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  1. Thank you very much! I'm looking forward to watching the travels!
  2. I really like this coin. The website says ETA mid-October. When are they actually expected? EDIT: It says Late December, early January after the reservation, but says October on the res page. Reserved!
  3. Are you talking about the Travelbug itself (if so, see BlueDeuce's post) or the extra tag that I have in the photo of mine? I made the extra tag on mine at the 'Pet ID' machine in W*M. They've got them at most pet stores too. It was $5, but worth it to have a permanent mission tag.
  4. Your bug has pretty much the same mission as mine does ... haven't released mine just yet, it's been pouring here since I finished putting it together. Good luck with your bug!
  5. Here's the only one I know of: http://cedarcreekgeocachers.com
  6. I'm in ... E-mail sent: 11/30/09 Name Received: Coin Sent: Coin Received:
  7. You could make your own ... I love this stick, although I'm sure I'll never get around to making one for myself.
  8. This coin is now spoken for, and the pin is awaiting a UPS driver to pick it up from my office in about 20 minutes. UPS to ship a pin? .... I got the PIN yesterday, opened the package today. My son was wondering why such a big box to ship a pin, then when I opened the package, he was like - A GEOCACHE?!?! IN THE MAIL?!?!?! Lol... Thanks tekkguy!! You made our Thanksgiving morning!! We'll have to look for a spot to hide it soon!! What a surprise! Happy Thanksgiving
  9. I certainly have fewer than a lot of folks here. I bought a Knight Rider GPSr because we needed one in the car, and nostalgia won me over. Then I realized I wanted a GPSr in the car, and needed a new phone, so I bought a Pharos 619. Shortly after, someone at work introduced me to caching, and I upgraded pretty quickly to a Oregon 200.
  10. If you're talking about the Space Pen, you can't make it any smaller and you probably shouldn't try. It's a gas-pressurized chamber that houses the ink ... probably not a big 'explosion', but a messy one!
  11. Thank you so much! I really enjoyed the package, and it was a lot of fun to get a birthday gift once I thought it was all over. The gift was like a caching newbie kit, which is awesome for me. Thank you!
  12. I'd love to adopt another coin if someone has an extra!
  13. I usually carry one of these with me when I'm headed out.
  14. My post above was updated to stop after 3 ... I mis-read before and took it to mean 3 frames, no matter the repeats. Oops!
  15. Here's my favorite geocacher ... my daughter Hannah!
  16. Cool work! I don't know if the banner can be dynamic, I will have to ask Groundspeak. It can. I checked, and followed all of their posted rules on the subject.
  17. This coin is now spoken for, and the pin is awaiting a UPS driver to pick it up from my office in about 20 minutes. UPS to ship a pin? ....
  18. Thank you, Tennessee Jed, for adopting out TheHobos coin to me! I will give the coin a mission later today. The mission will likely be to come to Texas so that I can meet the coin, and then I'll change it and send it back out if it makes it. I don't want to step on the toes of 2golfers, who is in the middle of building his list, but I would like to pay it forward. I have only one coin to release at the moment, but I would like to also mail a matching pin to the person who adopts it, since the coin will be released here in Texas. If you are interested, please let me know.
  19. I would love to have a traveling coin ... I only own a few, and none that I want to part with (yet!)
  20. tekkguy


    This whole geocoin thing has left a sour taste in my mouth. don't worry about me *ever* trading coins with people i don't know[unless its in person] as that will never happen. Don't worry. I'd never trade with you. If my package took one day more than you expect, you'd probably be here smearing my name all over the forum. No thanks! While 9 days might have been seen jumping the gun for some, its now been 3 weeks! unacceptable to me to go a few hundred miles So go tell your postmaster that. Leave Geoswag out of it. (I too have had very good luck with them!)
  21. I'm glad she liked it! Hannah (in my avatar) picked out everything, including the coins. Please tell her happy birthday for me again!
  22. Not that a newbie is someone to listen to necessarily, but ... My first hide contained originally two rubber frogs, a live cactus keychain, and one other small item I can't remember now. My second hide will contain a small doll, a hotwheels car, a pair of earbuds, and a water bottle holder/carabiner (I will probably put a couple of other items in here as well). The ammo can I'm planning on hiding will have a $5 gift card, a pair of USB-powered computer speakers, a 2009 Hot Wheels mystery car, a Build-Your-Own-Stonehenge kit, a couple of the water bottle carabiners, probably a couple of micro containers (match safes) and one or two other things. It will probably be a pretty packed can, but it's going to be at the end of a fairly involved Multi-stage puzzle that I'm working the details out on.
  23. It's funny that I clicked on this topic just now, because I just finished cutting a top-bound spiral pad straight down the middle to fit a piece of it into a match holder. I've actually got a a 60-page log book in this match holder now.
  24. i'm bothered by the use of "option" in this portion of the guidelines. if GPS use "must be demonstrated for all physical cache submissions", "option" is perhaps not appropriate in this sentence. Option is probably a good word there. The use of a GPSr to hide a cache is not optional - but the use of a GPSr to find one is optional. I found my first cache basically without a GPSr ... it's 130 feet from my office door. I could have used a GPSr, but I chose not to. Hence the option.
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