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  1. When I'm out in the field, my phone allows me to log my finds right then and there, and leave notes for the CO. But when I get back home, they are never ON my account. So today I noticed that when I hit Save & Dismiss, it says something (very quickly) about my "pending" log. But I'm home now and searching the site, and I'm not finding "pending logs" anywhere. Help please!? :blink:


    Just guessing, did you check your field notes on geocaching.com?

  2. Keep baby wipes in the car. They have small resealable containers that you can just slide under the front seat and use as needed. Perfect for all sorts of unexpected situations. :)

    I will need to do this with the baby wipes. What ever it was that smelled I did not notice until I was in the car.

  3. I had what to me was an interesting muggling. I was searching for a cache in a local park today. There is a surprising amount of trash in the park so I collected some of it on my way back to the car. As I came out of the woods with two beer cans a lady saw me with the cans and started looking for the park rules sign and kept looking over her shoulder at me. As with many parks in our area, I believe that alcohol is prohibited in the park. Lucky for me she did not say anything to me about the beer cans. I do not believe I would have reacted kindly after her and the man she was with walked by most of the trash I was picking up to throw in the dumpster. I am sure I would have at least asked her why she had not picked up any of the trash. Something I picked up sure did stink. After I got back into the car I could smell it and drove home with my hand out of the window.


    I wish I had brought a trash bag with me to collect more trash; it was an impromptu search so I only had the GPS and a pen.

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