would not hesitate at all to buy a geocaching app from Groundspeak once it's available. [edit] I figured I should throw a bone to the devs about Android in its current state. Droid is a first-rate phone. It's best-of-breed among Android devices. It's also nearing a million sales. http://gigaom.com/2009/11/30/droid-q4-sales/ Far more than expected. Many people are flocking to it and a surprising number of savvy users are abandoning ship over at AT&T for Verizon. Surely when "there's a map for that" Groundspeak might want people to have more access to cache data out and about What good is such an incredible device as an iPhone when it own't get data, oh but I see Groundspeak has spent quite a bit of effort for the offline capabilities of the iPhone so people can get all their cache info via wifi before they go hunting A Droid user would have all the cache info right there at the cache most likely. Many analyst are seeing the trend happening that Google is eating Apple's lunch with Android, and many are making the call that Android is getting ready to take the number two spot behind RIM in smartphone share. It also looks like those 3GS sales are tapering off whilst Droid, Eris, and Hero are exploding. I love Groundspeak, I love the work that was done on the iPhone app. Having been a former user I can appreciate the good taste the devs have shown. I really think you guys might take a stab at Android, you may like it when you cross over. I know consumers are loving it.
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